Children of the Nile

Children of the Nile is a name given to humans from a particular alternate timeline where the Egyptian culture became the dominant terrestrial culture. Their presence in the Outer Rim is the result of an accident, although they have become an economic and military powerhouse in their own right.



The Children of the Nile were under the leadership of King Ptolemy when they were thrown into the Cantina Universe by the first test run of their Quantum Replacement Drive. At that point the boy-king was keeping power divided beneath him by using the cults of Osiris, Thoth, and Anubis to prevent any one group from getting enough power to overthrow him. This "Ptolemaic Empire" lost connection to its former timeline, and devoted its resources to a new start.

After the King had allied himself with the Imperial Remnant and waged a brief and ultimately stalemated war with the Dread Conglomerate known as the DC/CoN War, the sister and wife of Ptolemy, Queen Arsinoe, gathered troops and launched the Great Incestual War. For several years the fledgling nation was plunged into darkness and civil war.

The Queen then emerged as regent of the Empire of the Children of the Nile in the Outer Rim, and made an alliance with the Dread Conglomerate. Using this alliance as foundation, the Empire grew stronger than before. With renewed interest in civic care and growth in the private sector, the Queen's Empire became stronger.

In the wake of the Dread Conglomerate Civil War and several incidents inside a previously established demilitarized corridor, the Queen has launched a persistently aggressive stance on what is now being called the Rim War Zone.


The current government of the Children of the Nile places the Queen as Ultimate Regent, meaning her word is absolute law. However, the Queen is not expected to use this power frequently, and a clause in the Civilian Constitution allows the Senate to override her authority is Regent and transfer the title of Ultimate Regent to a Lord, via a unanimous vote.

The Senate is comprised of two chambers: The Governor's Assembly, and the House of Lords. The Governor's Assembly is comprised of eight representative from each Colony, who also act as Viceroys of the Colony. The House of Lords has eight representatives as well, representing each Dependancies. Lords are chosen by blood lineage.

Colonies and Dependancies each describe planets, and may each be used to describe the same planet, but not all planets are both. For example, Ryan is a Colony, but not a Dependancy. The inverse is true of New Egypt.

Both Governors and Lords may be referred to as Senators. The Senate is the main legislative power.

The Triumvirate of Elders is another body devoted to the administration of federal agencies and advising the Queen. They are the Commander-in-Chief of the Infantry and Armada, as well as a Civilian Tribune elected by popular vote. The Tribune has the peripheral duties of administrating the courts and Royal Defense Patrol

The Queen also directly controls the QIIA, or the Queen's Imperial Intelligence Agency. It is a highly pervasive agency, with covert contacts and operations on planets as near as Charon and Tatooine, and as far as Coruscant and Naboo. They have so far not engaged in any combat operations, and are first and foremost observational.



Armed Force

The Imperial Military is the armed service complex that maintains secure territory within the Queen's borders and maintains Her interests on other worlds.

Ground Command

The CiC of infantry forces is the Field Marshall. The Queen maintains a constant standing army through a mass-produced clone model that accounts for the entirety of the enlisted personnel. Only officers are citizens. This also allows the Empire to quickly make more troops if necessary.

The Infantry are typically armed with hand-held graviton guns, slug throwers, and swords. Specialized forces may use personalized custom-built combat suits.

As well as the soldiers, the Field Marshall also commands the armored units. Sphinx Walkers, the armed units used by the Children, are vehicles designed to look exactly like a mythological sphinx. The mouth hides a graviton gun. These walkers have exceptional all-terrain ability and a high siege rating, but their maneuverability and point-defense are lacking.

Air Command

The Sky Marshall is the administrator of the Queen's Air Force, but reports directly to the Admiral of the Fleet. The Air Force maintains the aerial combat effectiveness of the Queen's Armada. All Air Force units are deployed to Armada vessels.

The only vehicle in the Air Force is the Cobra Fighter, a small one-man vessel with two graviton guns on the fore. They can reach speeds up to Mach 2 in atmosphere, Mach 4 in space.

Interplanetary Command

The Admiral of the Fleet commands the Imperial Armada with supreme authority. A City Ship is generally used as the Admiral's command station. Each fleet of the Armada is a Project. The two current projects are Project Scarab and Project Elephant.

