Brannel IX

Brannel IX was a failed Federation colony in the Federation Expansion


Brannel IX was a class-M planet, albiet with a high level of desert mass along it's central landmass.


The Brannel colony was founded on the ninth planet of the Brannel system shortly after the Treaty of Naboo. In late 2383, Starfleet lost all contact with the colony. Captain James Blackwell of the starship Agamemnon investigated, and discovered the colony had been wiped out due to the migratory habits of a species of highly territorial 'bugs' which traveled via comet strike. The Bugs had rudimentary intelligence but were controlled by a sophisticated type of 'brain bug,' which pledged war against the Federation. After a tense few skirmishes and a protracted peace process, a deal was made to leave the bugs alone on Brannel IX in exchange for the bugs continued tolerance of the other Federation colonies in the surrounding sector.

Current Day

As it stands today, the Brannel system is considered off-limits to all personnel in the Federation.

Important Notes

Starship Trooper bugs hate phasers. Awww yeah.

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