Aeon Tomax

Aeon Tomax is a former Outer Rim Republic BattleMech pilot, 21 years old, now freelancing as a mercenary and Jack-of-All-Trades. [[>]]

Character History

Aeon was born shortly after the Dread Conglomerate splintered from the New Republic. His father was an engineering crewman on a battleship, his mother a worker in the ore refineries of the planet Charon. As a child, Aeon marveled at the Industrial Mechs used by the ore workers, and when it came time for his mandatory military service, he jumped at the chance to be a Mech pilot. Almost immediately after graduation, however, Aeon found himself caught up in the Conglomerate Civil War.

Siding with the Separatist faction, Tomax fought in several ground engagements, often fighting former classmates, and was credited with six enemy Mechs defeated. The eventual victory found him on the winning side, but largely unrecognized and unrewarded for his actions, a fact he found somewhat rankling. Both of his parents were killed during the brief war.

Under the newly formed Outer Rim Republic, Aeon was transferred to Larkin City on Tatooine, and spent the rest of his military career there. His unhappiness continued to grow, as the ORR slowly fell into decay. After the second Kaelton uprising, the ORR's government became so impoverished that they could not afford to run their military, and Tomax spent much time simply sitting idle.

After disobeying an order to return to base and not engage in a battle (and subsequently getting shot out of his Mech), Aeon decided he'd had enough, and abandoned the Republic. He faces desertion charges, but with their government crumbling, it is unlikely the ORR will attempt to prosecute him.

Aeon is a typical pilot personality, brash, confident, and aggressive almost to a fault. He is honorable in his own sense, but has no qualms whatsoever about breaking any rules he sees fit to.


Most of Aeon's friends and relatives in the ORR are dead, he has very few friends currently. Elan Sandlewood has become something of a cohort, after Elan rescued him from the wreckage of his BattleMech.


Aeon is a gifted pilot, known for unconventional combat tactics. He is proficient with small arms, though not highly skilled. He typically carries a semiautomatic projectile pistol in a thigh holster, as well as a survival knife.

Important Notes

Aeon's call sign is "Jumper". He earned this nickname from his penchant for using a BattleMech's jump jets.

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