Guyana is a jungle planet formerly controlled by the Dread Conglomerate and now under the control of the Outer Rim Republic



Guyana has a two large continents, each lush with jungle vegetation, and each with widely different life forms. Each continent also has several high mountain ranges, and one includes a small grassland area to the south.


Guyana remains largely unexplored, with the jungles being full of large predators, and highly unsafe for most humanoid life forms. Guyana's population centers are mostly along the coastlines. In addition, three skyhooks have been put into place. Many of Guyana's less scrupulous citizens use the jungle to produce illicit drugs. Even during the iron regime of the Conglomerate, Guyana had a reputation as being the DC's biggest (and only) source of such products. Guyana is also the location of the Conglomerate's (now the ORR's) Pilot Academy. The planet's differing climates make it ideal for most kinds of pilot training.


Guyana was largely unaffected by the Civil War, and the planet's ten Senate representatives are notably moderate.

Important Notes

Some 5,000 deaths annually are reported on Guyana due to "death and consumption" by jungle predators.

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