Great Incestual War

The Great Incestual War was a massive civil war between the peoples of the Children of the Nile. The war was between sibling regents, hence the name.

We may not have many graviton bombs left after the last Incestual War — the Children term for our last civil war, since it was between siblings who were married. ~ Lord George Cowell


When the Children of the Nile entered the Cantina Galaxy, King Ptolemy was using a strategy of dividing his people by sharing equal power between three religious cults. Division in the government had long been used to keep the people disenfranchised, and so thus after Ptolemy had stranded them in the new galaxy, an opportunity arose to change the balance of power.

A republican movement chose Queen Arsinoe as their leader, the estranged wife and sister of Ptolemy. There had been rumors of her being pregnant through natural means, which in the mores of the day was abhorrent. Though to this day she refuses to acknowledge the rumor, it is often cited as the reason for their estrangement.

Main Players

The King Ptolemy and Queen Arsinoe were the opposing regents. Admiral Usset and Albay Marcus Gladius were the commanders on Arsinoe's side; Generals Hapu, Ebo, and Osaze commanded the King's forces.


The first battle of the war resulted in the complete obliteration of every major materialization facility in the Empire. The use of graviton bombs very early in the war led to the complete annihilation of both sides' ability to make new ships and weapons.

Within a few months of the initial combat, every major planet in the Empire except New Egypt was reduced to dust. Many more were infected with various lethal viruses and bacteria, while every citizen began wearing gas masks even while inside to protect against sarin and mustard gas attacks running daily.

Both sides used similar tactics, and the vast majority of any success was garnered from a few key strategic moves in troop allocations, and chance.

The clear upper hand was eventually granted when Albay Gladius boarded the King's CityShip in a desperate assassination attempt. Despite insurmountable odds and extremely dense defense, the Albay was able to kill the King and thus end the war.


Following the death of the King, the King's forces surrendered entirely and the Queen became Ultimate Regent. The cleansing of the remaining planets paved the way for a complete reconstruction, and during this "cleansing period" a brand new government was installed that shared little to no resemblance to its predecessor.

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