d'kon crystal

The D'Kon Crystal, also known as the Crystal of Duulan Kai, is a powerful, mystical artifact which will enables any person to develop full Force Sensitivity.



Many crystals throughout the galaxy are capable of absorbing and redirecting Force energies, or otherwise mystical properties, and many Force Users have often fought for these powerful gems. Many crystals give Force-users enhanced abilities, or strenghths, and are often used in the construction of lightsabers, in order to give their blade an extra, personal ability. Other crystals are sometimes used to enhance the force-sensitivy of already sensitive students. The Crystal of Duulan Kai, however, is unique in that it's property seems to be useless to a Force-User, and only useful to one who cannot feel the flow of the Force. Through some unknown means, it causes spontanious Force generation when attached near the heart of it's owner, causing the owner's midichlorian count to skyrocket in a short amount of time, and giving the user full sensitivity to the Force, as if he or she had been born with the ability. Unlike the Empire's Dark Troopers experiment, the D'Kon crystal has no specific mystical drawbacks, and can be used by anyone without the crutch of Sith magics.


The D'Kon Crystal is a multifaceted, salmon-colored jewel about the size of a softball. Vaguely resembling a series of double-stacked cones, the crystal is excellent at refracting light, and when placed against a less opaque surface, seems to change to a blood-red color. During force-use, it will often glow, as if under it's own power.


Originally discovered in a cavern in the provence of Kon, on the planet Oadunn, it was found by a treasure-hunter by the name of Vennak Kai. Kai claimed that the crystal was found on an altar next to the remains of dozens of alien bodies, though on a return expedition find no evidence of any kind of shrine at the cavern Kai specified. Keeping it as a good luck charm, Kai found himself growing richer with luckier and luckier finds as long as he kept the crystal on his person. As his years passed and his fortune grew, Vennak built his treasure-hunting business into a tidy empire, which left his heirs somewhat disatisfied and prone to ennui. Near the end of his life, Vennak, a believer in hard work and manifest destiny, gave the crystal to his grandson, Duulan Kai, in an attempt to impart some wisdom and luck to the younger generation. Vennak hoped that the crystal's luck would allow Duulan to create his own fortune, rather than continue to leech off of the Kai name. As fate would have it, however, Duulan was part of the Oadunn youth's Cybernetic Modification Movement, which encouraged the replacement of organic parts with mechanical ones in the name of fashion and so-called-art. As a tribute to his dying Grandfather, Duulan had the crystal implanted into his chest as one of his first modifications. Duulan instantly noticed the difference in his perception of the world, and began having tricky, prophetic dreams. After consulting his friends he sought the assistance of the Jedi, and traveled to Coruscant. There, his midichlorian count was studied as unnaturally high, and the connection to the power of the crystal was made. Initially Duulan was thrilled to be trained in the ways of the Force, and his grandfather was happy that the crystal he had found so many years ago had gone to such an amazing use. However, due to his spoiled upbringing and power-hungry veneer, Duulan quickly fell to the Dark Side. He launched onto a campaign to find other Force crystals, and was eventually defeated by a combined fleet of Jedi at th Battle of Yeedyl Hill. However, Kai's apprentence, Horgan Xeqq, took the Crystal from the corpse of his fallen master and left to the shadows.
Armed with what was now a legacy, Horgan traveled from world to world in secret, looking for the most intelligent and corrupt individuals of which would make a perfect new student. In the slums of Nar Shaddaa, Horgan discovered Wiin Forthuna, a young Twi'lek criminal who was as brutal as beautiful. Taking the psychopath on as his new student, Horgan and Wiin formed the Cult of Duulan Kai, which prophisised that the Crystal was an artifact steeped deep in the Dark Side, and would one day bring about the destruction of the Jedi, and bring mastery over the galaxy in the hands of it's rightful owner. When the cult was finally destroyed years later, the crystal fell into the hands of the Jedi, where it remained under lock and key for a thousand years, until it mysteriously vanished from protection. Slipping into the winds of history, the Crystal of Duulan Kai and his followers was a forgotten legend, until around 500 BBY when it surfaced in the hands a man by the name of Elgen Taanan. Elgen was the patriarch of a large clan on the planet Grel, and had been tasked by a secret number of Jedi to protect the crystal. The Crystal became a forgotten burdon of the Taanan family, who eventually merged with the Force-strong Desis Clan. It wasn't until 15 ABY when Jedi Knight Pardamual Desis discovered the crystal as his birthright on prompting from his young apprentence, Cassan Fistwick. Over the next year Cassan and Pardamual would engage in a vicious race-against-time to uncover the crystal from a Dark Side cult that intended to use it to bring about a new Empire, as well as the psychotic vampire Damual, who was somehow related to Master Desis.
By late 20 ABY, Pardamual Desis had recovered the crystal and was safeguarding it when his convoy was attacked by Reavers. Damual used the chaos of the Reaver assault to defeat Pardamual, taking the crystal and leaving the Jedi for dead. It was only by the timely interference of Cassan Fistwick that Pardamual was rescued from the brink and placed in a Federation hospital ship. Damual rather roughly implanted the crystal in his own body, and found that even his undead form could now manipulate the living Force, and his demonic presence gave him a unique strength in the Dark Side. However, Damual needed to injest the blood of force-sensitives in order to keep his strength in the Force. The vampire sought out the ancient Sith Lord Darth Teroch, also known as Jathix Eressa, and became his apprentence and assassin. Damual had no great lust for power, however, and wished only to improve his fighting skills through the use of the Force, and eventually, Damual's anti-authoritarian mentality clashed with the powerful Sith Lord. It is of note here that Damual was able to best Jedi Knight Shaun Yalmari while using the strength of the crystal, lopping off the Jedi's leg and leaving him for dead in the wreckage of a flaming speeder.
After a fateful encounter with the engimatic time traveler known only as The Doctor left Damual with a behavior-inhibiting chip inside his head, the vampire reluctantly 'sold' the Crystal to Trenton Tremont, the CEO of Wolfram and Hart, one of the few organizations which could remove Time Lord technology. Trenton would then have the crystal surgically implanted near his chest, and he too would follow in Damual's footsteps in seeking out Jathix Eressa in order to learn the ways of the Dark Side. Trenton has kept this arrangement secret, and to date only Eressa and his two Apprentences know of the current whereabouts of the Crystal.

Important Notes

In all of the history of the Crystal of Dullan Kai, it has never once been harnessed by the Light side of the Force. Some scholars believe that it is merely because the power it promises often falls into the hands of those who seek it; the power hungry, greedy, and vicious. Along the same lines, Damual was the first bearer to live past having it extracted- -it is unknown if the price of the crystal's power is the life of the user, if Damual merely survived because of his undead status, or if it simply is that in the past, the bearer has always been anihilated before the crystal was extracted. Damual, however, was able to retain his Force-sensitivity even after the crystal had been removed, provided he'd recently fed off of a force-sensitive person (within the last month, or so). Since Damual has been turned human due to a Goa'uld Sarcophagus, he has not yet manifested any Force abilities. After he was killed and reverted back to vampirism, he continued to need to feed on midicholrian-rich blood in order to utilize Force abilities.

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