Gideon Adair

Prince Consort Gideon Farok Adair is The Captain of the Saroyan Royal Guard in addition to being the Chief Minister of the Saroyan Self Defense Force.


Character History

Gideon Adair enlisted in the Saroyan Military Academy at the age of 21. A young Leftenant in the Saroyan Army, he held a flawless record as an infantry commander and was recommended into the Saroyan Guard by his Commanding Officer. Taking the commission, Gideon was raised to the rank of Series Commander and soon married a young Saroyan woman named Celeste D'enarso. Gideon was married for 6 years and had a son before a speeder accident took both away from him. He threw himself into his work and displayed an extreme dedication to duty, gaining him multiple promotions before he found himself near the top of the chain of command. Promoted to Chief Defense minister under King Tristan, Gideon was forced to watch, powerless as the planet was set on by invaders and the King giving himself up in defense of the planet. Gideon was allowed a stay in position during Queen Asher's reign and has declared his intention to update and modernize the Saroyan Defense Force.


Gideon is married to Queen Asher Adair of Saroya,and is awaiting the birth of triplet boys.


Princess Miyako Adair is the daughter of Gideon and Saroya. At her birth, she was stolen by Helix Corporation operatives and subsequently raised in a bubble dimension until the age of 16 when she was implanted into the Saroyan palace as a deep cover operative to depose the Queen, who was secretly her mother. Miyako was instrumental in capturing her false mother and returned to the guard until she was named Princess. She holds the rank of Series Commander in the Saroyan Royal Guard.


A crack shot with projectile and blaster technology, Gideon is well accomplished and an award winner in multiple planetary marksmanship competitions. Gideon is an Earth bender. He has significant ability to manipulate rock, dirt, and other earth elements. In further discipline, he's an accomplished metal bender, allowing him dominion over base metals and low refined alloys. Gideon is also tactically trained in both ground and space battle.

Important Notes

Gideon once punched Captain Haweke Karbn in the face.

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