The Cantina, also known as the 'Tina, is the primary setting of the CFC.



Located in the heart of the Old Quarter, the Cantina is just across the dusty street from the Dowager Queen wreckage. It was one of the first structures built in Mos Eisley, originally intended as a shelter and armory to protect against Tusken Raiders attacks. When the attacks never materialized, the blockhouse was converted into a bar, and the cantina has changed hands many times.

The bar has passed hands several times throughout the years, it currently belongs to a shady consortium which rarely visits the establishment. Previously, it had been owned by man named Garrett Argonon, commonly known by the nickname Buzz, who bought the building from the long-time proprieter, a wookie named Chalmun. Buzz was well-known and well-liked. An out of dimension mechanic, and investor in local enterprises, he used the Cantina as a base for several illicit projects, smuggling being chief amoung them. While there were no gaming tables in the Cantina, there are always at least half-a-dozen games of chance being played around the main room at any given time, and Buzz was generally involved in at least half of them. Today, the Cantina serves as a meeting place, base of operations, and spot of cool off for most of the denizens of Mos Eisley.


The central bar is a high-tech, if outdated, set-up capable of synthesizing virtually any known drink in the sector, as well as many from around the galaxy. The bar also keeps on hand a stock of real drinks which ranges weekly from 100 to 600 different types/brands. Having a dim view of import laws, speciality drinks of the high end (and often illegal) kind are also avalable if the buyer knows who to talk to and can produce the necessary cred. The mixing computer knows 16,000 recipes, and of course, Buzz keeps all the required ingredients in stock, even if it means hiring a ship to risk life and limb to get it over a border secretly.

While the central bar has been basically unchanged since before Chalmun owned the establishment, the building itself has undergone massive rennovation since it's purchase by Argonon. The general atmosphere remains as a clean, if somewhat dimly lit and mildly seedy atmosphere throughout done in a style that would have been popular during the days of the old republic. While appearing old, new additions include multi-spectrum security monitoring, full spectrum jamming devices, and hidden, automated sentry guns. Despite all the added survielance, the Cantina is still the most criminal friendly place in the city where they can conduct business and get a drink without too much worry. Buzz keeps a strict code of confidentiality for his fellow well to do criminals. Private rooms are avalable upon request.

The bar has open doors, and generally, anyone can get a drink even if they're at odds with the owner. There are a few groups, however, that have never been welcome at the cantina, they are as follows: Slave traders, Pimps, Murderers, Child Molesters, Rapists and like. They fall under the Three strike policy: Strike 1-Civil ejection from the premises. Strike 2-Forceful ejection from the premeses. Strike 3-Execution. It is worth noting that all three strikes can be used up in a single instance. It is also worth noting that since changing hands, these rules are rarely enforced.

Fights are also frowned upon. Since the bar is offered as a service to the public at large, one of the few rules stipulates that any physical fighting not immediately taken outside becomes the business of everyone else in the bar, more specifically, it becomes the business of the regulars, who tend to end fights quickly by whatever means they wish. The ex-owner has killed numerous patrons who severely affected the safety of the other customers, and has wounded countless others. Since the bar and the land it is on is registered as private property, all the necessary paperwork and lisences that permit these executions are on file with the city and planetary governing bodies (however ineffective and small they may be). Likewise, the bar is home to several small, custom ordered A.S.A.R.D.(Automated Self-Actualizing Repair Droid) machines, which serve to automatically repair even the most gaping of the bar's battle scars.

Also worth noting is that Little Enterprises entered into a partnership with Argonon earlier in the '05 cycle, they maintain a small base of operations in the restricted access, lower levels of the cantina. In addition to recieving a percentage of the profits, they provide crowd control when necessary, as well as maintaining the security systems of the bar.

Too drunk as it is? Think that the cantina is a waste of your drinking time? Don't have anything else to do? The Cantina also offers free entertainment to anyone who may enter its doors. The Cantina offers a wide array of different musical styles, and dancers. Come for the drinks, stay for the show!

In recent years, the cantina has been bought by a shadowy consortium which regulated Buzz to a silent partner. He is rarely seen in the cantina itself anymore, though bar remains much unchanged from his reformations. The the three-strike ejection rules seems to have been done away with, and fights are far more lax due to the new Mark III A.S.A.R.D. droids, which serve to repair the damange to the Cantina. Following the Quake of ABY24 the Cantina was rebuilt in under 48 hours, being one of the only standing buildings in Mos Eisley.

The roof of the Cantina is also host to a StarGate placed there during a failed Goa'uld invasion. Due to the tourist trap it represents, no one has bothered to remove it. It is often active unless superceded by the gate onboard Olympus 4.

Important Notes

The Cantina was once known for it's no-droid policy, due to their ability to evesdrop on illicit conversation. However, as technology advanced, a number of booths have been equipped with "privacy filters," which use a null-air white noise emmitor and, in the two expensive booths near the back, sophisticated holographic technology, to allow the patrons to have full privacy. These "privacy booths" are often utilized on a daily basis and are generally checked for snooping devices once every fourteen days and a sweep by the ASARD droids can be activated on command.

The Cantina is, in fact, built over a Hellmouth. This plot device mystical convergance more or less explains why everything seems to happen around one small bar on some insignificant planet.

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