Cantina Universe

The Cantina Universe is a universe containing a vast array of species, technologies, and civilizations. This is partially because of the Route of Ages, which has brought in a steady flow of new people and peoples to the Outer Rim.

The term "Cantina Universe" was coined by the Doctor, to be able to talk to fellow regulars of the Cantina who were also from other universes.


The explored section of the universe is mostly a single galaxy. Natives are primarily human or humanoid with various non-human species co-existing in relative equality. Independent human civilizations are spread throughout the galaxy, but many nonhuman races such as the Hutts, the Rodians, and the Wookies have left a significant impact on the galactic culture and history.

Many factions and governments that have gained power in the area are non-native, such as the United Federation of Planets and Children of the Nile. Most of the extrauniversal influence, however, comes in the form of individuals on Tatooine.

One of the unique characteristics of this galaxy is the presence of the Force, an all-pervasive energy that surrounds and exists within all objects - including living beings - in the galaxy. It can be manipulated by those born in this universe, called Force Users, who have a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms called midichlorians.


Unlike most universes, the Cantina Universe's recorded history is predicated by space travel. Planetary origins of many species, most notably humans, is unknown. Hyperspace travel exists in the first recorded histories.

The majority of the native history is characterized by small plateaus of stability interspersed by long stretches of war. Early nations, such as the Old Republic, engaged in long wars over territory and for power with rogue and sparsely popular factions like the Sith. The Sith have seen many incarnations, and are a persistently influential group of Force users.

Often the Sith have operated in direct opposition to a similar but ideologically inverse group known as the Jedi Order. Though not directly political, the Order has seen many incarnations often coinciding with the rise and fall of the popular republics. During many events, such as the Clone Wars, Jedi operated as warriors or generals protecting the interests of a galactic republic.

One of the last major event before the introduction of extragalactic elements was the Battle of Yavin, which is still used as a benchmark for the most popular calendar.

Since the discovery of the Route of Ages, many foreign influences have been brought on the area. The point of most turmoil has been the Rak Sector, which has since seen the rise and fall of three major governments: the Sluagh Empire, a native race; the Gorn Republic, an extrauniversal power; and the Children of the Nile, another extrauniversal power who destroyed the other factions in a mass genocide.

The Outer Rim is the least stable area of the galaxy, and has the highest density of sovereign nations of any galactic ring. The majority of the galaxy is controlled the New Republic, a vast and stable nation that has maintained interspecial and interplanetary peace and open trade for decades. It is also comprised almost exclusively of galactic natives.

Important Notes

"Cantina Universe" is being used as synonymous to "Cantina Galaxy" or what ever other names the galaxy or universe may have.

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