Emissary Corla

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Character History

Emissary Corla Ezrardi was born 76 years ago in Tragolite-Held Dimension 2 on a small Celestian Planet called Pontifis 3. She was born to a family of farmers in the lowland plains. At the age of 10, she completed schooling with a degree from the local Planetary University(Average age of Celestian graduates). She returned to her family’s farm tract, taking control of the family business, at the age of 16 she married and after another year she gave birth to 2 children. Life was good and humble for 10 years until a raid by pirates was conducted on the agricultural world of Pontifis 3. Led by the Dread Pirate Korlax, the resulting battle between the pirates and the planetary defense force caused the near-destruction of the planet, by the time a Tragolite fleet arrived to bolster the planets defense, the Pirates had already unleashed Nuclear weapons on the planet, killing over ¾ of the planetary population. Corla had been away on business at the sector Capital and returned to a massacre, Pirate forces had landed on her farmstead and murdered her family and workers.
Post Farmer
Boiling with rage, Corla joined the Tragolite Federation Armed forces, she was assigned to an expeditionary Marine Force and sent to begin initial invasions of Dimension 7b. She quickly surpassed her fellow marines in her duties and was selected as a Praetorian Knight Candidate.
30 year old recruit Ezrardi attened Praetorian training and graduated at the top of her surviving class of 38. She showed expert abilities in offensive psionic abilities, routine psionics, and a tad of magical ability. An expert swordsman and small arms, she was awarded several merits of combat training. Her first duty assignment was a scout force sent to Courscant to probe the planets defenses, politicians, economy, and citizens. The information incurred was very lucrative and has assisted the Tragolites in their operations. After her initial assignment, her missions have varied and the last 46 years have been spent mediating, fighting, advising, and training forces in the Star-Wars galaxy, she is currently of the rank of Emissary assigned to the Praetorian Knight HQ located in Mos Eisley on Tatooine.


An expert swordsman, she prefers fighting with short swords and rapiers, she is also experienced with staff-weapons. She is a powerful psionic and magician.

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