Haweke Karbn

Haweke Karbn is the Starfleet Liason Officer to the Kukai Foundation, best known for his ‘twinned’ nature and the exploits of his previous lives, where he has been a well-known space pirate, privateer, War Hero, and mobile suit pilot. Prior to the temporal accident which granted him a new life in the Alpha Quadrant, he most known for his exploits with GWAM and as the Captain of the Palindrome and Asher. While easy-going and optimistic, he has a reckless and moralistic streak which has gotten him into trouble more than once.


Character History

Early Colony Days

Haweke was one of Paptimus Contrast's fellow Dark History Refugees, and as such, he was drafted into one of their early civil wars at the age of fifteen, not by law, but for survival. While the galactic attention was focused on the waning days of the Rebellion, the Zeon forces had gone to war with the Planetary Alliance Federation, with colonies exchanging fire. Haweke was living as a farmer on an agricultural colony when enemy mobile suits broke through the wall and anihilated his family, leaving him an orphan. Lacking any other options, Haweke joined forces with a local Planetary Alliance Federation star cruiser as a refugee. The ship, known as the Angelfire, quickly made it clear that while it had the mechanical resources to defend itself, it had only a skeleton crew. Despite his age, Haweke was invited to pilot a prototype mobile suit. In his first sortie, it was nearly destroyed by enemy forces, but as time went on, Haweke's desperate fight for survival seemed to hint at an uncanny knack for mobile suit combat. After the Zeon war ended in a cease-fire, Haweke was rotated off of the front lines and given an offical commission in the PAF's mobile suit combat corps. Haweke took to the PAF's official pilot training course exceptionally well, astounding his instructor's with a mix of combat experience and sheer uncanny luck. He was primarily known for his accuracy, and was known for utilizing a GM Kai Training unit's autocannon machine gun to score long range, debilitating hits on enemy units with only short, precisely timed bursts. This agility and accuracy earned Haweke the early nickname "Hit" or "The Hit Hawk," which he derided- -a friend later in his life would tell him that his callsign made him sound like 'a pop star.'

After his early combat training was completed, Haweke was given a post on the Angelfire and continued to serve with distinction during the Colony Fleet's various brushfire wars. Over time, he became known as an ace pilot, and his personal mobile suit was feared on the battlefield. Around this time he also fell in love with another young woman, Donna, who served onboard the ship with him. As the Zeon ceasefire fell apart and the Angelfire was brought back to the forefront, they found themselves unable to resist one another, and despite the obvious consequences of battlefield romances, their relationship blossomed. At the same time, Haweke was beginning to find his exceptional piloting skills grow with more and more intensity. He began having flashes of intense battle-intuition, during which he would be able to predict enemy movements and even sense brief flashes of movement, or familiar presences. Thinking he was force-sensitive, he kept these increasingly potent 'psychic' abilities to himself. However, during one of the final battles of the second Zeon War, the Angelfire's mobile suit cage was hit with a heavy particle beam bombardment. While Haweke was safe inside his unit, he watched his lover be atomized by the enemy fire. With his ship damaged and his spirit devestated, Haweke fell apart. The Angelfire retreated from battle, and Haweke was shuffled off of the front lines in order to help train younger pilots. He served as an instructor for a year before the war with the PLANTs, a group of genetically engineered colonies, broke out. Unable to fend off a war on both fronts, Haweke volunteered to be shipped back to the front lines onboard the Angelfire. During the course of the war, Haweke would discover that certain high ranking officials in the PAF had begun the war on false pretenses and for blatantly racist reasons. Deciding to bring the truth to the masses, the Angelfire followed Haweke's lead in exposing the conspiracy behind the PAF's newest war. While some in the PAF declared him a traitor, he was never formally charged, and more importantly, he came on the radar of growing PLANT chairman Paptimus Contrast. Despite his actions he had gained public opinion, and was promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander.


Tatooine, Connivere and Contrast's Shadow

After Dominic Contrast's fleet found the planet Tatooine and the Route of the Ages, the PAF, Zeon, and PLANT forces- -all manipulated by Paptimus Contrast- -decided to fold their colonies over Tatooine orbit. Haweke stayed with the Angelfire, increasingly working harder and harder to keep peace between the three factions. When the Colony Fleet decided, acting under the orders of the Contrast Family, to overtake the Angel Eye Northern Pole colony in order to establish a legitimate presence in the Tatoo sphere, Haweke was kept in the dark, his ship grounded inside one of the colonies. When the PLANT's ZAFT forces, lead by their flagship, attacked a small planetbound colony of eugenically bred Mecha-Clans, war seemed imminent. As Sade Kabik, ZAFT's ace, began to attack the enemy fleet planetside, four shots rang out from over the horizon, disrupting both Sade and the enemy unit's weapons. Haweke 'Hit' Karbn had come to Tatooine, and he demanded peace between the two factions. Firmly cementing his reputation as a legendary ace, his signature mobile suit and sheer battle presence was enough to convince the two to negotiate a cease-fire which never broke. He also saved the life of Clansmech pilot Angela Bekker, a friendship that would come to haunt him in later years.

Now firmly established as a semi-renegade 'force of good,' Haweke and the crew of the Angelfire found it particularly hard to get along with the forces of the fleet. Paptimus Contrast hired a number of mercenaries, as well as in-house soldiers, to harass his ship in an attempt to assinate the "Hit-Hawk," though the ace would not discover the identity of these forces for some time. The PAF leadership, still struggling from the war with the PLANTs, began shuffling the Angelfire to boarder duty around the system, away from any major action, in an attempt to keep such a volitile variable isolated. However, during the early engagements with renegade Imperial forces, Haweke would meet Toxic Marsh. True to style, the two hardly got along and even fought, but left with the encouragement that both were on roughly the same side. While GWAM was still in it's infancy, the Dread Conglomerate would attack Tatooine due to it's host of an Imperial Embassy, and it would be the Angelfire that would interfere on the planet's behalf. Later on, Haweke would find the Angelfire docked planetside during an alien invasion orchestrated by an enigmatic madman. Given explicit orders not to launch in his mobile suit to investigate, he instead took his tiny Core Fighter out. Here he'd meet another future ally- -Becca Daniels, a displace veritech pilot of the Robotech Defence Force. Instantly taken by her fighter which would fly circles around his already agile Core Fighter, Haweke vowed to one day pilot a Variable machine of his own. With the help of both Becca Daniels and Toxic Marsh, they were able to force the strange alien complex back into space. Later on in the year, Paptimus Contrast himself would later call together all of the factions in the Tatoo sphere for Peace Talks, a move which was universally praised despite it's disasterous ending. Haweke, however, saw the situation as a cheap ploy for sympathy.

What Haweke was not aware of, was the the Sith Lord Darth Connivere who had, with the help of the Hutts, established a Sith 'embassy' on Tatooine for the purpose of traning. Contrast's peace talks were designed to lay the groundwork for a more unified Tatooine, that would be capable of resisting the Sith's attack. When Connivere's Hutt-backed fleet attacked on que, Haweke immediately took the Angelfire into action. The PAF fleet was immediately outnumbered and outgunned, and took a rear-guard position to the larger Dread Conglomerate and Tragolite fleets. The Battle of Third Moon had begun. While Haweke was forced to watch his fleet die, he was also forced into the Sith's mind by Connivere's powerful Battle Meditation. Haweke found his burgeoning newtype abilities pushed to the limit, the Battle Meditation haraunging him to a brutal extent. While he seemed to somehow resist the effects of the Sith's mental attack, projecting a mental protection to the rest of the Angelfire crew. While the battle would end in a victory for the allied forces, Haweke would come out of it bitter and scarred, unable to fully awaken his newtype potential, and without a ship to call home- -the Angelfire was destroyed in the fighting.

