Aida is a small M class planet located in the Mid Rim of the Star Wars galaxy. It has two moons.

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+ Climate
Aida contains lush valleys, oceans, forests, jungles, a couple of small deserts, and mountain regions.
Above the land masses are floating islands ranging from the size of a small Atoll to as big as the Earth main Hawiian island in size. They hover at a distance of 300 feet on average from the surface of the planet. A mineral in the islands interacts with the planet's magnetic field, giving them a repulsor-like quality. Some of the islands have bridges connecting them to each other, and some have bridges connecting to the main land. The Islands are stationary and not nomadic.
Enhydro crystals (commonly known as “Aurora crystals”)– are used as an energy source for all of Aida's technology. They are blue crystals with bubbles of water within. A current is passed through the the crystal. The crystal amplifies it, the water conducts it, and the crystal powers whatever machine it’s hooked up to. It needs an initial spark of electricity –like a spark plug. The town of Burgess has an Aurora mine.

+ Culture
Aida is home to two species of Human: The Aidans —an average Human race, and the Enjera —Humans with the unique, gravity defying gift of flight without the aid of any external source. They lived in peace with the surface dwellers for centuries, but within that time, arguments and jealousy at the Enjera's ability to shun gravity spurred the occasional fight, though both sides were always able to come to an agreement. Still, it was a delicate matter that always rested on a razors edge.

Many of the surface dwellers saw the Enjera as oppressors, and created an uprising. They spread propaganda that the Enjera were holding them back, turning them into slaves, and creating a 2nd class citizen status for any Adian unable to leave the ground of their own will. They raged of equality, stating eras in Aida's history where the Enjera had used their abilities to become the planets nobility hundreds of years before. Though Aida was a modern planet by now, with modern conveniences and air ships, along with lessons learned from the past, the Equalist cries reopened old wounds. This uprising quickly spread, fueled by the embers of the Imperial scar left on the psyche of the people. The Enjera tried to keep the peace, saying they would hunt down and imprison any of their kind with malicious intent toward the surface dwellers, but that did little to appease the people. For their years of suffering under the Empire, mixed with fear, and jealousy, the Aidans declared war on the Enjera. Every one of them became a scapegoat for their pain. The Enjera were forced to leave whatever homes or lives they'd made on the ground and flee to the safety of the islands.

Aida was a space fairing civilization, though not as old as the Republic. The two peoples fought savagely in air battles machines against manand soon the entire planet was at war. Anyone born showing the ability to fly was a target for genocide. The Enjera population on Aida diminished to a quarter of what it was when the war began. As a result, many fled their home planet to start new lives elsewhere, and completely erase their past. Coruscant became a haven where they could hide among its dense populations.

Aidans have sent their specially trained "Hunters" into the galaxy to track down and bring back any escaped Enjera. They have permission to kill if the target cannot be subuded for the return trip to Aida. Enjeran Hunters are highly trained to blend into alien societies, and adapt on their feet in order to accomplish their mission.

(Game note: Dakryan Ryder's parents fled to Coruscant, then to Mos Eisley to avoid the Hunters, and to raise their family without knowledge of any aspect of Aida or the Enjera, including flight. Kari Windryder's parents were murdered by Shar Kunahl over Tatooine.)

Enjera children were either taught to refrain from flight, where and how they could use their natural gift, or never told of their gift and history at all.

Aida remains at war.

+ Politics
Enjeran representatives lived in a palace hovering over the central plains of the main continent. The island, Rei, meaning freedom was moved there for political reasons. When the Empire's ships decimated cities both on the islands and the ground, the two peoples banded together to fight back. With the death of the Emperor, the Imperial presence waned, and control was given back to the planet's Senate —consisting of both Aidans and Enjera.

+ Important Notes
Space Fairing:
Aidans and Enjerans are space fairing, though they are young –200 years in space by the time the Empire set up shop. Technological advancement was stunted during their occupation. After the emperor was defeated, the Aidans hastened their aircraft development and space craft development for the war against the Enjera.

