Bestine Constitution

A great day is before us, Today Bestine become its own; no reliance! no dependence! no weakness! - Senator Drathum : Bestine Senator.

The Bestine Constitution


The Transition of Power in Bestine led to the need for a declaration of intent, city councilmen and community leaders sat together in a open session of the Senate to write a document outlining the basic rights of Bestine and her citizens.

Main Players

Senate speaker Kils Bethromo
Roger Korig
Zallaaaag Perh
Karman Dell
Chief O'Grea


The Constitution consists of 5 Articles outlining the basic right of a Citizen of Bestine.

The Free City of Bestine guarantees these right to her citizens and only her citizens. Bestine is a free city independent of the governemtns of Tatooine and factions contained therein.
A citizen is a registered, approved being of natural creation; Beings not of a natural form of creation are not considered viable citizens [Androids, Robots, artifically created lifeforms].

Article 1

All Citizens are created equal and cannot be treated of lesser importance. All Civilians shall be treated as valued members of society and shall be looked at for citizenship.

Article 2

Citizens are guaranteed the right to religion as long as said religion does not have a negative unhealthy effect on the State of Bestine. Citizens are guaranteed the right to a peaceful assembly until that assembly becomes unhealthy to the order of the State, police force may be used to quell dangerous uprising to preserve the order of the State.

Article 3

Government can collect revenue in the form of taxes, tax levels will be determined by a representative government elected of the people by the people. Government will not interfere in the operation of a press unless that press interferes with the order and health of the people of the State. Government will not quarter its self defending forces in the private dwellings of its Citizens, business and industry may be realigned under a 3/4ths vote of the States government.

Article 4

The Citizen reserves the right to self defense. Personal weaponry is a right of the Citizen. This right may be suspended under a unanimous vote of the Senate for no more than 2 weeks and only in times of insurrection or war.The Citizen may be drafted into the defense force in time of insurrection or war; that is the duty of the Citizen.

Article 5

These are the rights of the Citizen. These rights may not be abridged under any circumstances, no matter what the vote, in this case, the Republic will fall.


We shall see.

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