Unification and Edge Koenig

Without a ship, Haweke was transferred to the PAF's planetside Mastadon base, just outside of Mos Eisley. Here he befriended locals such as Buzz Argonon and the then-children duo of Telana Daiko and Omega Kiyoshi. He also met Meryl Carlson, briefly, by chance- -a meeting that would change his life, as he would discover that in a past universe, he had been both a vicious enemy pilot and the leader and fighter that he was slowly becoming in the present. Unfortunately, the attack by Connivere had left him in something less of a leadership mentality. Haweke began to train a number of young pilots as the Mastadon Base became home to the PAF's "Newtpe Research" organizations, which had been hastily constructed in response to rumors that the Zeon had reinstituted their own Newtype corps. Haweke began to suspect that his uncanny intuition, spacial awareness, and occasional psychic flashes was a true supernatural phenomenon- -and he was forced to come to grips with the fact that his superiors had decided so for him
However, trouble was brewing in space. Paptimus Contrast reorganized a private army which conducted hit and run tactics against all of three fleets, hoping to shake their neutrality and assinate key figures. These Titans anihilated many of Haweke's friends as they tore through what was left of the PAF, as well as anihilated Zeon and ZAFT holdings. Eventually Contrast was able to perform a coup d'eiat on the PAF, allying them permenantly with the coordinator-run ZAFT. He then took this secret army public, forcing Haweke to make a stand against them, despite his nature as a grounded pilot. Despite his uncontrollable reputation, Contrast ordered Haweke to fight in his Unification Wars. Haweke was given a new mobile suit and assigned to the ZAFT flagship as a mentor. As the bloody Unifcation Wars closed, Haweke was disgusted to have been part of the war which combined the three separate colony fleets, into one unified, space-faring nation, under the rule of Paptimus Contrast- -The PLANT Allied Council, or PAC. During this time Haweke also met Angela Bekker once again, only to find her acting erratic and suicidal- -her Clan had abandoned her, and the ZAFT soldiers, such as Sade Kabik, were hesitant to trust her. Unwilling to let her die, he convinced her to join with the ZAFT forces. Following the war, as part of an officer-exchange program, Haweke would continue serve with the coordinator-only fleet and find himself rather capable of piloting the mobile suits designed for the genetically-engineered, with only a few superficial modifications.

However, his role as mentor to Sade Kabik would be short lived, as he was quickly and quietly was transferred back to Mastadon Base, and once against instituted as part of the Newtype Research program, this time as both a pilot and an instructor. His role onboard the ZAFT Flagship was replaced by Edge Koenig, a mysterious masked lunatic who would quickly kidnap Sade Kabik and Angela Bekker, faking their deaths in order to cover up his own ambitious schemes. With the help of Toxic Marsh, Haweke slowly began to realize that Edge was one of Contrast's most favored pawns and spies, but that Edge may have his own agenda. Haweke began befriending some of the newtype pilots, including a young man named Jerry Kaiba, who was tapped to become the pilot of a dangerous new mobile armor known as an "Evangelion." Edge, however, interfered, faking an attack by Anti-PAC terrorists and anihilating the entire base, including every newtype mobile armor and many of the young soldiers, shooting Jerry in the face. While Haweke survived the attack, he had no concrete proof that Edge was involved, and was forced to stay quiet. As the PAC alliance began to strain, Contrast began to see Haweke as a very real threat to his empire when Haweke, with GWAM assistance, began his own investigation into Contrast's schemes. While he conducted a number of hidden raids and discovered a large number secrets about Contrast's dirty dealings, including the man's culpability in both the ZAFT, Connivere, and Unification Wars, as well as the usage of advanced cloning technology. The lost Contrast brother, Dominic, was actually a modified clone of Paptimus himself. Haweke also discovered that Contrast had been safeguarding a number of mobile suit innoventions, and that he had been rumored to have found the exact computer databank that the Dark History Refugees had taken to emulating. In short, Contrast had been manipulating every war, every genocidal conflict, giving technology to each side and fanning the flames of social strife, to some lost history textbook that only he was privy to. Contrast had also arranged for the construction of several high output colony lasers, and other weapons of mass destruction. Despite being forced out of the North Pole base, the PAC was stronger, military-wise and influence-wise, than ever before.

Finally unable to sit idley by, Haweke gathered his allies- -including GWAM members Toxic Marsh, Tiny Malfunction, as well as Angela Bekker, and set out to confront Paptimus Contrast for the last time. Contrast, by this point had consolidated his power over the Tatoo sphere and was close to creating a unified, independant Tatooine that would work under his rule, which encouraged enhanced humans and newtype abilities over everything else. Convinced that Contrast's newest research facility was the masterstroke of a spacenoid supremacy plot, Haweke and his allies confronted Contrast in his throne room and demanded an explanation. Surprisingly, they were given one. Contrast had manipulated the entire fleet for years, in order to try and bring about a 'newtype era,' which would see all of mankind evolve into supernaturally enhanced pacifists. Contrast cited the constant struggles between the Jedi and Sith as the reasoning behind his grand threats- -when superpowers are given to a minority and not everyone, it causes the majority to either become hateful, or lazy. Haweke was incensed, even as Contrast fully explained the masterstroke of his thousand-year plan. Just as it was to kick off, the alarms sounded, as Edge Koenig had finally made his move. After months of consolidating his own power outside of Contrast's sphere of influence, Edge used a fold-space drive generator, bought from Elusa Harkonnen in secret(a secret still kept to this day), to wipe out the entire PAC Fleet. While Haweke, Toxic, and Angela launched immediately to try and stop him, Contrast gave a small disk to Tiny for safekeeping. With his allies joining the fight, Haweke found Edge to be a surprisingly tough opponent. Despite Haweke's best efforts, Edge's forces fired the Colony laser at the PAC fleet as well as it's planetside holdings, and Edge himself activated the fold-space cannon. The Midnight Massacre had occured, wiping out the entire PAC fleet in just a few moments. While the New Republic pledged to help, their assistance came too late. After the Colonies were anihilated, the Republic bombarded the area. Edge's mobile suit took a critical hit and vanished into the space-fold; Haweke's own suit vanished in the atomic fire of the Republic's bombardment.

Zennar Kourmann and GWAM

Towed to safety by Toxic Marsh, Haweke found himself orphaned of his entire culture, with only a locked and encrypted datapad and a damaged mobile suit to remind himself of home. After learning that he was among the listed dead, Haweke decided to take on a new alias and begin a new life. He adopted the sunglasses wearing persona of Zennar Kourmann, counting on the fact that while there were many across the Outer Rim that knew his name, very few outside of the Tatoo sphere knew what he looked like. His disguise held up rather well, as 'Zennar' became a leading swoop and podracer, on the Tatooine circuit, eventually traveling to other planets and ranking up a considerable amount of money in his bank accounts, as well as a considerable amount of trouble with the Hutts. Haweke's natural newtype abilities gave him an edge over the competition, but angered a number of gambling establishments, which accused him of cheating. After being assigned to take a dive on the planet Dantooine, he was targeted for assassination, and a bounty put on his head. As Zennar, Haweke had made a number of contacts, and he returned to Tatooine in order to bring them together. After a bloody confrontation with Skrellnik the Hutt, Haweke found himself blackballed from any respectable swoop races. It was here that a chance encounter with the enigmatic young man known only as The Slider would change his life. Slider had spent the last year rebuilding and retrofitting an ancient Lohengrin-class cruise ship as a state of the art bulk freighter, known only as the Palindrome. When pressed for any significance to the name, Slider admitted he thought it 'sounded cool.' Haweke purchased the ship under the name of Zennar Kourmann, promoted himself to Captain, and set about his new life.

