E-42 "Bulldog"

The E-42 "Bulldog" missile frigate is a small vessel intended for fast attack and escort duty. It was originally designed by the Dread Conglomerate and can now be found in several navies, including that of the Outer Rim Republic.


Ship Class History

The Dread Conglomerate was always fond of projectile weapons, and shipyard master Stan Haliway came up with this little design shortly after taking his position in the Conglomerate leadership. Admittedly rushed through design and production, the E-42 proved to be a very useful design, able to respond quickly to incidents, and carrying enough firepower to be useful in most skirmishes. Additionally, the little ships were able to take incredible damage without failure, earning them the affectionate nickname of "Bulldog" by crewmen. Some 50,000 of the ships were built, and many were sold to factions across the galaxy. Several thousand are still believed to be kept "in mothballs" on the planet Javin.


200 meters long, E-42s are jam packed with a total of twelve missile launchers, and an ample supply of both Hellhound Missiles and Gravimetric Missiles. The only other weaponry onboard are a four quadcannon turrets, two on the ventral side, and two on the dorsal. Two microreactors provide the Bulldog with a very respectable speed, making the ship excellent for interception missions.


Standard crew compliment is 50 crew and 10 Marines. Bridge functions can be run by a single person if neccessary, but they will need at least two other individuals to fire the ship's weapons safely.

Important Notes

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