Bestine Council Tower

The Bestine Council Tower is the seat of power for the 15 elected senators of the Bestine city state, as well as the 4 senators from Anchorhead and Wayfar.

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The Bestine Council tower is a 72 story tower: 780 feet tall and built of armored neutronium-steel structure pieces.
The top 5 stories are dedicated to a massive assembly hall and offices of the elected Senators. The rest of the building is administration, accounting, ambassadorial suites, and other citybusiness.


After the Bestine constitution was written, amendments to the basic rights were made. This amendment provided that 15 Elected Senators would be provided to govern and make laws affecting the entire Bestine City state. After the inclusion of Wayfar and Anchorhead into the Bestine alliance, 2 Senators from each settlement were provided to give voices to the Senate.
Tragolite architects were contacted to build an armored seat of power for the Bestine Senate.

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