After returning from Correllia where he officially registered his ship under the New Republic, Haweke was immediately approached by Toxic Marsh and tapped as a mobile suit pilot for GWAM. While sticking to the flimsy disguise os Captain Zennar Kourmann, Haweke rose through the ranks and became one of Toxic's trusted lieutenants. After watching both Mastadon Base, the Angelfire, and ultimately all of the colonies fall, though, Haweke was skittish of a leadership position, and requested to remain as a mere mobile suit pilot. His wishes were promptly ignored by the brash Toxic, and 'Zennar' actually traveled to Coruscant in order to speak to the Republic on the behalf of GWAM, convincing the Senate to send military and humanitarian aid to Tatooine and set up the base in the Tanos Sector. Haweke also discovered that other survivors of the Midnight Massacre had fled to GWAM, and he welcomed Appoly and Roberto, two soldiers from his days on the Angelfire, onboard the Palindrome. Haweke purchased a replica variable fighter, fulfilling his promise to Becca Daniels, and began to get increasingly rare fits of newtype intuition. Claiming that his entire identification as a 'newtype' by Contrast's forces was a mistake, he routinely denied his nature, and despite his stellar piloting skills, his close friends and allies suspected that he was subconsciously keeping himself from accessing his true potential. Unfortunately, around this time the Empire had errected a new embassy in Mos Eisley and had begun reaching out across the planet, manipulating forces home and abroad. GWAM was called in several times in order to keep the peace, both from rioting townspeople and maruading Imperial Stormtroopers. It was here Haweke, still as Zennar, met a young woman named Rachel, who was allied with the Imperial Remnant, and the dangerous General Kael. As Toxic and GWAM begin to take a more and more anti-Imperial stance, Haweke's identity as Zennar Kourmann would come under scrutiny, especially as Angela Bekker would return from the Unknown Regions, amnesiac and willing to join with GWAM. In addition to his duties with GWAM, Haweke-as-Zennar began taking more and more shady and fly-by-night cargo shipments in order to make enough money to both finance GWAM as well as pay for the upkeep on his rather expensive starship.


Out of the blue, the Palindrome's original owner, Slider, returned to Tatooine and demanded that Haweke give him a place to stay, or lest he expose Haweke's identity as 'Zennar Kourmann' to be a fake. Without another option, Haweke agreed to help Slider in whatever trouble he was in, under the condition that Slider join the Palindrome crew and earn his keep as chief engineer. Much to Haweke's chagrin, Slider happily agreed to the bargan, and Haweke gained an engineer, troublemaker, sidekick, and second in command. Slider would later reveal that he had manufactured the trouble he was in simply in order to help convince Haweke to let him onboard. It was Slider that brought Haweke the news of a juicy new contract- -bringing some expensive, imported wine to the planet Saroya for the wedding of their royal families, thereby ending centuries of war and enslavement. Due to the uplifting nature of the mission, the threat that the Empire was tempted to overtake the planet, and not least of all the extreme simplicity of the mission, Haweke jumped at the chance. Spending several hours in customs before having three fourths of their cargo unloaded, and learning that Saroyan citizens and artifacts from across the galaxy were all being brought back to the planet, Slider and Haweke were allowed to run amok on the capital during the celebrations. However, Haweke was suddenly struck by a powerful newtype flash, resonating with the royal princess and glimpsing an image of the entire planet going up in flames. Haweke immediately gathered the crew and attempted to flee, only for the marriage ceremonies planetside to end with a massive mystical wave of energy that overtook the Palindrome before it could leave orbit. Reality reconstructed itself without the planet Saroya, leaving Haweke and Slider floating in the middle of space where the entire solar system had once been, both of their memories reconstructed to remove any trace of the planet Saroya. Still, Haweke's burried newtype abilities lead him to believe that something had gone wrong during the trip.

His suspicions were later aroused by the discovery of a random crate of wine that didn't match any known vineyard in the galaxy. While investigating the word 'Saroya,' he discovered a woman named Saroya living right in Mos Eisley. Confronting her, he found her under attack by mysterious forces, as well as knowing far more than she was telling about the mysterious missing star system. Initially attracted to her, during their first meeting Saroya revealed to Haweke the truth about her namesake, the planet, her attackers and the danger that the wine represented. Initially only confiding in Slider, Haweke eventually opened up the entire Palindrome to Saroya, welcoming her onboard as a liason and diplomat. While the attraction between the two starcrossed lovers was evidant, Saroya's self-sacrificing nature and Haweke's own troubles with his personal life and GWAM kept them from growing close. This was further complicated by Haweke's distrust of the supernatural, stemming from the attack by Connivere. While Saroya was literally a host for a powerful mystical force, Haweke refused to believe in the magical, even under duress.

This disbelief was pushed to the breaking point when Saroya entered into a mental combat arena and died. Grieving over her death, Haweke threw himself into GWAM, working harder and more dangerously than ever before. When Saroya apparently returned from the dead, under the identity of Xayaros, and once again hunted by dangerous supernatural forces, Haweke was left in shock. Though he quickly rebounded, he found it difficult to believe that Xayaros was a kind of mental-clone made of the dispair Saroya felt in her last moments, and that there was a powerful mystical kabal dedicated to destroying the 'hearts' of all mankind. Thrust into an uncomfortable position and faced against an army of creatures that could not be defeated against conventional arms, Haweke turned to inconventional arms, including landing the Palindrome on these Heartless creatures, or having Slider suck them into a wormhole. Despite his seeming inadiquacies with the mystical, Haweke was instrumental in returning 'Saroya's Heart' to Xayaros- -due to the fact that metaphorically speaking, Haweke had Saroya's 'heart.' While this was all well and romantic, Haweke's brush with the mystical had more of a profound effect on him at the time than even he realized.

Toxic's Betrayal

With GWAM growing in ranks and political clout, 'Zennar' found himself with more and more responsibilities and less time for privateer activities, including leading the Krayt Squadron, bookkeeping, leading all of GWAM and even meeting with different political forces, such as the young warlord Rachel Harkor, who secretly took a sample of Haweke's DNA in an attempt to create a race of Newtypes. Due to a situation involving his lover Eden, Toxic himself stepped down from GWAM and Haweke was forced to take up a full leadership position. However, this was all part of Toxic's gambit in order to avoid retribution from Eden's sugar daddy, Sapien von Mortyr, and to help destroy The Majestic, a force which had dogged Toxic throughout the galaxy. Haweke's reign as leader was not without it's share of problems, as he considered himself only a mobile suit pilot, and then later, when Toxic himself hijacked a prototype nuclear launching battletank, attacked the GWAM airbase leaving it in ruin, and threatened the galaxy with atomic extortion. Unable to reconcile his duties with GWAM and his friendship to the now-apparently-rogue Toxic, Haweke was forced to confront him in battle. While he proved to be Toxic's equal in the air, in hand to hand combat Haweke wasn't much of a match for Toxic's genetically enhanced reflexes. Haweke was eventually part of the group which took down the Majestic for good, and was able to clear Toxic's name, albiet not publically; Toxic's plan had paid off, with both Eden more or less freed and the Majestic destroyed. However, when Toxic ran off to confront Sapien, the vampire murdered him, forcing Eden to consume his soul as a small hope for resurrection. After meeting Eden again, Haweke seemed to sense this change, almost telepathically breaking through to contact his 'dead' friend. Once again, Haweke was forced to confront the fact that he very well may be a newtype. This was especially true after encountering the telepathic species known as the Wraith, which attacked Mos Eisley through the use of the Stargate. For GWAM, Haweke and Slider would form a specialized Stargate exploration team.