Aurora Mines:
The Aidans use their Enjeran prisoners to mine Aurora Crystals. The Aidans set up camps underground where Enjeran prisoners are brought. The camps’ location ensures none of them will fly away. Enjera usually do not survive for more than a few years deprived of open space, flight, sunlight, and sky. Each prisoner is marked with a brand on their right palm of a simply drawn single wing design. This is to make sure that if they escape, and are caught, they will either be reinducted into a camp, or killed.

Frost Bite:
A mycotoxin created by the Aidans to subdue Enjera in flight. Enjera are allergic to one kind of dairy mold that won’t affect a ground dwelling Aidan in the same way. The bacterial mold messes with their equilibrium, making it impossible to fly, and hard to walk in a straight line. Depending on the dosage, they can either not fly straight, or get all the way to throwing up from motion sickness. The Aidans use a concentrated form of the bacteria to incapacitate Enjeran targets.

It takes energy to fly, so they either eat a lot, or eat these protein snacks developed years ago to preserve food resources. Many Enjeran living on the islands will go about their days with minimal flight, hovering, or drifting. Flying less means they consume less.

They start as early as age 1 ½ in flight training so they can go long distances at high speeds without having to eat much after every travel. The longer an Enjeran child goes without flying, the harder it becomes to do so, which is why flight is encouraged at such a tender young age. By the time a child reaches their teens, changing their mind so they can think in three dimensions, and convincing them they won’t hit the ground if they fly becomes increasingly difficult. It is always possible for an Enjeran to learn flight, but there are the rare cases where one who is never taught never leaves the ground. Normally, to “awaken” that part of their mind and energy, the child needs a catalyst –such as having their lives threatened in some form or another. Being dropped from a high point is the usual cure for this. In every case, a family member or friend is waiting out of sight to swoop in for the save should the youth fail to fly.

They don't bend the air around them. There's a "trigger" in their minds that's connected to the energy in their bodies. It would be closest to levitation in its basic description. Religous belief included flight was in direct correlation to the strength of a person's soul. It's easier to fly when they are in a good mood, rather than depressed, though they can still fly either way. It takes more effort to push through negative emotions. They use the energy within themselves to will themselves into the air, change direction, hover, ect. It's directly related to thought/reaction/action.

Burial of the Dead:
Their death ritual involves burning the body and having the next of kin take the ashes into the sky to release them into the air with a few words of comfort for themselves, for the dead, and for the survivors. Everyone else lets go of a paper lantern to drift into the sky to escort the spirit of the deceased into the afterlife.

Cultural Note:
A favorite decoration in front of a common household door is a strip of paper bearing any manner of welcome, blessing, or family name. A chime is tied to the end for weight and sound.

Arial battle weaponry ranges from mele weapons, swords and knives, to energy pulse pistol gloves strapped to the wrist and activated by a trigger resting in their palm.


The Enjera stayed on the islands, flying between them, and only went to the surface for supplies or long distance travel. Mostly, the local tribes and clans stayed local to their region. For the longest time in history, neither side really knew of the other –aside from stories that were hardly believed on both sides.

The Aidans once viewed the Enjera as though they were angels, because they very rarely ever touched the surface. There are a few stories in mythology about heroic Aidans falling in love with an Enjeran. People love a good forbidden love story.

Finally, an Alliance formed hundreds of yeas ago when the first Enjera met with the representative of the Aidan capital city on the surface. Both species started a trade in goods and skills. The first altercation that started a war was between two nobles: an Aidan, and an Enjeran — between ownership on land wherein an Aurora Crystal mine was the prize. It became a very “Hatfields and McCoys” sort of situation that snowballed out of control.

There was the great Battle of Lanarch Valley over control of the Aurora crystal mines. Prisoners from both sides were turned into slaves. Because of their ability to fly, the Enjerans utilized the first aerial attack strategies. They turned the Aidans into a 2nd class citizen status. To keep their standing as the noble class, they reinstated the ‘religion’ that they were gods, and each Enjera was specially chosen to possess the gift of flight. Things stayed this way for a couple of hundred years until an Aidan uprising burned cities. War waged for generations, until both sides eventually came to an unsteady truce. Most of the fighting stopped, but pockets of extremists on both sides flared up battles here and there.

