Graviton Guns

Graviton Guns are weapons developed by the Children of the Nile for ship-to-ship combat, though they can be used in small scale for interpersonal combat. They perform on the basic principle of firing a focused beam of graviton particles at an enemy, creating an artificial gravity field that forces the section to buckle under its own weight.

It will often take several hits from a graviton gun's beam to inflict visually recognizable damage, but the damage would be sudden and complete. The first few shots would weaken the structure of the area, and it would eventually collapse.



Usually larger "graviton cannons" are attached to warships and fighters, but a smaller "graviton rifle" has also been in use by the infantry for decades.


Gravitons are boson particles with a rest mass of 0 and an even-spin, spin 2. This can be achieved by slowing down a photon, which is a boson particle, and creating a spin 2. This is done en masse, and then the newly created gravitons are released in a stream following the original path of the photons, but at a much slower speed.

The cannons are generally not mounted, but sit in an enclave as the cannons themselves move on a dual-axial rotating mount. This allows for independent movement and thus greater accuracy.

The gravity well created by the gravity guns has twofold effect. The first effect is that ships cannot jump to hyperspace, due to a built-in failsafe, when in proximity to a gravity well, and a gravity well located within the ship, in some instances, causes the failsafe to overload and burn out the hyperdrive controls.

The second, much more devastating tactical effect, is that the gravity well, often located just beneath the hull of the ship, can crush crew members and cause serious hull damage with unprecedented gravitational stress from inside the ship. It can also occasionally cause a ship-wide crash of the inertial dampening field.

If a graviton gun were to come in contact with the engines or any explosive material, the effect could be beyond devastating, detonating volatile material all at once.

Because the graviton guns do not directly inflict damage on a ship, larger capital ships can often retain shape with minimal damage from even a Level 5 canon blast. Also, the gravity wells disappear the moment the beam ceases transmission, thus it makes targeting a single area of a moving vessel extremely difficult.

Use History

The graviton gun has long been the staple in the Children of the Nile combat mentality due to its reliability, few moving parts, low energy consumption, and high effectiveness. However, despite their constant refinement and mass production of varying models of graviton gun, law has always maintained a no sale policy. Therefore only Children of the Nile and their citizenry have ever possessed graviton guns.

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