The Doctor is a polydimensional being originating from the planet Gallefrey, which no longer exists, and from a race known as the Time Lords, who are now all extinct. This makes the Doctor the last of his kind.


Traveling across time and space in a device known as the TARDIS, he has been known to be a generally good if rather chaotic force through time/space. He has had many faces and many tempers, but his current mood is punctuated by bouts of severe depression and manic savageness.

Presently his only permanent traveling companion is an emu named Steve.

Character History

Prior to his first appearance in the Cantina, the Doctor's adventures appear to have taken him to every inch of every universe. He is rumored to be over 1000 standard years old. But after the Last Great Time War, interuniversal travel has been made only marginally possible and highly unreliable.

The effect of the Time War, however, was to make the Doctor's the only Time Lord personal timeline not snuffed out, thus rendering him alone even when traversing time and dimension.

Upon arrival in the Cantina universe, the TARDIS that the Doctor has been using for all of his adult life was trapped in the universe's imperative timeline. This only lasted for a brief time, however, as the TARDIS was soon destroyed.

Recently the Doctor has been seen in a new TARDIS which is capable of changing its outward appearance


The Docotr thusfar is on friendly terms with the Slider, Alex Meika, Haweke Karbn, Mouse, and the Tonberry. He has relatively tense relations with Telana Daiko

Also, he appears to have a very good relationship with Steve the emu.


Rarely resorting to physical violence, the Doctor instead prefers to use his mind to overcome enemies. He has been known to fight in previous incarnations, proving a proficiency with both firearms and bladed weapons. However, this has largely been abandoned by the Doctor.

He wields a small tool known as a sonic screwdriver which performs countless functions, though none of them apparently weaponi.

Important Notes

The history of the Doctor in the game diverts from the show's canon just after separation with Rose Tyler. From there the Doctor went on further exploits across the universe before being killed again in a tussle with a large Venusian slug. When he re-emerged from the fray. he had a striking similarity to Jason Flemyng, the dancer and actor. It wasn't long after this that he was brought into the Cantina universe.

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