Dark History Refugees

The Dark History Refugees were a fleet of colonists from an alternate Earth. They arrived through the Route of Ages sometime circa 200BBY, and were the first indication of the existance of the Route.


The Dark History refers to the numerous rise and fall of towering multi-national civilizations which occured routinely for some 20,000 years. Each time technology would advance to a level of interplanetary colonization, but generally the civilization would collapse into war before colonization could proceed out past Mars. Staples of these culture's technological advancement would be the use of orbiting space colonies or teathers, high-yield jamming equipment, the development of highly mobile, highly destructive humanoid-shaped combat machines known as Mobile Suits, and then finally, advanced nanomachines.

Humanity would anihilate itself time and time again, generally in war, utilizing weapons of mass destruction. Earth became constantly ravaged, and people often forgot the conflicts which brought such destruction in the first place. The planet would rebuild, and upon returning to space (generally believed to be their first outing) they would change dating measures and celebrate…until their culture was destroyed, colonies dropped down, and were left with nothing but ashes that would take a thousand years to rebuild. A continual burning of Alexandria kept the people making the same mistakes over and over again. During one of these cycles of death, an organization was able to unearth several aspects of lost technology and bring them to the attention of government officials. They even found evidence that these machines had been unearthed previously and used during another Cycle.

Hoping to escape the tides of war which ravaged the solar system from time immamorium, they dedicated themselves to discovering and understanding every aspect of the Lost Technology. In time, their technology advanced to far beyond that of any previous cycle. They discovered partial history texts from the past, and began piecing together their sordid history of brutality. Old mentalities and prejudices began to combine. People claiming to be secret, lost descendants of ancient dictators began siezing power, building machines based on ancient and oftentimes purely speculative blueprints. Faced with fighting a few dozen war's of supremacy, the government decided to initiate a project that would allow humanity to travel to another star system, and no long be isolated to such a tiny planet.

During their first attempt at fold-space drive, they accidentally opened a rift in time and space which brought them through the Route of the Ages and into the Tatoo Sphere. Unfortunately, this rift also brought some one hundred space colonies in their wake. Damaged and lost in unknown space, making contact with alien cultures for the first time, these Survivors of their Dark History became Refugees. Not knowing where else to go, they attempted to settle around Tatooine- -their attempts were short lived, as several Hutt ships cleanly destroyed three colonies in a matter of moments with their turbolasers. With over 3 million lives extinguished in an instant, the survivors activated the fold-space drive again and vanished.

Modern History

Around 19 ABY, a fleet appeared over the skies of Tatooine and identified themselves as the Refugees. Their numbers, however, were far to small to match with the size of the fleet that the Hutts ran off. Their technology had advanced, as well- -the colonies were shielded, ships utilized hyperdrives and laser weapons. Unfortunately, they had fallen into the trap of war- -the once solumn fleet had disintigrated into three distinct factions, each based on ancient prejudices- -those who fought to live on a planet, those who fought to live in space, and those who fought for all humanity to become genetically engineered. Each utilized a fleet of powerful mobile suit units which were taken from ancient dossiers and were nicely colored coded for the convience of combatants. Whole colonies would be attacked, new soldiers constantly drafted into the war.

Eventually, their arrival was shown to be the work of a man by the name of Paptimus Contrast, who's intention was to establish this fleet as a power base in the Outer Rim in order to help change all of humanity into something more than human. He united all three factions under his rule. These Unification Wars were bloody, but in the end, all three of the fleets- -known as the Planetary Alliance Federation, The Duchy of Zeon, and the PLANTs, became one, with Contrast and the PLANTs obtaining the top tier in the new government. Now known as the PLANT Allied Council, or PAC, Contrast worked with the Dread Conglomerate colonies to help Tatooine, and for a time there was peace. However, his experiments into cloning produced a psychic madman who would hijack a Holtzman Fold Engine and would use it to wipe out the entire fleet during the Midnight Massacre.

In an instant, the Refugees had vanished, leaving only a handful of survivors, and only one who had actually fought during the Massacre.

Years later, a single, damaged colony was found floating in Imperial Space, having been used to test to the Paxilon-5 gas. The inhabitants of this colony are thought to be the Reavers.

Notable People

Haweke Karbn
Sade Kabik
Paptimus Contrast
His clones, Lord Dominic Contrast and Edge Koenig

Important Notes

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