Koenig's Return

With Saroya's resurrection, the crew of the Palindrome exploded in size, taking on Saroya's time lost daughter and her Canthan boyfriend, as well as several other refugees. After seeing to the newly resurrected planet "Saroya," Haweke felt he couldn't shake the feeling that there was another force at work throughout the galaxy. Returning back to Tatooine, he wound up in combat with a mind-controlled Angela Bekker, who had stolen a powerful prototype mobile suit and was using it to anihilate the GWAM airbase. While entirely outmatched and eventually destroying his mobile suit in the process, Haweke was able to force a confession out of her- -during her exile, Edge Koenig had kidnapped her and put a chip in her brain to control her actions- -this entire time she had been nothing but a spy for the masked madman! Filled with rage, they fought on, Haweke displaying surprising combat skills against another genetically engineered person, seeming to win out of sheer force of will. However, when Angela begged him to kill her, and attempted to commit suicide, Haweke relented, and promised to help her get that chip out of her head. Angela was welcomed onboard the Palindrome despite that she was a spy mentally connected to Koenig. Even with all of this overwhelming evidence, Haweke flat-out refused to believe that the series of disasters that had befallen Bekker and others were all the part of Koenig, or even that he was still alive, until Slider was able to provide solid scientific proof that she was being controlled by a dead man. Still unsure whether or not it truly was Koenig or whether it was some kind of trick, or imposter, Haweke turned to GWAM and decided to drop the alias of Zennar Kourmann for good. If Edge Koenig had returned to the land of the living, then so could Haweke Karbn.

Selling your soul

Haweke's final confrontation of the mystical came when Saroya, in an attempt to save a life, sold herself to Enola Havischam and the Helix Corporation. This organization, with ties to Wolfram and Hart as well as Edge Koenig, utilized powerful magical forces and controlled their employees through vicious masks and powerful binding spells. Haweke was forced to confront the very real mystical threat, while attempting to cling to his ordered and structured view of the universe. In a conversation with Saroya, he was offered a deal- -submit his own will to Helix, and Saroya would be released from her contract. Enola wanted to own Haweke's newtype ability- -but Haweke had only a fuzzy idea what these abilities were, or what they meant. He knew that Edge Koenig and others saw them as weapons, but after meditation on the subject, and a flashback to his past, he realized that 'newtypes' weren't simpley people with a special power. One couldn't just snap off his ability as if it were some run of the mill psychic power- -instead it was part of him on more than a genetic or cellular level, and being a newtype was different than just having precognition or telepathy. Still not quite understanding his fate, but unable to accept it, he searched for other ways to free Saroya, including through sheer force of will, or with an all-out attack on the Helix compound. In return, Enola gave Saroya's location to the Heartless, the same mystical kabal which had tried to kill her before, due to her ability to control a mystical force known as 'the kingdom hearts.' With Saroya kidnapped and without any other options, Haweke left to make a deal with the devil- -but not with Helix. Instead he went to Enola's lawyers, Wolfram and Hart, which asked for only a simple tissue sample in return for Saroya's location. Thinking little of it, he gave them what they required and rescued Saroya, who demanded to know what he had given up in return. Haweke lied and said it was nothing, sure that it would eventually come back to haunt in somehow.

The Next Generation

With his relationship with Saroya strained and his professional life still hectic, Haweke decided to step down from GWAM and leave Tatooine permenantly. While most were critical of his decision, the one supportive voice was actually that of Toxic Marsh, who'd returned from the dead as a vampire and, despite his new bloodlust, retired permenantly from the galactic scene. Now running a small time shipping company with his fiance Eden, Toxic encouraged Haweke to follow his own path. In the end, Haweke decided to remain with GWAM, but step down from leadership. He became a flight leader and test pilot, reforming the "Krayt Squadron," now without Toxic. At the same time, Rachel Harkor, now long dead, was revived after a fashion when one of her computer systems created a "Alexia," who was the genetic creation of half a dozen different DNA samples obtained by Rachel when she was alive. Alexia was secret heir to the Imperial throne, and was shocked to find opposition in the form of Edge Koenig, who had been developing a secret power base throughout the Imperial Remnant, under the cover of developing a mobile suit program for the Empire. Perhaps due to her diametrically opposite beliefs about order and freedom, or perhaps due to Haweke's fame, but Alexia revealed herself to him, and demanded that they reunite as father and daughter, and rule over a new Galactic Empire. In response, Haweke shot her. While she survived, and in fact shot down Haweke Karbn while in a mid-air duel, she ultimately retreated to consolidate her power across the Imperial Remnant, Haweke was left with confusion regarding who could have very well been his own daughter. He was further surprised when Angela Bekker once again attacked him and stole a shuttlecraft, leaving to go back to Edge Koenig.

Cylons and Deception

While test piloting the Direct-Brain-Interface system on a variable fighter for GWAM, Haweke and the rest of the Krayt Squadron encountered the machine-race known as the Cylons, which hacked into Haweke's machine. Unfortunately this, in conjunction with Haweke's formidable newtype abilities, Haweke seemed to mentally connect to the Cylon collective consciousness, thoroughly altering his perception and leaving him, for a while, to act more cold, and ruthless. Serenity Inc would later hire the Krayt Squadron to test pilot the VF-0 variable fighter, which was thought to be low-tech enough to avoid being compromised by the Cylons. Still left with Saroya being 'owned' by the Helix Corporation, Haweke and Slider came up with a plan; during the Helix Masquerade Ball, they would swap identities, in order to trick Enola into letting her guard down. It worked, fooling even Saroya herself, and while Slider-As-Haweke abandoned her to try and find the actual contracts to destroy them, Haweke-as-Slider confronted Enola herself. After a brief scuffle with an odd man named "Zarr Karneval," Haweke was able to force Enola into a nervous breakdown. The magic that held the Helix corporation together collapsed inwards, the entire building being reduced to rubble, and every magical contract being voided- -including the one that bound Saroya to the company. While Slider and Haweke revealed their true identities, Enola was forced to remove her mask as well, revealing her as nothing more than a sad, vain, and lonely sixteen year old girl. Taking pity on her, Haweke offered her a position onboard his ship, and offered her a new name and a new life. Enola, now known as Lilly, carefully took him up on the offer, though she still considered him to be something of an enemy. Later along with the recently-deposed-as-owner-of-the-Cantina Buzz Argonon, Haweke and Slider traveled through the Stargate and found an ancient repository of knowledge that was built by the aptly titled Ancients, who built the Stargate. This repository was apparently being fought over by forces of the Goa'uld, and an race of jackbooted soldiers known as the Peacekeepers, which Buzz had some familiarity with. They destroyed the building in an attempt to keep either side from obtaining the Ancient's knowledge, and fled back through the stargate to Tatooine.

Reavers and Revelations

Haweke later became part of the fleet that defended Tatooine from a massive Reaver attack that was orchestrated by Sarah Miriam. The Reavers, a race of violent savages, had begun appearing throughout the Outer Rim over the last year or so. After finding evidence that the Reavers may somehow be linked to the original colonies that were destroyed in the Midnight Massacre, Haweke set out to discover the truth. After following a number of different leads, the crew of the Palindrome, along with Omega Kiyoshi, Telana Daiko, and her sister Angel, arrived in an abaonded L-3 type orbital space colony which was currently being used for testing grounds by Edge Koenig's Imperial Mobile Suit Corps. Defeating the now-brained Sade Kabik and fighting the new masked rival Zarr Karneval to a standstill, Haweke confronted Edge directly for the first time since the Midnight Massacre. Here Edge revealed that not only was he a failed clone of Paptimus Contrast, but that he was intent on wiping all life from the cosmos and that he had created the Reavers to show the galaxy it's 'true face.' Outraged, the entire Palindrome crew attacked him, but he was able to fend them off, shooting Angel in the face and killing her instantly, before fleeing. Haweke ran after him, leaping down an elevator shaft and later engaging him in mobile suit combat. However, Angel was resurrected by the Pheonix Force, and Haweke was able to direct the resulting psychic ambiance through the biosensor of his mobile suit, and use it's energy to wipe out Koenig's Star Destroyer. However, Haweke was left with the knowledge that both Koenig, Zarr, and Kabik had all survived.