The Aidans hastened their advancement of technology in order to create airships and tech that would allow them to fly. This went on for another couple of hundred years.

(They would be visited by alien races from time to time. Aida was considered a backwater world, even though they were a midrim planet. Occasionally, some alien species would share their tech. Hence, Aida gained the knowledge of repulsor technology, datapads, Velcro, and advancements in computers.)

There were still Enjeran islands that remained completely pure, and some Aidan cities that refused the alien tech. Eventually, both sides slowly melted with each other. Aidans lived on the islands, and Enjera lived on the ground. Things were ok. Schools were built, the economy was thriving, and both sides were doing pretty well with each other. Within a few generations, children were finally being taught that some people could fly, and some couldn’t. Though the Enjera kept many of their traditional ways and most of them stayed on the islands. Life was actually pleasant for about a hundred years or so. Within this time, they discovered Space travel, and light speed. Aida still remained independent.

A hundred years passed….

Then the Empire showed up –or, its beginnings before an actual “Galactic Empire” was established, and they started laying the ground work to overthrow the Aidan/Enjeran senate. The Emperor claimed power on Coruscant, and all hell broke loose on Aida. The Empire firmly planted its roots, and claimed the planet, and its people. Once again, both sides were being repressed. Aidan and Enjeran resistance cells kept up continuous trouble for the Empire. When word reached that the Emperor was killed, it took two years for the Imperial presence to wane enough that the peoples of Aida could kick them off.

The Enjera immediately reinstated the senate with both Aidan and Enjeran members, but many of the Aidan people were still angry at the Empire, and viewed this move instigated by the Enjera as a means to repeat history and put the Aidans back into a slave category. Paranoia reached those in power, and gradual measures were taken to remove the rights of Enjera –all hidden under the guise of what was best for the people. This was all a lie wrapped in pretty propaganda, and subliminal messages in the media.

This didn’t rub well with the Enjerans at all, so they started fighting back. Raids on Enjeran facilities broke out, answered by retaliation. It didn’t take long for old wounds to be reignited, and six years after the death of Emperor Palpatine, Aida was thrown into civil chaos once again. Except this time, they had science on their side. The Aidans developed “Frost Bite” from one type of bacteria found in dairy mold to create a mycotoxin that only affected Enjera. It became their most useful weapon, averaging a 90% success rate. Altering the dosage, it could either throw an Enjera off balance, or kill them. It was primarily used to subdue them. With this weapon, Thousands of Enjera were either killed, or captured and put to work in the Aurora mines.

The first major battle was headed by an Aidan military commander, Sam Kunahl. He founded the HSA (Hunter Society of Aida) with a small elite team. It quickly turned into a police force of sorts, where Agents (or "Hunters") would be trained at an early age to keep the peace, and go out into the universe to retrieve the Enjera who fled off world. Their mission is to bring them home so they can't spread their dominating ways to other planets. They bring Enjera back to Aida, and offer them a citizenship test, or put them in the mines if they refuse. They can earn their freedom from there. Rules recently changed to allow miners to ask to take the test at any time.

A separate test off world is given to any captured Enjera: Bring the Agent the Hunter who caught them something equal in value to their own life. Those who fail are taken in stasis pods build specifically to hold Enjera back to Aida and sent to the mines where they can chose to take the citizenship test. Those who pass are given a 2nd chance at freedom and the option to become an Aidan citizen right there.

Fifteen years into the 22 year long war, Aidans set up a special zone on the coast of the northern continent where Enjera could be themselves, but in order to leave, they had to become Aidan citizens –which meant taking a test and swearing to never fly in the city limits, and renouncing their cultural identity. They would be treated as normal citizens.

Many Aidans are tired of the war, but are afraid to lose the peace that now exists. They don't want the world to tumble into chaos again.

22 years later, these are how the numbers stand as of right now:
The Aidans won the war. A ‘cease fire’ was called five years ago.
The Enjera on planet in the mines and as registered citizens are around 50,000 –though there are likely undiscovered, isolated floating islands in hard-to-reach regions that could be sheltering more.
The Enjera known to be off world are less than 500.

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