Elusa Harkonnen

Elusa Harkonnen is the former leader of Harkonnen Inc and a persistently controversial figure in the Outer Rim. She is among the most famous residents of Tatooine, and briefly controlled the planet in a military takeover. She is now far less influential, but still relevant political figure, purportedly making her residence in Mos Eisley.


Character History

The young Elusa spent her formative years training as a royal of the Harkonnen family, in a feudal government. Her father was a wealthy and powerful Baron, controlling melange spice, a powerful force in the local civilization and economy.


At the age of seventeen, Elusa had already been implicated in a complex money embezzling scheme and the attempted assassination of one of her siblings. Although disguised as an assignment, she was punished by her elders by being sent to oversee melange mining.

Enroute to the planet, however, her vessel was involved in an accident that resulted in it being thrown into the Cantina Universe via the Route of Ages. She was not the only survivor, but she murdered the others before their factional feudal loyalties forced them to do the same to her.

Once having arrived on Tatooine, Elusa met one of her long-lost relatives, a niece named Telana Daiko, and became employed by Wolfram and Hart, forming a bizarre alliance with Trenton Tremont.

After securing Mos Eisley local business magnate Buzz Argonon's financial investment, founded Harkonnen Inc, a company whose legacy left behind hundreds addicted to melange, raising a secret fleet, and unintentionally began the rise of a genocidal race of robots known as the Cylons.

When the Peacekeepers attacked Tatooine, the defensive forces of the planet - including GWAM and the United Federation of Planets - had their resources depleted by the end of the battle. Harkonnen took this opportunity to seize control of the planet. Her reign was brief, as she was incapacitated within a few days, and her forces destroyed by a Cylon attack.

Following a period of time spent with her niece Daiko and Daiko's boyfriend, Omega Kiyoshi, Harknonnen donated her worldly funds to them, which eventually became the Foundation.

Since this time, she has begun traveling as an independent agent.

Allegations of Brain Trauma

Some observers have alleged that Elusa Harkonnen suffered brain damage just before her rise to power, and that this was the reason she became aggressively ambitious. Some sources have lent credence to the belief that Elusa was given some kind of gene therapy by Daiko and Kiyoshi directly following the collapse of her corporation.

Search for a Father for Her Heir

She is currently searching for a suitable father and has narrowed it down to several candidates

Captain Zon Huntreas
Haweke Karbn
James Aries
Ace Kaelton


Elusa Harkonnen has a blood related niece, Telana Daiko. Telana's father, Roka Daiko, and Roka's wife and Telana's adoptive mother Meryl Carlson Daiko are known to Harkonnen, but not as close as Telana. Telana's boyfriend, Omega Kiyoshi, is close to Elusa for the most part because he and Telana are in love.

She has a persistent rivalry with Captain Zon Huntreas and Haweke Karbn. She considered Huntreas to be her equal, while Karbn comes to near-equal, if not also attractive. The only other person she considers to be her equal is Trenton Tremont, whom she also secretly fears - though she has never shown it.

Combat Abilities

Before her arrival in the Outer Rim, Harkonnen was highly trained in a native martial art. The unique style almost never encountered elsewhere in the Cantina Universe makes it very difficult to defend against most of the time.


Cold, Cruel, Amoral, Obsessed, Compassionate, Loyal, all these describe Elusa Harkonnen, like her they are in constant contradiction. Despite her instinctual urges to conquer and enslave that are hard wired into her from her upbringing, she is cool and calculating in her conquests.

She hides her true self under her cool exterior. She is constantly depressed and has even attempted to take her own life on several occasions. Is constantly question why she keeps on going and what is she doing it for. However recently she realized that perhaps her life would be complete if she had a true heir. Someone to pass everything on to. Her legacy given form.

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