Cantha is a small planet, far from the Galactic Core. The planet is primarily inhabited by the species of the same name, the Canthans. The world is primarily made up of deep jade colored sea with a single concentrated continent covered in city growth.



Distance from the Galactic core: 40,000 light years
Region: Outer Rim
Number of Suns: 1
Number of Moons: 1
Surface water: 80%
Climate: Dominated by dry seasons and wet monsoons, which leads to clear temperature differences in winter and summer. In winter, northern winds coming from high latitude areas are cold and dry; in summer, southern winds from sea areas at lower latitude are warm and moist.


An overview of the inhabitants of the planet
Five gods are credited with the creation of the world of Cantha. The gods lived originally alone on the planet's surface, creating land and sea and creatures within. The last of the creatures created by the gods were the humanoid Canthan race. Upon completion of the planet the five gods left Cantha to allow their new race to live peacefully. Before leaving each god bestowed a different magical gift upon the race creating within each Canthan the chance to have a unique race.
Healers/Monks. God Attributed - Dwayna the goddess of Life
The Healers employ a direct conduit to the gods, and the answers to their prayers come in the form of healing and protection. This race has the ability to heal wounds and diseases by touch. They are typically calm and understanding in nature and lack the ability to cause conflict. They worship all of the gods in turn taking their specific power directly from the goddess Dwayna. This race overseas the well being and harmony on the planet and keeps peace between the races.
(Note: The Healing race was murdered and made extinct before the war with Saroya specifically to erase the good nature of the Canthan people. Only one Healer child remains because at the time he was living off planet.)

Elementalists- God Attributed- Kormir
Elementalists summon the powers of earth, air, fire, and water and command them at will. This race can create the elements as needed. They can also use the knowledge of these elements to effect the weather and growth of vegetation. Elementalists are typically very intelligent and truthful.

Mesmers - God Attributed - Lyssa goddes of beauty and illusions
Mesmers are masters of illusion and have the ability to change the very fabric of reality at will. They have a very strong power of telepathy. They can create realistic illusions varying from small hallucinations to large scale mirages. They have the ability to plant thoughts easily into the minds of others. Mesmers are not known for brute strength and are typically very vain and domineering.
Teleports - God Attributed - Balthazar god of war
The teleport has the ability to instantaneously transfer themselves from one place to another. They can also transport other living beings and objects in this manner. The distance and ability to teleport through different materials varies depending on the power and skill of the teleporter. Teleports are masters of weaponry and strategy. They can move very quickly and have good instincts during combat. The teleport is typically short tempered, volatile when provoked and they are easily swayed by others as they are not very bright.
Rangers - God Attributed - Melandru goddess of nature
Rangers are unique in their ability to charm and speak with animals. The Ranger is also blessed with long life and excellent survival skills. They have the ability to also blend in to any surrounding like a chameleon. Rangers typically like to keep to themselves, are shy but very heroic when the need arises.


An overview of the territorial claims and governing power of the planet
The vast Empire of the Dragon which resides on the planets one continent contains hundreds of thousands of people in multiple cities. One Emperor rules over the cities found here, however to keep Cantha running effectively, a bureaucracy is in place. This bureaucracy is known as the Celestial Ministry. The Celestial Ministry is divided into five smaller Ministries, each one devoted to a different aspect of Cantha's imperial government. These ministries have been created over several hundred years to meet certain needs that the Celestial Ministry could not handle do to the diverse differences between Canthan classes, meaning each Ministry is tied to specific powers.

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