The pre-GWAM Captial of Tatooine

The "capital" of Tatooine, is situated far west of Mos Eisley near the south-western Dune Sea. It was also one of the earliest settlements on the planet but never thrived economically, sharing the same problems as many other settlements on the dry world. The Galactic Empire eventually established its base of operations here and placed its regional governor in the city's Main Hall.

The Beginning

As any historian will tell you, the Tragolites made landfall in Mos Eisley,mistaking the Larger Eisley for the Capital of Tatooine. They quickly realised thier mistake and moved operations to Bestine, quickly taking the Council under thier control and creating a self-defense force for the city. They seized all foreign business and idustry under edict from the Planetary Government and Called Bestine thier own.


During thier reign, the Tragolites brought over 1 million of thier own personel to Bestine, putting an huge initial strain on the Area. An Office of Marshal Urbanization Coordination was quickly instated to prevent the formation of slums that plauge many cities. The Tragolites Formed thier own Urban Pacification units to patrol the city, pushing Bestine Police into the background, turning them into Council Security officers. Bringing Bestine completely under Tragolite Control.

The Tragolite Officers quickly identified the stresses put upon Bestine and in a massive effort, contracted numerous cargo companies to begin importing food,water and materials for building. Within a month, the city had begun its rise to glory. The Tragolites,quick to save face kept Bestine citizens happy, providing employment,a structured legal system, and protection for enemies. The city grew, industry came alogn with commerical opportunities, putting Bestine on the map as a center of Tatooine culture.

Two new Spaceports were constructed, both outside the massive city walls as well as 6 cargo fields and a trading center. With the construction of the trading infrastructure, the need for shielding was pointed out and 4 massive repulse-shield generators were installed inside the bestine city walls at full cpacity, the generators can envelope not only the city, but the spaceports and cargo fields as well. Defense turrets were constructed on the walls and in the surrounding desert providing defense against fighter craft.

All in all, Bestine has risen above its sister cities as a glimmer in the dark future of Tatooine.

Return to Soverignity

When the Local forces began to concrete thier foothold on Tatooine, the Tragolite Federation began to decrease thier own forces, easing the burdon upon thier deployed forces. The Citizens of Tatooine were charged with the creation of a self defense police force, that would take control of the city once the Tragolites completed thier withdrawl from the city and surrounding areas. Civilians were also allowed to create a form of government to take power into thier own hands under Tragolite Guidance. The systems were put into place right before the last of the Tragolite Troops pulled out of Bestine, leaving the city to its own.


Bestine drew together its prominant citizens and drew up a document titled the Governing Rights which established a republic-style government consisting of Senators from the districts of the city. Bestine police force was re-established and re-equipped with left behind Tragolite equipment. Bestine reached out to the larger settlements of Tatooine, entering a defacto agreement or alliance against foreign invaders.


Bestine's central government, under request by the Citizens of Bestine threw out the old Governing rights and reorganized the Governing body of Bestine, withdrawing from any Tatooine alliances in the end of the year restart+5. they completely reorganized the City and its surrounding territory creating a new governing document TheBestine Constitution and holding elections for President and senators. This was met by jubilation and unrest by the Citizens. Within hours the riots, led by students and minority leaders, were quelled and were not seen as a threat to the City.

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