Food list

I love food, I love food more than anything! If I don't have food…..well….I always have food! I love it! - Garza the Chubb

A common list of Food in the Collective Galaxies.

Tenbah Squid Pie w/ Roosha toppings
Quekkk (a Wookiee vine)
Kril meat (Elrood)
Adang (a veggie- Elrood)
Wecliu Nuts
Driblis Fruit
Bantha Burgers
Dewback Ribs
Bruallki (a meat)
Kizar Sticks (like pretzels)
Range Squab
Pirki Nuts
Fromirian Roast Queg (a gourmet food)
sweet cakes
honey sticks
Bhillen Sandwich
Bhillen Stew
Bestinnian tang-root custard
Yagai Spiced Dindra
Ukian spring-fruit pod Delight
Svivreni Treat
seasoned Enyak Bobs over Teerlop-zikady
stuffed Uln Bird, glazed with a light mist of Zsajhira Berry Juice
deep-fried Issori Blowfish snouts sautéed in spices & pepper fettles
Junobian soft-shell Sand Fliers, served in a small black kettle of
Corellian Wine, still boiling & topped with genuine Corellian seed
Rishi Honey sticks dipped in sweet powder
Shirrlo (succulent salmon-pink pomegranite-like treat from Felin)
Tekka Nuts
Tekka Chips
Kyanin Krunch (breakfast cereal for carnivores comes with an
"Master Axin" figure)

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