Battle of Javin

The Battle of Javin was a decisive military engagement between the Dread Conglomerate and the alien organisms known as Eggs.



The Egg War was in it's seventh month, and Conglomerate commerce was almost nonexistent due to Egg raids. Beginning to feel the effects of economic stress, Commander Kaelton began looking for a way to end the war decisively. The newly-developed Javin-class battleships were the perfect weapon and bait. After allowing the Eggs to witness the DCS Behemoth, Kaelton was sure that an Egg attack on the shipyards at Javin was imminent. He was not disappointed.


An initial force of twelve large Eggships and some 200+ small Eggship fighters entered the system approximately 1AU from the planet Javin. They were met first by the 3rd Conglomerate Fleet, consisting of two carriers, seven frigates, and one Javin-class battleship, under the command of Flight Commander Jacob Dahlke. His force was almost literally annihilated, and the Eggs pushed on towards the planet. This selfless defense came to be known as "Dahlke's Stand". On the surface of Javin, battleships were being crash started, many for the first time. Dahlke's Stand provided enough time that when the Eggs arrived, they faced 17 Javin-class battleships, albeit some with skeleton crews. The nuclear-powered turbolasers proved highly effective, and the Egg force was cut to ribbons.


Conglomerate casualties are estimated at 30,000 military and civilian personnel. Egg casualties are unknown, but it is estimated that fewer than 5% of the attacking force escaped. This marked a turning point in the war, with the Conglomerate quickly moving from the defensive to the offensive. One would be justified in calling Javin "the Conglomerate's Midway".

Important Notes

The song "The Ballad of the Battle of Javin" was written about a year after the battle by persons unknown. It tells the story of a lovesick crewman (or in some versions of the song, a fighter pilot) who dies in Dahlke's Stand.

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