Cantina Ghost

The Canina Ghost (better known as the "CG") is a Human ghost who haunts the Mos Eisley Cantina—an establishment known to attract the scum of the universe, but serves a pretty good Corellian Hot Needle. His main objective in the afterlife is to irritate, annoy, and disturb the patrons of the establishment. Most days he chooses to remain invisible, pulling pranks and practical jokes on unsuspecting victims, but sometimes he’ll reveal himself if he thinks the consiquences will benifit him in some way.


Character History

Yet he hasn’t always been like this.

Before he was killed, he was a 20 year old Corellian human named Cade Lysander. Cade had blond hair, blue eyes, stood about 5’10”, fit build, and was one of the best mechanics at the Kyona orbital space dock.

Cade was born in a seaside town on Corellia prime. He lived there till he was eight, then moved with his parents to the Kyona space dock where he lived as an only child ever since. Living on the space dock gave him a bit of an attitude, and he was no stranger to confrontation. Cade possessed the ability to use the Force - which accounted for part of his affinity for machinery - but never pursued it because his father thought it was a waste of time. He had his job at the space dock and he agreed with his father no matter how hard his mother tried to push him to go to Coruscant. She was thrilled to have a Jedi in the family, but he could have cared less.

When he was 19, he’d saved up enough money to buy an old Corellia freighter and left Kyona for the space lanes. He landed a job with a rough human spice trader named Malex and worked for him transporting glitterstim spice across the galaxy. He called his ship the Star Runner.

One of his jobs took him the water planet of Chad, where he had to make a delivery to Harir the hutt. After the drop off, he stopped in a town called Northridge Point to pick up supplies and extra parts. He was continually installing additional technolgoy to his ship—which by now looked like a hodgepodge conglomeration of mismatched componants. It was there that he met a beautiful young woman named Anila Tem in one of the pubs. She was looking for passage off world, and against his better judgment, he accepted her as a charter. During the jumps to Coruscant, they grew to care for one another, and eventually fell in love.

She spent a month on Coruscant as a pilot for the Jedi Academy, keeping in contact with him. Over the vid com, she asked to be his partner and he agreed. For the next few weeks, they traveled together as partners both in love and in business. Anila proved to be a good shot with a blaster, as well as an accomplished pilot.

Just before picking up a shipment from Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, they spent the best day - and night -of their lives in Mos Eisley. It was in the Cantina that he proposed to her with all of the bar as his witness. Drinks were heavy that night, and spirits were high. Cade had never been so happy in his life, and he wished the moment with his new fiance would never end. They were going to marry on Corellia as soon as the delivery to Malex was complete. Cade sent a subspace message to his parents on the Kyona space dock conveing the good news. He promised Anila, and his mother, that he would take time to study at the Jedi Academy.

On the way back, they ran into some pirates and were forced to dump the shipment to save their lives. Malex heard about this and sent some of his goons after them. They were caught over the planet Dantooine and Anila was kidnapped. Cade fought to get aboard to save her. When he did, they had her restrained with a blaster held to her head. He fought as hard as he could, but before he could reach her, they pulled the trigger.

He snapped.

Using all his strength and his small ability in the Force, he murdered her killers and brought her body aboard his ship. He took her home to her family, stayed for the funeral service, then left with only vengeance on his mind.

A month later, he finally hunted down Malex in orbit over Tatooine - where Malex had been in a meeting with Jabba the Hutt regarding split profits - and confronted him. The Star Runner was overcome and they tractored it into their docking bay where he was taken prisoner. Malex had him brought to the bridge, hands bound behind his back. They exchanged heated words of hate. Cade proclaimed he would never rest until Anila’s death had been avenged. Malex sneered, leveled the blaster point blank at the 20 year old’s chest and pulled the trigger.

But he wasn’t completely dead. He still retained enough consciousness to remember being tossed into an airlock. He watched their faces through the plasteel window through foggy vision. The last thing he felt was a great suction power as they jettisoned his body into space. He couldn’t even scream. He lost consciousness before his body imploded.