Immediately following these events, Haweke returned home for some R&R, only to be brutally kidnapped by the forces of the Goa'uld System Lord known as "Thel." Thel's forces had identified Haweke as a newtype and took him to a secret hidden facility in the desert, where they revealed they had recovered the Ancient Repository but were unable to get it to work. Specifically, the massive amount of knowledge seemed to kill whomever it was downloaded into, by overwriting their brain. A third party(later revealed to be Edge Koenig) had told both Thel and the Peacekeeper forces that Haweke, as a newtype, could likely withstand the knowledge and would give up all of the Ancient's secrets. However, not wanting to squander such a precious commodity, Thel used a piece of archaic lost technology to 'twin' Haweke, separating him into two identical halves, neither one a copy of the other, each whole and entirely "Haweke Karbn," with the idea to use another as a spare. Haweke's friends both launched two distinct rescue operations, and rescued one Haweke while he was rotting in a cell, and the other moments after he'd been exposed to the Repository. Not feeling the effects at first, both Haweke's acted entirely identical, right down to their reactions to Saroya and to the events unfolding around them. To try and separate them, Telana Daiko gave them two color-coded shirts- -one blue, and one green. Shortly afterwards, a Peacekeeper Command Carrier exited the Route of Ages and attacked the Goa'uld forces, kick-starting the Goa'uld/Peacekeeper War. At gunpoint, Haweke-Blue impersonated his other self and was captured to be interrogated about the Ancient Knowledge- -however, with the Repository downloaded into Haweke-Green's head, they simply ended up torturing him for days on end in their vile Aurora Chair. A rescue operation was successful, but Haweke-Green's mind was beginning to fade due to the exposure to the repository. With the help of Captain Zon Huntreas and the Explorer, Haweke-Green's mind was restored during a malfunctioning holodeck simulation, though he left behind a large number of writing and equations in the Ancient language, as well as Stargate addresses, for Starfleet to look through. However, this didn't so much as remove the knowledge, and permenantly supress it in his subconscoius, preventing it from unspooling.

The Republic, the Empire and the Pheonix

Both Haweke Karbn's were involved with the chase of the Pheonix Force, as Angel Daiko raced across the galaxy consuming entire stars and wiping out whole civilizations, with only the crew of the Explorer attempting to communicate with her. Once that crisis had passed, the two Haweke Karbn's living on the Palindrome decided that the ship was quite literally not large enough for the two of them. They arranged a coin toss, each one being assigned heads or tails at random by Slider's AI computer "C," while the coin itself was tossed by a droid. The result was that Haweke-Green was allowed to keep the ship, while Haweke-Blue left Tatooine and GWAM behind, and joined the New Republic as an X-Wing pilot. There, he quickly rose through the ranks and was stationed onboard the Obi-Wan for some time. It was also here that he noticed Zarr Karneval's forces, acting on orders from Edge Koenig, had been secretly watching and attacking his carrier under false identities. With the entire galaxy torn asunder by the Peacekeeper/Goa'uld war, Haweke-blue found himself continually on the front lines. Meanwhile, Haweke-Green continued life more or less as he always had, though his relationship with Saroya became strained again due to the existance of his 'other' twin. Meanwhile, Alexia returned to Tatooine with one goal- -to convince her father to join the Empire, at means neccessary. Thinking the whole 'twinning' event was a trick, Alexia marched thousands of stormtroopers into Mos Eisley and threatened to massacre the population unless Haweke Karbn turned himself in. After a touching and all-too-brief reunion with Saroya, Haweke left in his variable fighter, escourted by the Krayt Squadron, but on the way to the rendezvous instead challenged Alexia to a duel, claiming that he wouldn't go down without a fight. Alexia shot down Slider's fighter and killed Apolly and Roberto, before being bested by Haweke-green himself. It was then that Zarr Karneval's vessel came out of left field and shot Haweke down, anihilating his vessel but rescuing the cockpit. Halfway across the galaxy, Haweke-blue felt his other self lapse into a near-death state, and paniced, Alexia took her father and left. Under subliminal control by Edge Koenig, Zarr convinced Alexia to turn Haweke-Green over to Koenig's battle station. True to his word, Koenig healed the man's injuries- -but erased his mind, draining his will and turning Haweke into nothing but a brutal Imperial puppet named Zell Kurobura.


Haweke-blue returned to Tatooine after learning, quite incredulously, that 'he' had been killed. Without a body, Haweke-green was given an empty-casket burial in Heroes Canyon, and Haweke-blue actually provided the eulogy. Though he was offered the Captaincy of the Palindrome again, Haweke-blue had felt that his place was with the Republic now, and that his 'miraculous return' would be too painful for the rest of the crew. Instead, he gave the ship to Saroya, and returned to the New Republic to help with their fledgling Stargate operation. Meanwhile, Haweke-Green set up his new identity as Zell Kurobura, controlled by a psycoframe-reactive mask (partially to hide the facial scars he had gotten when he was shot down), and began subjigating worlds for Koenig's mobile suit experiments. It was here Edge revealed that his interest in Karbn had been simple- -Haweke, on some level, still had the Ancient Repository hidden away in his mind. Having downloaded all of Haweke's brain, Edge now had access to the entire database. Now 'Zell' began to systematically replace Zarr Karneval as Edge's right hand man, and even discovered that Zarr had been plotting against Koenig for some time. Alexia herself found the new, pro-Empire version of her father something of a cheat, and dispised Edge for tampering with the man's brain. Alexia wanted a fully-converted Haweke Karbn, not an entirely different, robotic personality with her father's face. Slider took over as second in command of the Palindrome, and under Saroya, the ship generally kept itself on the very tip of adventure for the next few months, becoming involved in the budding Saroyan/Canthan war. Saroya also taught herself how to pilot a mobile suit, and took up in the suit that Serenity Inc had designed for Haweke before he was twinned.

Zarr Karbn?

Haweke-blue, due to his newtype abilities, was later ordered to report to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV for training and to test if he was Force-sensitive, or something else entirely. Booking civilian passage, he chose the Palindrome, briefly driving off an attack by Zarr's forces, who had been ordered by Edge to attack Tatooine. Haweke-blue reunited with the crew this time under more pleasant circumstances, though the situation was still dire. After being attacked by the Goa'uld and witnessing the likely death of Thel, the Palindrome arrived at the Jedi Academy, where Haweke and Saroya decided to continue their relationship. Things were made more heated by the return of Saroya's fiance, Garron Taiyou. Upon returning to Tatooine, Zarr Karneval showed up and demanded asylum, explaining that he'd been under orders, and was now on Edge Koenig's assination list. Moreover, he had information that could bring Koenig down, that had been locked away in his subconscious. Saroya trepedatiously took him in, and ended up embroiling the Palindrome in a whole new layer of political intreague. Edge sent another mobile suit force to capture and kill Zarr, including a massive walking death machine which masscred several villages on Tatooine before being brought down by the combined forces of Telana Daiko, Saroya Asher, and Zarr himself, who was badly injured. After being taken for medical treatment, it was discovered that Zarr looked identical to a young Haweke Karbn! Thinking him a clone (a story that was later proven false, but that even Zarr had believed,) Saroya asked Haweke to return from Jedi Training.

