GWAM stands for the General Wellness Association of Mos Eisley. During it's spaceborn area, it was known as the General Wellness Alliance of Mos Eisley. It was a privately-run Militia that garned much public support from 20-22 ABY. It was created in response to the Mos Eisley Militia during the war against the Slaw, claiming to be a more radical force. While the Mos Eisley Militia disbandended, GWAM did not, and slowly grew in size and status. GWAM officially disbanded rather than accept surrender and absorption into Harkonnen Forces during the war.


GWAM was founded by Toxic Marsh in mid 20ABY in response to what he felt were unfocused and underfunded attempts to fight back against the Slaw terrorist threat. Quickly gaining popularity among the space population, GWAM became notorious for utilizing freighters and pirate vessels to fend off attacks. Toxic often referred to GWAM as being run by and for the 'scum and villainy' that Mos Eisley was so well known for. Despite that, GWAM's humble nature led to public opinion being generally positive. However GWAM was notoriously under funded, often being funded completely out of the pockets of the various spacers and mercenaries that made up the majority of their forces.

After the Slaw attacks ceased, the Mos Eisley Militia disbandoned, but GWAM stayed together. Toxic began looking for new talent. GWAM was instrumental in preventing the Dread Conglomerate attack on Tatooine in 20ABY from claiming many lives, and Toxic himself took a personal interest in the PAC colonies and Unification Wars which were ripping the system apart at largely the same time. After the Midnight Massacre, Toxic recruted the now incognito Haweke Karbn, now living asa swoop racer and mercenary under the name of Zennar Kourmann, to act as a third in command. Karbn at first refused, but eventually established himself as one of GWAM's ace pilots. GWAM ended up absorbing a number of Massacre survivors, adding to their ranks, and made a number of deals with local businesses which exchanged material goods and technology for the protection that GWAM was going to offer anyhow.

However, nothing could last forever. Both Angela Bekker and Toxic himself would betray the organization, each for different means. Angela was forced into it, stealing a powerful mobile suit by way of a chip implanted in her brain, while Toxic staged an attack on the GWAM airbase in order to free GWAM from any incriminations following Toxic's attempt on the life of a Senator, Lord Sapien von Mor'tyr, who was in fact, a vampire. Following this attack Toxic went on the lamb, leaving GWAM in the hands of Tiny Malfunction and a reluctant Haweke Karbn.

Karbn began shirking more and more responsibilites to Tiny, perferring to stay as a pilot rather than faction leader. Throughout the various invasions and attacks he worked hard to find and stop Toxic's new terrorist organization, not knowing it was only a front to allow him to continue to attack Lord Sapien. Haweke was forced to eventually consign himself to role as leader after Toxic was killed in a confrontation with the senator.

Under Haweke and Tiny's leadership, GWAM grew, especially as Haweke finally revealed his identity and brought in the rest of the PAC survivors. When the Wraith attacked, GWAM set up an elite unit to utilize the Tatooine Stargate for defensive and offensive purposes, as well as monitor it for incoming threats. However, as the Goa'uld-Peacekeeper War drew nearer, GWAM found their resources stretched thinner and thinner. Haweke Karbn himself was kidnapped, forcing GWAM and their allies to go on the offensive. he was twinned, however, and for a short time GWAM leadership was transferred to Tiny Malfunction until it could be ascertained which Karbn was the true one.

It was then revealed that Toxic hadn't entirely died, but his soul had been transferred into the mind of his vampire lover, Eden. Confronted with this new information, GWAM decided to keep Toxic's unlife a secret, even after he returned from the dead as a vampire himself. Toxic ran a last few missions for GWAM and then retired in secret to a shipping business. As far as the public is concerned, Toxic Marsh, the founder and hero of GWAM, died a traitor. Following this, Haweke Karbn resigned from leadership of GWAM, letting Tiny take over.

Later, during an Imperial attack run by Karbn's cloned-daughter Alexia, Haweke apparently sacrificed himself in order to give GWAM the time to prepare for a larger scale invasion. However, no invasion came, and Haweke was captured and brainwashed by Edge Koenig. Without Toxic or Haweke, GWAM grew more and more ineffective, despite the addition of the Macross, a massive and powerful battleship, to their fleet. Despite this, GWAM would continue to be a presence in the Tatoo Sphere for some time.

