Battle of Kaelton's Revenge

The Battle of Kaelton's Revenge was a major fleet engagement in the Tatoo System which served as the final battle between the Outer Rim Republic and Ace Kaelton's Dread Conglomerate.



See: Dread Conglomerate History Also note that the Kukai Foundation had received intelligence from the ORR on the matter, and was able to raise an emergancy fleet to hold the line within a matter of days.

Main Players

Outer Rim Republic, United Federation of Planets, New Republic, Tragolite Federation with Imperial Royals auxullary forces, Kukai Foundation, and even the Blood Corps all joined together in one massive fighting force in order to fight back the Dread Conglomerate fleet.


The Allied Fleet began by intercepting the Conglomerate's advanced fleet with two New Republic Interdictors which forced the fleet out of hyperspace. Kaelton however had anticipated this, and the first wave was a series of asteroid strikes attached to crude hyperspace engines. While this succeeding in scattering the Allied Fleet (which consisted of the Starfleet and Kukai assets focused near the edge of the system (with reserves near Tatooine), the Republic Assets in the center, and the Tragolite and ORR forces at the planet) for a short time, Admiral Margaret Cartwright regrouped the Starfleet forces and attacked from above, while the Kukai fleet blasted through the asteroid shield and braved the Conglomerate fleet directly. Already the allied fleet was overwhelmed; while the Conglomerate's forces were consider inferior, aside from the heavy battleships and supercarriers, to many of the Allied fleets, the sheer numbers of DC ships being fielded kept the Starfleet forces overwhelmed at the edge of the system.

Then Kaelton's second wave appeared with troop transports from a space-shift window over Tatooine. Local Tragolite, ORR, and Kukai forcesas well as the Starfleet rear guard of the Agamemnon attempted to shoot down the enemy ships, but a large number of Conglomerate troopersmany of them cloned and brainwashed Andalite shape-shifters who had assumed the form of jetpack wielding rancor-beasts with hand-held rocket launchers.

Then the third wave appeared at the edge of the system and moved for the route, causing Cartwright to take the Tempest there to intercept them, along with two escourt vessels. Seeing as the small fleet was already split into three groups and battling odds of nearly 100-1, Cartwright and Director Kiyoshi agreed to utilize the Neutron-Jammers, pieces of black-box technology which prevented nuclear fission. The Tempest also set itself to blast the Route, to cause the Route of the Ages to force-feedback an exponential amount of energy back to the fleet. This feedback damaged the Kaelton fleet stationed there, destroyed two Akira-class ships and nearly scuttled the Tempest However, with the DC fleet at the edge of the system having lost many ships power to the N-Jammers, these desparate tactics bought enough time for the fleet to regroup, and have the Macross Quarter use a modified quantum-shift cannon to anihilate the fleet nearing the ROute, preventing the Conglomerate from calling upon suspected Yeerk allies.

The fourth wave then appeared with Kaelton himself, on the ten kilometer long Kaelton's Fury and it's escourt fleet coming out of a phase-shift between the third and fourth planets in the Tatoo system. Undaunted, the New Republic vessels and Tragolite Forces converged, and began a pitched battle to keep the ship from attacking the planet directly. While the battle raged on the surface, the Fury and other ships launched nuclear missiles at the Kukai Foundation's central station, forcing them to utilize the Neutron-Stampeder, an experimental device grafted onto a New Republic cruiser, which prematurely detonated all but one of the atomic warheads.

Finally, a fifth wave of nearly six hundred more vessels appeared in the middle of the system at a secondary interception point. However, there the Republic had laid naquidah-enhanced barridium mines, which the Allies used to detonate the enemy fleet. However, the Kaelton's Fury had steamrolled through the central system defenses, and was utilizing a superlaser to anihilate enemy capital ships. With the Kukai Fleet regrouping and Federation forces mopping up the fleet at the edges of the system, the ORR and Tragolite forces were joined by the New Republic fleet. Heavily outnumbered, Starfleet officer Haweke Karbn, piloting an experimental Mobile Suit and strapped onto the hull of the Republic Nebula-class Star Destroyer The Haweke Karbn implimented a desperate gamble where the ship focused itself into the path of the Kaelton's Fury while Karbn himself called the Commander out directly. Kaelton responded with an attack from the superlaser, which the Karbn survived due to an overloading psycoframe.