Malex sold his ship to a smuggler who later lost it to Lando Calrissian, who in turn lost it to Han Solo in a game of Sabaac. The ship had been renamed the Millennium Falcon.

Cade woke up on the floor of the dirtiest, smelliest, wronchiest place he had ever seen. People moved around him but didn’t seem to know he was there. When he tried to ask what happened, no one answered him, and one of them put him into shock when they walked through him.

He was dead. Yet he remembered everything that had happened to him in his life, including how he died.

In his pocket he found a small book given to him by the otherworldly forces as an aid to survive as a spirit. He kept it, looking through it just to bring things into focus, and learned how to do the most specific tasks of the ghosts: walk through walls, appear and disappear, lift solid objects, and fly. That same day, thinking with glee that he could finally find Anila, he tried to leave the Cantina but was unable to pass the threshold. If he did, then even his soul faded out and ceased to exist. So he was trapped on the grounds.

He learned that he could leave by attaching his spirit to that of another, but it wasn’t something he would do often because he didn’t want to be stuck with some nosepicking nerf herder for the rest of the mortal’s life.

Cade saw no other ghosts here and wondered why. He read from the book and found that any spirit who remembers their lives can not crossover to the next life and be reincarnated. This was cased by his sudden violent death, he vow of revenge on Malex, and his untrained ability in the Force. He was neither here nor there, and all he can hope now is that Anila wasn’t subjected to the same eternal life that he had been. If he could just see her again…

In the entire 80 years he’d been dead, he chose not to reveal his true name to anyone and became known as the CG - the Cantina Ghost. If anyone knew his name, they’d be able to force their commands on him and he would have no choice but to obey whether he liked it or not.

Patrons have often commented on seeing the apparition of a young man dressed in old Corellian clothes standing behind the bar, or sitting at one of the many windows looking outisde, or on the rooftop, or at the door. Cases of poltergeist activity have been reported, and hundreds of people claim to have been tripped, slapped, had their drinks turned upsidedown, chairs moved, the entire furniture set moved to the ceiling, and also harrassed by flying peanuts.

So Cade remains, always lurking, as he is always there, and even when the patrons cannot see him, he will remain to spy on them, to listen to their secrets and to never forget what he hears inside the Mos Eisley cantina.

So be wary of what you say, for yes indeed, the walls have ears.


Anila Tem, his fiance (deceased.). Telana Daiko, Buzz Arganon, Toxic Marsh, Lucas Wolenczak, Alex Meika, Slider, and anyone else he decides to like at any given moment.


Ghosty abilities. He can possess any living being, link himself to them, and alter his surroundings. He can not be killed since he's already dead, but he can be trapped, exiled, or thrown out of the cantina and wait to fade out.

Important Notes

Cade once recieved a diamond heart from the Devil that would allow him to become mortal once a month. After a couple years of this, he gave it back because one day out of 30 just wasn't worth it. For three months, the CG was condemmed to live in a null space by the Devil as punishment for returning the gift. Cade doesn't regret his decision, but doesn't want to anger the Devil again.

He has yet to learn that young Alex Meika of Bakura is his great great Niece. The Lysander family - a small family to begin with - fell apart because of the circumstances surrounding his life and death. His mother had a second child after he died. A girl. She is the one who attempted to erase Cade from the family line alltogether. Lunama moved the family to Bakura. Wanting to start over the family history, she and her decendants became Bakuran Hunters - people who specialize in hunting the most dangerous of species on Bakura's surface, and its waters. She is Alex Meika's great great aunt. Alex's master, Master Sa'ann, saved the family history without Lunama's knowledge because Bakurans value their family above all else. Alex Meika was sent by Master Sa'ann to Tatooine to work with Telana Daiko as an employee of the Kukai Foundation. She met the ghost, but has yet to tell him.

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