Carver Statton

Carver Statton is a former student of the Jedi Academy who has made a career on Tatooine as a thief, assassin, and mercenary.


Character History

Carver Statton was raised on Correllia, and was brought up in a slum. Quickly affiliated with gangs at a young age, Carver became known among the street youths for his exceptional size and strength, as well as an uncanny foreknowledge of danger and police activity.

Carver was discovered at 14 by Master Gurnan Thydeus, who recognized a heavy Force potential in Carver. He brought Carver to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, where he was accepted as a novitiate. Carver showed an aptitude for many skills like telekinesis, Force Leap, and saber training. However, the teaching Masters noted a severe lack of discipline, and Carver was cited on more than one occasion for breaking rules and tradition.

In Carver's 7th year of training, an incident occurred that would change his life forever. During a lecture by Master Thydeus, Carver started an argument that culminated in him challenging the Master to a duel. Master-Student duels being severely frowned upon, Thydeus nevertheless agreed, thinking it an excellent opportunity to prove several points to the headstrong young man. Unfortunately for Thydeus, he underestimated Carver, and after a brief fight, Thydeus was slain.

After a thorough investigation, it was determined that while Thydeus was wrong to accept the duel, Carver was at obvious fault for the death. He was ordered expelled from the Academy, but disappeared from the Temple before the order could be carried out, taking with him Thydeus's lightsaber, and a long range shuttle. Nothing more was known or heard from Carver for almost a decade.

Carver continued to study the Force on his own, slipping into the grey area between the Light and Dark sides. While he continued to practice meditation and the calming arts of the Jedi, he cultivated a penchant for Force Lightning and the more offensive uses of the Force. Carver found work as a thief, mercenary and assassin around the Outer Rim for several years before finally finding his way to Tatooine.


Carver Statton is well known among the shadier population of Mos Eisly. He has been known to deal with practically every crime faction in the city, often taking jobs from rivals against one another. There are rumors that Carver has begun dealing with Wolfram and Hart, but these whispers are as yet unsubstantiated.

After a bitter blood feud with the enchantress Vaeluk, the two have established an uneasy truce, and have even worked together for mutual benefit. The relationship between them is a strange one, a matter of mutual distrust but equally mutual respect.

Other known acquaintances include Barclay Ramsey, Telena Deus, and Elan Sandlewood.

Weapons and Equipment

Carver carries two lightsabers, one with a purple blade (formerly belonging to Master Thydeus) and one with a crimson blade (constructed by Carver). He has also been known to utilize a double barreled sawed off shotgun, as well as various explosive devices. His skill with the Force is considerable, and he is well versed in offensive uses such as Force Lightning. His large size renders him incredible strength, and as he slips further and further towards the Dark Side, his penchant for violence and brutality is increasing.

Important Notes

The left side of Carver's face is heavily scarred after an attempt on his life by Vaeluk using explosive runes. Carver is known to smoke a unique brand of cigars made on Correllia.

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