While Haweke Karbn focused on gaining entry through the front of Kaelton's barrage and confronting the mad commander, another force entered the battle— the Shadows. The Shadow ships, numbering only seven, appeared poised to carve through the fleet, destroying several of the Tempest's escape pods, DC ships, and severly damaging the Olympus, another Starfleet vessel. It was only the timely arrival of Captain Zon Huntreas and the Explorer which kept the Shadows from destroying the Olympus. With Huntreas taking command over the allied fleet, he was able to reorganize the fleet in a spherical force located around Tatooine. Meanwhile, seemingly unrelated subspace ruptures appeared throughout the system, destroying several starships as well as the Kukai Foundation station. Thankfully, thanks to either the psychic eminations coming from the ruptures, as well as the psychic energy being focused through Haweke Karbn and the Hi-Nu Gundam's uprated psychoframe, the Shadows vanished from the fight.

Still outnumbered and outgunned, the Allied fleet turned the majority of it's strength towards shielding the planet, while Haweke Karbn broke in through the hull of the Kaelton's Fury and engaged Ace Kaelton in a direct gunfight. Growing desperate, Kaelton adopted a scorched Earth policy, and began launching high-yield atomic warheads for all of the cities of Tatooine. Thanks to Tragolite, Kukai, and Starfleet interception, only one of those missiles would hit their target. Around this time, through the combined efforts of both Lucas Wolenczak and Taylor Karsten (the latter resulting in her death), the shields on the Kaelton's Fury were disabled. Seeing his personal victory lost, Kaelton attempted to flee in an escape pod to the Route. Karbn, enraged at feeling the psychic the death of his daughter outside in the chaos of the battlefield, shot through the ship's bulkheads with the Cosmo Dragoon, hitting Kaelton in the neck and killing him instantly. Moments later, the Agamemnon beamed Karbn off of the Fury while a combination of the Tragolite's high-yield torpedoes, and an unknown sabotuer, caused the Dread Conglomerate capital ship to explode, but not before Kaeltons body was launched by escape pod toward the Route of All Ages. It was at this time the The Tragolite 1st Fleet Flagship, the Crystal Sun, exited foldspace at the far edge of the system, putting it in a prime position to intercept the rocketing escape pod, capturing it via tractor beam and exiting the battle after recognizing thier important cargo.

With the pod picked up by a Tragolite Federation Super Star-Dreadnaught and Kaelton officially pronounced dead, the Allied fleet was left with a still largely superior force of ships attempting one last ditch attack. Huntreas ordered the fleet moved counterclockwise, enveloping the rear of the Conglomerate lines, while the rear of his own fleet pushed out to intercept DC ships intent on suicide bombing the planet. This forced the two fleets to meet in a concentric circle about the width of the planet itself, effectively forcing them into a spiral of attrition where, despite the DC's advantage in numbers, their slower ships could not overwhelm the Allied fleet. With their fleet broken and their commander dead, the DC forces found themselves unwilling to push into a pointless war of attrition, with many surrendering to the victorious Allied fleet, or fleeing in disgrace.


After the battle, the major fleets of the Tatoo Sector were left broken, with the Federation Protectorate and Outer Rim Republic losing nearly half of their available forces. The Kukai Foundation had lost their station, the Shadows had been revealed to a number of forces, the Tragolites had Ace Kaelton's body and the Dread Conglomerate had effectively been anihilated as a spacefaring faction.

Important Notes

Four days after the battle, the Tragolite Federations transferred the escape pod containing Kaelton's body to the ORRC Nazareth. Grand Admiral Kivat Bathunter, in surprising reverence, instructed his ships to fire a 21 gun salute as the shuttle bearing the pod passed. No official ceremony was conducted upon the pod's deliverance to Nathan. The body's current status has not been released.

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