E-14 Patrol Boat

The E-14 Patrol Boat is a long range scout/patrol craft designed by the Dread Conglomerate and currently used by the Outer Rim Republic.


Ship Class History

As the Conglomerate expanded, it became neccessary to construct a vessel to not only explore borders, but also to act as interplanetary patrol craft. Stan Haliway, one of the Conglomerate's best designers, came up with this design and rushed it into production. The E-14 proved to be a valuable addition, fast enough to intercept smuggling craft, and sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of deep space exploration.


A bare 15 meters in length, the E-14 boasts four high powered ion engines for thrust, as well as emergency thrusters. Armament is minimal, limited to two dual blaster turrets, one ventral and dorsal, and two small missile pods on the front of the craft. The E-14 has a limited hyperspace capability.


Standard crew is 6, commanding officer, helmsman, engineer, commsman, and two gunners. the ship can be easily flown by a single person, though two are needed for even basic operations.

Important Notes

E-14s are considered something of a punishment assignment, but some long time crewmen have come to see it as an honor rather than a disgrace.

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