Charon is a heavily industrialized planet, formerly the heart of the Dread Conglomerate mining and weapons research.



A magmatic world rather like Mustafar, Charon has been heavily stripmined and is now a warren of tunnels and facilities. The surface is just barely habitable. Charon also has severe electromagnetic storms that move in fairly predictable patterns.


Due to Charon's harsh climate, most of the residents are miners or workers at the scattered shipyards. They live for the most part in subterranean habitat complexes, though some reside in the two space stations, RS-1 and RS-1 (formerly DCS-1 and DCS-2).


Charon is currently a planet of the Outer Rim Republic. The Senate representatives from this planet, however, tend to lean towards the far right.

Important Notes

This planet was the site of several key battles between the Dread Conglomerate and the Children of the Nile

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