Alex Meika

Alex Meika is a young Hunter from the planet Bakura. At 17 and 5' in height, she is head-strong, resilient, and hot headed. She is best known for her rush attacks against Bakura's most dangerous creatures inhabiting the moutainous landscape, valleys, and seas of the many islands on the planet. She lacks skills in patience, and tact.

Character History

Raised in the equatorial mountains of one of the larger islands as one of two children, Alex and her brother, Bryner, were placed under the tutalage of Master Sa'ann - the aged and wisened Hunter - at the age of 10. Despite the hatred for droids that lives among the Bakuran populace due to the Droid Uprising, all Hunters are injected with nanites that aid in healing minor scrapes, and add an extra burst of energy to their muscles in order to fight for longer periods of time. Sa'ann —a respected Hunter of 55 years - only trains those he sees Hunter potential in.

During a fight with a Stalk Spider, (Named so because of their massive bodies being supported by stalk-like legs 8 feet high. Known to frequent the higher caves of the northern mountain ranges on Bakura. They paralize their prey and store them in a central nest. They live in packs. ), Bryner was captured by one of them. He was paralized, and Alex was forced to shoot him before they could drain him. Bryner died in his third year of training at age 13.

Alex trained with Sa'ann until she was 17. Sa'ann had been a friend of the family's since meeting with Kahdra Lysander many decades before. Kahdra was the only known child of Tayva and Eugene Lysander. Knowing Kahdra was mentaly unstable, he saved the pieces of the Lysander family history that she tried to dispose of. She died of natural causes in the capitol city as an old woman with the belief that she had completely expunged Cade Lysander and the old Corellian history from her family line. As far as she knew, every Lysander thought they were Bakuran natives.

Bakurans hold their family highest among all others. Knowing this, Master Sa'ann sent Alex to the planet of Tatooine with a laundry list of items to gather. One of them was the tooth of a Krayt dragon, and the other was a strand of Telana Daiko's hair. She succeeded in both. Sa'ann's plan was this: if Alex was good enough to get close enough to Telana, then she could work with her and learn from her. After proving herself, Alex was hired on as an employee of the Kukai Foundation. She met the CG, and found a striking resemblance to her father, so she sent a message to Sa'ann. Sa'ann responded by sending her the family history that Alex great aunt, Kahdra, tried to destroy.

Kahdra had 1 daughter and 1 son.
She has two cousins on Bakura - one in the Oomiri family, and one in the Crestins. There are no more Lysanders left.


Master Sa'ann, her brother, Bryner (deceased), Slider, the CG, Elvis Sandlewood, Telana Daiko, Omega, and Barclay Ramsey.


Alex loves the use of her blaster rifle, since she upgraded from her old rifle that utilized protectiles instead of energy. She is trained in the use of various hand held weaponry. Swords are not her strongest. The nanites in her blood aid in healing up minor scrapes and wounds she may gleen. She is nimble on her feet, and acrobatic.

Important Notes

She is more of a hands-on learner than a researcher, yet has a small crush on Barclay. She likes to dance, and can sing.

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