Battle of Third Moon

The Battle of Third Moon was the massive fleet battle which took place shortly before the Unification Wars around the planet Tatooine.


It was precipitated by an ancient Sith known as Lord Connivere mustering up a Hutt Fleet to retake Tatooine shortly after the Tragolite Federation left the system in the hands of a joint alliance between the New Republic, GWAM, and the pre-PAC Factionalized Dark History Refugee forces. The PAF sent many of their ships to the forefront during this battle, including Haweke Karbn's ship the Angelfire. They suffered the highest amount of casualties during the incredibly bloody battle, losing almost 73% of their space force against the massive and powerfully shielded Hutt force.

Main Players

Connivere utilized the Hutt's lust for the Route of Ages to try and carve himself a spot of power in the Outer Rim. Republic, GWAM, and pre-PAC forces suffered heavy losses.


Connivere's attack was instigated as a surprise attack, after setting up a small Sith palace in the desert for the purposes of recon. A month later he lead the Hutt fleet towards the planet, a massive fleet of starships that were armed for invasion and pacification.

While Tragolite, GWAM and PAF forces immediately took a defensive posture, the timely arrival of the New Republic fleet helped to turn the tide. The Jedi onboard confirmed that the fleet was being lead by a Darksider, and the Tragolite psychics attempted to make contact with the Sith, but had no effect.

While the Mobile Suit advancements turned the tide in the fighter skirmishes, the capital ships were largely done in by the combined Tragolite Remnant and New Republic capships. In the end the Hutt forces were forced back.

While the PAF took the heaviest hits, the Battle of Third Moon is known as an incredibly bloody battle for all sides, if only in part due to the use of Sith Battle Meditation on the part of the Hutt forces, giving them an enhanced edge while draining the will to fight and live away from the pro-Tatooine forces. Out of all of the forces fighting against the Hutt fleet, only Karbn's Unit and the Tragolite Forces seemed to have any type of protection against such a massive psychic attack.

The Battle of Third Moon was named so due to the massive amount of starship fighting around third moon of Tatooine. Many civilians claimed that the Hutt fleet was so numerous and so close to the atmosphere that it blocked out the stars. With Hutt custom and crime having been fought away by Tragolite Forces, the Battle of Third Moon is largely thought of as a watershed moment in the ideal of a free and unified Tatooine.


The Battle of Third Moon lead the PAF forces in such disarray that it lead indirectly to the Unification Wars. Likewise, the Hutt defeat came as such a surprise to the rest of the galaxy, that it was regarded as the first indication that the political landscape of the Outer Rim was changing permenantly.

Important Notes

Notable tactical manouvers during the battle was the PAF's Atmospheric Pincer movement, and the Sith Battle Meditation.

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