The Alignment was a singular and so far unique celestial event yet to be fully explained by modern science. It had profound personal effect on many people in the Outer Rim, but analysis of its nature or its exact effects has been ineffective and inconclusive. What is known is that it drastically changed life for thousands of people.



First of it's kind event in all cosmic history.

The Alignment was set in motion one full month before the predicted birth of a God of Chaos. The Event was not revealed as salvation or damnation on the part of those associated to the Route of Ages. Like a great eye looking down on the planet Tatooine the Route of Ages gradually moved positioning itself between exactly twenty seven solar systems.

On August 20, late of the predicted Date, the Alignment occurred.

As a result, on the predicted day twenty seven worlds began to shake. Fears arose, given the previous night's events, and many came out of their homes to witness the turmoil caused by the great shaking. As it calmed, with eyes gazed up on at the sky each person who looked found that they were not alone. From the surface of Tatooine all who came to look found their world now apart of a great machine. Some twenty six other planets all appearing to orbit the Route of Ages with them.

Something of a Romantic sight of some. Terror for others. "We are not alone."

To some in the colony, having experienced a great loss the day before, this day marked a gaping and sore injury dealt to them by both their finding of a new enemy specifically aimed at them and the possible sacrifice of one of their leaders to save a greater whole against thing far worse than death.

Though some tried to come to grip with these facts the Alignment eventually ended. Something like the stroke of Midnight, a mere hour later, the worlds again shook and the alignment ended. The majestic view reverted back to the standard sky leaving only the memories and impressions dealt to each world.

Main Players

The Route of Ages, Tatooine, Naboo, Earth, Coruscant, and twenty three other worlds.


(Pictured top Right.) The Alignment works as a Paradox of time and space. Without moving any aforementioned worlds in question. Or any world as part of the alignment they all became visible to each other through the Route of Ages. How this is accomplished is never mentioned. But most travelers make reference to a large HALO like structure that appears to be orbiting just within the horizon of the Route of Ages. The earthquakes are a result of some kind of underlying machine that uses the solar system gravity well for some unknown purpose.


In the aftermath of the event space has returned to normal. It is estimated that this event will continue to occur every forty two years. On the planets in question every person who has seen it will be effected in their own way. Some will mourn it, knowing why it was triggered and that it came to late. Some will celebrate it to honor the same reason as those who mourn it. While others whether in awe or joy may experience a sense of terror and understanding for the complex idea that truly "We are not alone in our strife and joy."

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