Parallel lives

While the Jedi training had affected him heavily, Haweke was not sensitive to the Force, and he quietly returned to the Republic Navy, first stopping off at Tatooine to see his 'clone.' Here, he discovered that while Zarr was in the hospital and the others had been distracted, Saroya had been kidnapped by an angry Kimberly Silverwing. Facing an immortal creature in a rescue mission proved difficult for even him, though Haweke found a unique way of handling the issue- -instead of coming in through the mouth of the cave where Saroya was being held hostage, he instead took a spare GWAM mobile suit and crashed through the roof, even going as far as to step on the immortal Kimberly. While Saroya would later adopt the girl (after a quick personality change,) Haweke showed his more ruthless side by putting a laser blast through what was left of Kimberly's brain. As things quieted down, Haweke was left with the odd triangle between himself, Garron, and Saroya. After much soul-searching and an incredibly random zero-G swordfight in the main hangar bay of the Palindrome, Haweke decided to step aside and let Garron persue Saroya. Unsure of her feelings, Saroya was involved in an event which brought 'Haweke' back to her- -this time a version of Haweke Karbn from another universe, which acted nothing like the Haweke she knew. This Haweke was angry, young, and foolish- -instead of being motivated by honor and freedom, he was driven by an obtuse sense of duty to a large cause. Frightened by this event, by seeing a version of Haweke that could have easily came into being, she accepted Garron's proposal and the real Haweke Karbn returned to the Republic.

The Death of the Palindrome

Eventually, Zell Kurobura- -the brainwashed 'other' Haweke- -returned to Tatooine for the first time, in order to track down and destroy Zarr Karneval, who had now taken the name Zarr Karbn, in tribute to his 'father.' After a long running battle, Kurobura's carrier ship cornered the Palindrome outside of Mos Eisley. Fed up with the attacks, Saroya ordered the crew to fight, even going so far as to put Jedi Knight Cassan Fistwick in a mobile suit and send him off into battle without any prior training. This ragtag fleet took on the best of Edge Koenig's Imperial Mobile Suit Corps program, with Saroya herself cutting through a squadron of highly trained and drug-addicted 'manufactured aces' before confronting Kurobura in direct mobile suit combat. With Zarr's help, she was able to defeat him, only to find that the shadowy Kurobura that had been attacking them for weeks was, in fact, the other Haweke Karbn. Not to be so easily defeated, before being knocked unconscious, 'Kurobura' ordered his ship to ram the battlefield and destroy them all. However, Slider, hijacked the Palindrome and drove it into the carrier, destroying both ships and saving everyone's lives (and narrowly escaping with his own).

The Wedding

With Haweke-Green now separated from the mind-controlling devices that Edge Koenig forced him to wear, he slowly began to recover his memories. However, even with Saroya's help, and a meeting with both Haweke-Blue and the once-thought-dead Becca Daniels during a barfight against Edge Koenig, Haweke-Green's memories refused to return completely, save for the knowledge that he'd been used by Koenig. Despite that neither Haweke's got along, both of them were invited to Saroya's upcoming wedding to Garron Taiyou. However, the wedding was stricken by tragedy, as it was attacked by two separate forces of darkness, which caused Saroya herself to vanish to a realm between dimensions, and the complete and total restructuring of the planet Saroya. Haweke-Green was left in the lurch, while Haweke-Blue stole one of Slider's valkyries and took off to the planet.

Haweke Asher

While Saroya had dissapeared, her long-thought-dead twin sister Samara appeared, and resurrected the Helix Corporation. Working with Edge Koenig, she captured Haweke-Green and took advantage of his swiss-cheesed memory to do further damage, going as far as to surgically attach a pair of black wings to his back in order to make him more dragon-like. Once again wearing the mask and now rechristened Haweke Asher, Haweke lead Samara's genocidal campaign against her own people, keeping the Canthans as the new master race. Meanwhile, Haweke-Blue found a bit of spiritual enlightenment in the middle of the Saroyan wilderness and was drawn through a dimensional rift to follow the still-missing bride. Without any way back, Haweke was given a ship capable of transversing dimensions and began to follow in Saroya Asher's footsteps across dozens of parallel worlds.

Toxic returns

Haweke 'Asher' continued on his brainwashed reign of terror for quite some time before Zarr Karbn and Lilly Pryce, an unlikely partnership at best, were able to force a confrontation between Samara and the Slider, which caused Samara to regress back to that of an innocent child. With the keys to Helix given over to Haweke, who was designed to be only a blunt and racist weapon, he began to squander the Corporation, as well as lose the war for the planet Saroya. Slider then arranged for a daring plan to rescue Haweke from the clutches of Helix- -he strapped a nuclear bomb to his chest, and intended on fighting Haweke and forcing him to remember his past and overcome the programming. Like much of Slider's insane plans, it succeeded through sheer luck, with Toxic Marsh coming out of retirement to confront Haweke for just that reason. The two had a brilliant mid-air rooftop swordfight through the city of Mos Eisley, before Toxic was able to break through Haweke's mental blocks and revive the man that had been shot down in refusal to surrender so many years before. Bruised, broken, but no longer brainwashed, Haweke vowed to help restore the planet Saroya and undo the things he had done underneath the influence. To that intent he rejoined GWAM, taking up his position as the leader and captain of their flagship, the Macross.

The Slider

Meanwhile, still missing and unable to send for help, Haweke-Blue was flabbergasted when he discovered that Saroya had already returned to his native universe. Unable to follow her there, he began traveling the multiverse while calling himself The Slider, hoping to attract the attention of the real Slider. His plan worked, and Slider lead an expedition which found Haweke-Blue stranded on a dying world in the remains of an enclave of the Ancients. This world was suffering from an almost total heat death, and Slider was able to discover that this was a parallel universe that contained a version of events that were yet to unfold in their own; Edge Koenig's final plan, which consisted of causing a massive psychic ripple which would cause most of the universe to consume itself, just like the Reavers. This orgy of violence was precipitated by the creation of a new Death Star created through the use of Ancient technology. Armed with this information, the group returned back to their native universe with a single goal: stop Edge Koenig, whatever it took.

The Final Confrontation

Unfortunately, their timing was far from perfect, and just as they arrived Edge's loyalists declared themselves separate from the Imperial Remnant. Calling himself the new Emperor, Edge lead a war of conquest across the galaxy, drawing a straight line to Tatooine. Sensing the threat, Captain Zon Huntreas organized a combined fleet consisting of Starfleet, New Republic, Peacekeeper, Imperial Remnant, Talon Empire, GWAM and other ships to head off Edge's newly built and somewhat invincible Death Star. Throughout the course of the battle Edge's plan to use a renegade demigod from an alternate universe as a power source was foiled due to the efforts of Zon Huntreas and a rival god, and Haweke-Green was able to destroy the psychic-backlash device with the Macross' main cannon. The battle was not without casualties, however- -the still mind-controlled Sade Kabik was shot down over the planet, while Angela Bekker commited suicide in order to destroy Edge's crucial shielding grid, allowing the rest of the fleet to push forwards.

Still, Edge was nigh-invulnerable in his Ancient-modified Death Star, and as a consollation prize, he decided to wipe out the galaxy, one planet at a time- -starting with Tatooine. As he neared firing range, Haweke-Blue gave one last goodbye to Saroya and launched in her mobile suit, which had been equipped with a powerful psycoframe cockpit. This device channeled potent newtype abilities into a reality warping manifestation of pure psychic energy, which allowed the tiny mobile suit to literally block the entire planet-destroying superlaser, as well as wrap, move, and destroy Edge as well as his machine. Unfortunately, this massive, nearly limitless energy consumed the mobile suit, as well as it's pilot. However, due to his Jedi training and the lessons taught to him by the Ancients in the alternate universe, Haweke-blue was able to Ascend to a higher plane of existance in his final moments. Irregardless, his sacrifice ended the war and destroyed Edge Koenig's power base, as well as vaporized every trace of Edge's corrupted Ancient database.

