Ace Kaelton

Commander Ace Kaelton was the deranged military leader of the former Dread Conglomerate

Character History

Ace Kaelton was born on Alderaan in the year 35BBY to Jarit and Eleise Kaelton. His father owned Kaelton Mining, which had mining intrests on planets in over half the galaxy. Ace was a brilliant child, and scored in the top 2% of his class in every step of his education. In the year 0 BY, Ace and his sister Yane boarded an interstellar shuttle to visit relatives on Correllia. As they readied to go to hyperspace, Ace witnessed the sudden destruction of his homeworld, and the end of his parents lives among with millions of others. Having not been militarily trained, and despite now having a multi-trillion credit business to run, Ace nonetheless immediately enlisted in the Rebellion, and was placed on the bridge of a Mon Calimari cruiser as a navigator. During a skirmish with a Victory-class Star Destroyer, a panel exploded in his face. He was feared dead, but with his wealth, he was placed into the best availible medical care. A portion of his brain was replaced with a cybernetic implant, and his left eye and forearm were similarly replaced.

As the Galactic Civil War wound down, and the New Republic formed, Kaelton became irritated with the fledgling government, partially for their democratic stance, but also because they had not seen fit to promote him beyond Lieutenant Commander. After reunion with two old friends, Stan Haliway and Richard Oskan (whom he'd believed dead), Kaelton made a radical decision to break away from the NR. The three men and their followers formed a small militia they dubbed the Children of Alderaan, and spent several years waging their own private war against the Imperial Remnants, using funds from both Kaelton Mining and Oskan Metals. As their number grew, Kaelton began to envision his own government, shaped according to his own ideals. After some discussion, it was decided that Kaelton Mining and Oskan Metals would merge, and use a chunk of their funds to purchase several planets in the Outer Rim to colonize. All the new faction needed was a name.

The Dread Conglomerate was quickly populated by people fleeing the aftermath of the war. Kaelton constructed a severely military government, with himself as the sole dictator. He also insisted on using a ranking structure of his own design, with the rank of Commander confusingly at the top of the totem pole, and himself the sole holder of it. The Conglomerate prospered, and despite several bloody wars and skirmishes, the new government seemed to be coming up in the galaxy.

During these years, however, Kaelton's behavior was becoming increasingly erratic. Some rumored (of course behind his back) that his cybernetic brain was malfunctioning. Ace became hostile, paranoid, and with each step into madness his fist tightened on the Conglomerate military. A group of military officers and civillian officials began to meet in secret to discuss the possibility of staging a coup to remove Kaelton from power.

Events came to a head when Kaelton used an antimatter weapon to destroy a planet, solely to strike at a pirate base. The rebellious council declared that five of the seven planets in the Conglomerate would secede, declaring themselves the Outer Rim Republic. The Conglomerate Civil war was very short, horrendously bloody, and culminated in a battle in the Tatoo system. During this, Kaelton was confronted by Haweke Karbn, and was shot through the chest. His flagship, the Iron Star, was destroyed, and it was assumed that Kaelton had finally been killed.

This was disproven when Kaelton reappeared several months later. He still claimed to lead the Dread Conglomerate, even though his total holding included no planets, only a space station inside a vast nebula and several asteroid colonies.

Kaelton was killed at the Battle of Kaelton's Revenge. His body was recovered by the Tragolite Federation and later returned to the Outer Rim Republic.


Kaelton had no close friends to speak. With the death of Richard Oskan during the DC/CoN war, and the demise of Stan Haliway during the Conglomerate Civil War, he was very much alone.


Kaelton was a brilliant tactician, able to effectively and efficiently command his troops in combat. His cybernetic implants gave him a tremendous advantage both in strategic combat and on the field personally. His left eye had a wide range of visual types, ranging from normal light to infrared and even magnetic detection. His computerized brain was able to store images, run facial recognition, and hundreds of other useful things. His left forearm and hand had increased strength, and even a blaster that extended from the base of his wrist when triggered. Some of these functions may have been degraded, if the belief that his cybernetics are malfunctioning is true. This remains unconfirmed.

Important Notes

This is probably the character the author has played with the most over the last decade (jesus christ is it really more than a decade?). Much time has been put into this fictional man.

If you're confused about the scale of the timeline in this character's history, the author suggests that you visit the page of the Fourth Wall Gnomes

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