Project Scarab

Four new classes of warship were developed by the Project Scarab Committee as appointed by Admiral Usset and Sky Marshall Andros . These four classes are the Londinium-Class Cannonboats, Shanghai-Class Men of War, Meshika-Class Carriers, and Cairo-Class Superdestroyers.

Londinium-Class Cannonboats

  • HHS Anglo (XT-100)
  • HHS George (XT-101)
  • HHS Artur (XT-102)
  • HHS Maerlin (XT-103)
  • HHS Lanselot (XT-104)
  • HHS Roebin (XT-105)
  • HHS Islington (XT-106)
  • HHS Wallis (XT-107)
  • HHS Bruce (XT-108)
  • HHS Jwennivere (XT-109)

Shanghai-Class Men of War

  • HHS Qin (YT-200)
  • HHS Moulahn (YT-201)
  • HHS Mongolia (YT-202)
  • HHS Kaing-Fu-Shek (YT-203)
  • HHS Chiang (YT-204)
  • HHS Sun-Mae (YT-205)

Meshika-Class Carriers

  • HHS Kwetzakatuul (ZZV-100)
  • HHS Azteka (ZZV-101)
  • HHS Tabasko (ZZV-102)
  • HHS Eagle and Serpent (ZZV-103)
  • HHS Maize (ZZV-104)
  • HHS Wahatal (ZZV-105)

Cairo-Class Superdestroyers

  • HHS Pharaoh (ZVQ-200)
  • HHS Sheik (ZVQ-201)
  • HHS Caesar (ZVQ-202)

Project Elephant

Three new classes of ship were designed to supplement the tactics of Project Scarab. They are designed as Project Elephant by the Project Elephant Council appointed by Admiral Usset and Sky Marshall Andros. The classes are Mediterranean-Class Destroyers, Caribbean-Class Carriers, and Black Sea-Class Battleships.

Project Elephant vessels are not deployed unless commanded to by Admiral Usset with the consent of the Queen. The ships are unmanned at most hours, and naval officers slated to top-secret divisions are to man the vessels at a moment’s notice. Where they are stationed is a matter of the utmost secrecy: only Admiral Usset, the Queen, Sky Marshall Andros, and the black ops division maintaining them know.

Black Sea Class Battleship

  • HHS Anatolia (TY-100)
  • HHS Bosporus (TY-101)
  • HHS Marmara (TY-102)
  • HHS Dardanelles (TY-103)
  • HHS Azov (TY-104)
  • HHS Kerch (TY-105)
  • HHS Danube (TY-106)
  • HHS Istanbul (TY-107)

Caribbean Class Carriers

  • HHS Jamaica (QTT-100)
  • HHS Cuba (QTT-101)
  • HHS Puerto Rico (QTT-102)
  • HHS Florida (QTT-103)

Mediterranean Class Destroyers

  • HHS Sicily (QTV-200)
  • HHS Carthage (QTV-201)

Project Royal Domestic Patrol

A fleet of hundreds of small cutters patrol inside the Queen's space. They fill the roles in defense generally assumed by a coast guard, police force, and border patrol. Each sector funds its own branch of the RDP on a six-month term, but the organization technically supersedes sectors.

The RDP answers directly to the Admiral of the Fleet


Since the Queen's expansion of the private sector, the Children have become major exporters of food, biological engineering, electronics, and artisan goods.


Every culture of Earth is represented among the Children, as they conquered the globe long before expanding to space. There those who are descended from Romans, AmerIndians, Asians, Anglicans, etc.

Overall Children culture has two extremely remarkable aspects. The first is that they are all genetically engineered. Citizens are the result of a cocktail of their parents' genetic code, intermixed with designer genes, grown in a laboratory and delivered to parents. The Childrens' complete mastery over genetics has also allowed them to splice animal DNA into human DNA. Thus many Children Citizens have outward appearances similar to terran animals.

The second major trait is the recent addition of Ryan to the Empire. The Ryanites are not considered Children as they do not share the same heritage, but are considered Citizens. These odd coupling of cultures is still developing.

Important Notes

The Children have highly developed biological and chemical weapons, and a propensity to use them. They also have a strict policy of denying the rights of all life forms not protected under their law, though they also have a deep sense of justice regarding those in their custody.

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