The Corps

With Koenig dead and peace restored to the Galaxy, Haweke-green, now the only Haweke, was left merely to mourn the final passing of his twin, and to try and make up for his deeds done while brainwashed. History began to repeat itself- -Omega Kiyoshi and Telana Daiko offered him the restructred Palindrome Evolution to Captain, and Saroya was left widowed when Garron sacrificed himself to cure her of a deadly disease. Unable to rekindle their romance, Haweke turned his attention to GWAM, where he began to try and restructure their meager forces after losing up to 80% of their fleet during the battle against Edge's New Empire. Hope came randomly one day when Haweke was selected to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. For months Haweke split his time between Oa and GWAM, leaving many of the menial tasks to Tiny Malfunction and the board of directors, while he traveled throughout the universe and saved lives or brought criminals to justice. Here he also learned that Saroya had given birth to Anthony Silverwing's child, and while he distrusted Silverwing, he attempted to put his past behind him and move into the future.

The Fall of GWAM

The universe has a way of wronging rights, and soon GWAM would be embroidled in the Dread Conglomerate Civil War. With Ace Kaelton acting more and more erratic and building incredibly destructive subspace weapons, many of his forces declared independance, including the colonies on Tatooine. Haweke pledged full GWAM support to the colonies, and as a Lantern, personally investigated and met with Kaelton to press him on the charges of cosmic anihilation. There he concluded that Kaelton had lost his mind, and attempted to bring him in. However, Haweke was told in no uncertain terms that Kaelton's role in galactic events was yet to be determined, and that the Guardians forbid him from arresting him at that time. Angered, Haweke returned to Tatooine and led the GWAM fleet against Kaelton's forces without using his authority of as a Lantern. When Kaelton's attack on Tatooine encouraged the Peacekeepers to make an offensive against Starfleet, the Wraith came calling in order to feed off of the war zone. Leading the Macross, Haweke destroyed the Wraith hive ship with a single attack, but the constant battles and heavy casualties had taken their toll- -Kaelton had been stopped from destroying the Tatoo system, but GWAM was no longer in fighting shape. Sensing an oppertunity, Elusa Harkonnen brought in her droid-fleet, and took over. Granting amnesty to the recently independant Outer Rim Republic colonies, Elusa demanded the surrender of GWAM. Unable to accept surrender, Haweke used his Lantern ring to fly into Kaelton's ship and shot him twice, seeming to kill him. By the time Haweke had returned to the Macross, what was left of the GWAM leadership had entirely surrendered to the Harkonnen fleet. Refusing to have his spirit broken, Haweke crashed the Macross into the GWAM airfield after calling for it to be abandoned, thereby ensuring that no GWAM technology or soldiers would be used by Harkonnen forces in later conquests.

The Face of the Resistance

While the Guardians stripped him of his title as Lantern for disobeying their orders, Haweke didn't let that stop him from violently refusing Elusa's repeated attempts to lure him to her side. At first Haweke was content with merely being a concientious objector, but after an especially brutal attack on Mos Eisley, Haweke was encouraged to take up arms against the Harkonnen forces. Haweke joined the anti-harkonnen resistance, but none of the many forces unified into a coherent enough army capable of undermining Elusa's fleet. While Haweke's actual combat and leadership in the war against the Harkonnens was actually rather small, he was still thought of as a resistance 'leader,' despite his actual lack of any forces participating under him. It was thought that the mere thought that he was on the side of the resistance bolstered morale to such a point that he was elevated to the role of resistance hero despite his lack of contributions to the fight. However, he did eventually confront Elusa herself in a heated battle, with every intention of killing her in cold blood. However, she got the upperhand and shot him in the eye, half on accident, knocking him unconscious where he was rescued by Telana Daiko. Taken to secret hospital off-world, he was stunned to find that he had lost the eye. Due to his enhanced spacial awareness caused by his newtype abilities, the lack of a right eye didn't harm his combat potential too much- -likewise, he refused a replacement, claiming to keep the eyepatch as a reminder of what he had done in the name of righteousness.

The Arcadia is Born

By the time Haweke returned to battle, Elusa had been deposed and replaced by the Cylons. Helping to fend them off, Haweke managed to strike a new balance in his life, but still lacked any real guidance or direction. He refused to take the Palindrome Evolution from Slider, and with his twin's sacrifice (and Republic star destroyer named the Haweke Karbn and statue on Coruscant), Haweke was wary of joining the Republic. Slider, however, had a plan, and used another Ancient database found on the station Atlantis, and the time-lost and almost godlike ship Orion to build Haweke another vessel, the Arcadia. Haweke offered a place onboard his ship for any lost souls, and many ex-GWAM crewmen joined him.

Saroya's Death

However, before the ship was completed, Saroya Asher made a deal with Wolfram and Hart to deliver Haweke Karbn to them in exchange for being reunited with her son, Tao. As part of this plan, Saroya reawoke the dormant Samara Asher personality in the newly christened "Juniper Asher." Feeling Samara's evil from afar, Haweke attempted to confront her, but was driven off and very badly wounded by her army of dragons. Saroya eventually attempted to atone for her sins and faced Samara in the Mos Eisley Arena, where Haweke appeared miraculously and acted as her second, fight side by side against incredible odds and fending off both Samara and Anthony Silverwing. As he fought the teleporting Silverwing to a standstill, he asked him why he fought, and realized quickly that Silverwing was just as brainwashed and mentally scarred as Haweke himself. Feeling pity, kinship, but not excusing his actions, he disarmed Silverwing and threatened to kill him if he continued down on his path.

Saroya was able to restore Juniper's other half, Eve, thereby drowning out the evil of Samara, as well as help to restore Anthony's own memories. Despite this, Samara's last act was to stab Saroya in the back. After feeling helpless as he watched her die, he turned to Anthony and Juniper for revenge, but realized that Juniper had reverted and was no longer Samara. Swearing to Anthony that if Samara ever returned, he would as well and finish their fight, Haweke boarded the recently finished Arcadia and left for parts unknown.

The Flag of Freedom

Haweke would spent the better part of a year traveling across the Galaxy, seeming to start and stop fights at random. Having embraced his new life as a pirate, Haweke would focus his abilities and reputation into a sort of Robin-Hood type figure, attacking slave transports and freeing them from Hutt hands, taking food and arms from corrupt military regimes, boarding and permenantly silencing rival pirate kings. It is around this time that he began operating a network of intelligence agents across the galaxy, in order to keep tabs on the movements of The Shadows.

Keeping a focus on their movements, Haweke utilized a number of contacts, including Cassan Fistwick and his own son, Zarr Karbn, and even Slider, in his hidden war against the Shadows. For every brushfire war between systems that the Shadows would arrange, Haweke and the Arcadia would put a stop to. Haweke made a huge number of enemies during this time, eventually causing the Hutts to place a twelve million credit bounty on his head.

Despite this, Haweke would continue to sail the sea of stars in his own way, fighting oppression and building up the secret army that would one day be needed to take on the Shadows. Haweke would continue to clandestinely support his allies across the Outer Rim, including protecting various Starfleet and Kukai interests. He also began to take on a mentorship role to Elvis Sandlewood, the Kukai’s top ace mobile suit pilot.

Fall from Arcadia.

After a year of traveling the galaxy as a privateer, on the anniversary of Saroya Asher’s death, Haweke would rename the Arcadia as the Asher, much to Slider’s chagrin.

Shortly after the Fall of New Archer, Captain Zon Huntreas was kidnapped by the Goa’uld System Lord Thel. Thel began a campaign of torture on the imprisoned Captain. Receiving visions from his ascended countertwin, Haweke launched himself on a rescue mission, joining Elvis Sandlewood and Lucas Wolenczak, who were operating without Kukai approval. While they managed to successfully rescue the Starfleet Captain and the entire crew of the U.S.S. Agamemnon, Thel would later return from the dead. The furious System Lord came looking for revenge: cornering the crew of the Asher while it resupplied at Tattooine, Thel unleashed a harrowing mystically-powered interdimensional attack, shunting the ship and all it’s crew off into an alternate dimension, and leaving it’s Captain stranded below.

