ArchAngel fighter

The ArchAngel-class fighter is a medium-range strike fighter, designed by the Dread Conglomerate, and currently in use by the Outer Rim Republic.

Ship Class History

The Dread Conglomerate utilized many different fighter-class vessels, from Rebellion X-Wings to stolen TIE fighters down to simple shuttles fitted with weapons. It soon became apparent that a Conglomerate built class was necessary to cut down on costs. After years of debate over hundreds of submitted designs, Commander Kaelton chose one submitted by a young engineer named Arbor Hunan. Hunan submitted two designs, a fighter designated ArchAngel and a fighter/bomber designated the Lucifer bomber. Production was rapid but efficient, and the first models went into service 18 months later. Pilots were immediately drawn to the fighter's adaptability to any mission given, and soon other models were vitually phased out, with a limited number remaining in planetary defense fleets. When the Conglomerate was overthrown by the Outer Rim Republic, the Republic inherited several hundred thousand surplus fighters stockpiled by the Conglomerate's nonstop production.These are slowly being sold to other factions. The class remains in service today.


The fuselage of the ArchAngel fighter looks similar to that of an X-Wing, and in fact was styled after such. the fuselage has been slightly enlargened along the midline, however, and features a more smooth surface along the nose. The two wings are curved slightly downward, giving it the appearance of a large bird from afar. The wings each house a single Xenon blaster cannon, a weapon that utilizes supercooled gas and a rotary barrel to enable a continuous rate of fire of ~150 bolts per second in short bursts. On the underside of each wing are three racks for Javelin antiship missiles. In the joint between the underside of the wing and the fuselage are external racks for fuel tanks or large weapons. The ArchAngel is a single pilot aerospace fighter, though a handful of two-seated models were produced for training purposes. Power is provided by a nuclear reactor, and four nuclear driven ion engines. The ArchAngel is hyperspace capable, but only for short journeys.

Important Notes

Current models of the ArchAngel are fitted with copper plating strips along the fuselage and wings, to enable them to be launched by railgun from carriers if neccessary.

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