Toxic would eventually rejoin GWAM, temporarily, in a largely successful and daring mission to free Haweke Karbn from the clutches of Samara Asher, who'd recieved him 'on loan' from Edge Koenig. Toxic fought Karbn in a daring rooftop battle, eventually forcing his friend to overcome the brainwashing he'd been through in the last year. While Toxic returned to his life with Eden, Haweke officially rejoined GWAM as it's leader and Captain of the Macross.

However, this new era proved to be short lived, as GWAM forces would be called upon to fight Edge Koenig's New Empire. While the New Imperial fleet was destroyed, GWAM suffered heavy losses, losing the majority of their 'official' forces. Back to being a ragtag fleet lead by the Macross, GWAM proved ineffective when it became involved in the Dread Conglomerate Civil War. After a raging fight against Loyalist forces and the Peacekeepers, Elusa Harkonnen's droid fleet swooped in and ordered an unconditional surrender. GWAM was outnumbered and outgunned, and with no hope of winning, the mercenaries surrendered. Haweke Karbn accepted the surrender, but scuttled over the airbase.

Following the dismemberment of GWAM, many of it's soldiers, having lost their ships, would join Karbn onboard the Arcadia. Others ended up returning to their previous, not quite quiet lives as mercenaries. It is unknown what happened to Tiny Malfunction.


GWAM was a militia, based chiefly out of an airstrip located outside of Mos Eisley. While they had limited civilian oversight, they had no real government and were structured primarily as a military. The leadership position passed from Toxic Marsh, to Haweke Karbn, then to Tiny Malfunction, and then finally back to Karbn. However, his authority was not absolute- -when GWAM surrendered, it was due to overwhelming majority.


Throughout it's run as a paramilitary force, GWAM never professed to owning any territory, though rarely would it attempt to lead it's forces out of the Tatoo sphere.

Armed Force

GWAM was a paramilitary force, and as such, had a large amount of specialized weaponry at it's disposal.

Ground Command

Haweke Karbn was able to find three abandoned Sandsteamer carriers left by the PAC, one of which was turned into a makeshift particle engine in order to help with material needs. The other two acted as GWAM's chief ground force, giant 'land battleships' which rode across the sands and were designed to attack from afar. Toxic Marsh and Tiny Malfunction were responsible for the entire GWAM landing strip, having been built from the ground up by Tiny's genius.

Air Command

The original GWAM airfleet was a hodgepodge mixture of ancient Clone Wars era fighters and more updated, but still outdated, Rebellion era starships, such as X-Wings and Z-95 Headhunters. Later in it's inception, Serenity Inc. helped GWAM in their fighter defense grids, manufacturing a number of VF-0 and VF-1 Valkyrie Variable Fighters which were given to Haweke Karbn and his crew to test pilot.

Mobile Command

Due to their status as taking in many ex-PAC officers, and the rising popularity of Haweke Karbn, GWAM was known for their mobile weapons. They utilized a large number of mobile suits, many designed by Tiny Malfunction and Slider, and often worked Minovsky Particle jamming into their tactics.

Interplanetary Command

The GWAM fleet was made up of freighters, pirates, scrub runners and miscelanious fighter craft. It was a hodgepodge fleet, containing only 3 real military grade starships, at least one of which came from PAC Salvage. Towards the end of it's run, GWAM was built a Macross-class starship, which served as the flagship of the fleet under Haweke Karbn. While the other military grade starships were destroyed during the final battle against Edge Koenig's New Empire, the Macross was intentionally scuttled by Karbn to prevent it from being used by Harkonnen forces following the surrender.


GWAM had a limited partnership with the Hutts and several businesses, by was, at it's core, a non-profit (or very little profit) organization. Mercenaries were paid for the time.

Person's of note

Toxic Marsh: founder, leader, ace pilot, traitor, hero and legend.
Tiny Malfunction: co-founder, leader, genius, tactician.
Haweke Karbn: ace pilot, captain, legend and reluctant leader.
Angela Bekker: ace pilot, traitor.
Jejik Sski: soldier, mechanic, Gorn.
Slider: test pilot, mobile suit designer.

Important Notes

GWAM was often jokingly referred to as the "Great Wasteland Armed Militia," due to the Mos Eisley based group's largely successful act as a small army against interplanetary threats.

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