Left devestated and without a home, stranded on the planet he swore he’d never fully return to, Haweke stripped himself of his Cosmo Dragoon laser pistol and Pirate spacesuit and got a job at the Cantina as a bartender, and began drinking heavily. This came to a head one night when a shuttle crashed nearby, only for Elusa Harkonnen to emerge, bloodied and near death. Haweke would take the opportunity to finally seek his revenge, only to be beaten by an armored-clad Sith Lord, who would also kill Elusa. To keep him true to his word, Elusa’s niece Telana Daiko would extract Elusa’s right eye in order to replace Haweke’s own.

Left to his own devices, and stranded on the closest thing he ever had in his spacenoid life to a terrestrial homeworld, Haweke began to rebuild his life. Slider left to attempt to seek out and rescue the Asher at his behalf, and left Haweke with the badly-damaged PalindromeEvolution to live in. However, all was not well. Sullen and depressed, Haweke began to reflect on his life since the twinning, coming to the disturbing conclusion that his life as “Zell Asher” will always haunt him. Seeking solace, he contemplated rushing headlong into fighting the magically-immune heartless which Helix had sealed in the sewers of Mos Eisley, hoping that his death may undo some of the damage he had done. Forced to confront the past that he had no choosing in, Haweke admitted that his travels over the last year had been nothing but an escape, and that his identity as a Legendary Space Pirate was just another type of mask.

Identity Crisis

Determined to either start a new life or recover his old one, Haweke rescued Elvis Sandlewood’s VF-25S from New Archer and set about to repair the Palindrome. Ghosts of his past would once again resurface, however, when a mysterious robed swordsman began to send Haweke ‘gifts’ including the mask he wore as Zell Kuroburos and Zell Asher. This swordsman’s harassment was focused on pushing Haweke to discover who he ‘truly is,’ and coincided with several mid-air battles, and the robed swordsman annihilating anyone connected to Haweke’s past. He also bequeathed a double-bladed, mystically edged broadsword to Haweke, with a note that one day, he would come to collect it by force. Eventually this would come to a head, and both Haweke, Nicholas McKay, and Becca Daniels would confront the mystery swordsman in a dangerous mid-air duel which began in orbit and fought in a running battle between three cities along Tatooine. Crashing into the center of Mos Eisley, Haweke confronted the mystery man in person, bringing that sword to bear. The Swordsman was revealed to be a young, masked teenager who claimed to be the clone of Edge Koenig, and that only “Haweke Karbn’s true self” could defeat him—not the thing he had become. Haweke struck down the boy, but spared him. Deciding that if Haweke Karbn could simply decide to no longer be “Zell Asher,” then he could as well, the boy declared himself “Edge Destiny” and dedicated his life to be a Champion of Justice, even going so far to ask Haweke to train him to be ‘a superhero.’ Haweke would politely mentor the kid for some time, careful to try and temper his more violent insanities.

Later, Lilly Pryce, now Lilly Asher, would approach Haweke with a proposal: if Haweke truly wanted to prove himself as a hero again, he’d ‘save’ Saroya Asher by bringing her back from the dead. Initially very resistant to the idea, worried to play in the realm of the gods, he was convinced due to two very important reasons: one, Saroya herself was connected to the mystic, was nearly a goddess herself, and that her return had been foretold—secondly, and more importantly, is that she deserved a second chance at life, one without the burdens and responsibilities that came before. Teaming up with Slider, Lilly, and inadvertently Anthony Silverwing, the team would confront Trenton Tremont, and a number of his Wolfram and Hart cronies, including a massive Earth Elemental, before eventually managing to return Saroya’s ashes into a mystic spring, returning her to life. This resurrection was not without it’s cost, however, as Saroya returned with absolutely no memory of her previous life. Seeing this as a parallel to his own experiences with memory alteration, Haweke took Saroya’s return as a bittersweet reminder of his own mental failures. He forced himself to let her go, viewing the Saroya that died in front of him as forever gone, and the one in front of him a new soul, worthy of respect, a new life, and above all, rejection. Haweke saw the only thing he could bring the new Saroya would be pain and suffering, and as such, he left her to her own devices at the Royal Palace.

Returning to Tatooine, Haweke would declare himself a freelance “Troubleshooter,” who would take on odd jobs of often violent or risky nature, for a fee. It was during one of these jobs that he would be off-world when his daughter Aleixa, now amnesiac herself and known as Taylor Karsten, would be pushed into a coma. With Alexia’s memories as ‘herself’ having been erased, Haweke too declared her ‘dead,’ and swore vengeance on Zarr—all while ignoring the nagging questions inside his own mind, that if the memories were all that remained, what remained of him during his ‘replacement,’ and had he ever returned from being a masked madman?

However, as Saroya had returned, so must Samara. Just as things were settling down, Juniper Asher broke out of her confinement in an expensive Coruscant mental hospital and began to terrorize all aspects of Saroya Asher’s life once again. Quickly advising Kimberly Asher to take the amnesiac Saroya into hiding, Haweke once again teamed up with Lilly in order to track down and subdue Juniper, at any means necessary. Here it became increasingly obvious that Juniper had help, and while Anthony Silverwing was exonerated of breaking the madwoman out in the first place, as evidence mounted of his complanecny in Juniper’s killings, Haweke’s hatred of the man grew. He also encountered Elina Vash, Saroya’s Half-sister for the first time, and was less than impressed with the woman’s ire. While he suspected something was ‘up,’ he couldn’t place his finger on it.

Haweke was then visited, not for the first time, by Ping, an ancient witch-thing which had believed that Haweke knew where Saroya’s son, Tao, was. Despite Ping’s dismissal of him, Haweke resolved to find, protect, and prepare Tao for the battle that was to come. Returning to the planet Saroya, Haweke would take Tao Asher and his bodyguard, Andre, back to Tatooine with him. Due to a number of insinuations, and Aric Silverwing’s protest that Haweke go through the planet entirely covered in a thick disguise, Haweke left the planet swearing that he would never, under any circumstance, return to it. Tao and Haweke would not get along at first, with Tao rejecting Haweke’s often violent, militaristic teachings in favor of his mother’s philosophy of pacifism. However, he slowly learned to trust Haweke, and Haweke would try to teach him to trust in himself and in his own abilities. After talking him through, in the heat of battle, how to unlock the Kingdom Hearts abilities that were hidden in Tao’s metaphysical soul, the boy was able to erase the stain of one of Haweke’s greatest failures, and return the vicious heartless children that had been sealed away be Helix under the city of Mos Eisley to their original, innocent, child forms. Here Haweke also revealed to Tao that he had been receiving visions and memories from his twin’s ascended form, and it had been the twin which had advised him to resurrect Saroya, rescue Zon Huntreas, and even protect Tao himself.

While Haweke was off world on a Troubleshooting job, Haweke’s ascended Twin would come onto the field once again as he would advise Zon Huntreas to protect Telana Daiko, and investigate the massive psychic whirwind which had appeared in the Diamond Sea on Tatooine. Appearing before the temporal god-thing which had taken residence there, Ascended!Haweke informed him that he knew of the villian’s plans and that humanity did not such a ‘benevolent’ of a dictator as he. Eventually their conversation spiraled into threats, and finally, violence, with the mastermind behind the gesalt attacking Haweke with temporal energy, which he easily absorbed, before recipricating. Unable to tolerate his flagrant disreguard of the codes of conduct which the Ascended Ancients lived by, they removed Haweke and banished him, presumably destroying him before he could interfere any further or more directly in the lives of ‘lower beings.’ Once out of the picture, events spiraled out of control, resulting in the death of Telana Daiko’s parents, and her exploding into a mile-wide ‘bomb’ of psychic energy, which even the non-ascended Haweke, returning to the planet and having missed most of the events, sensed at a distance.

When Starfleet geared up a final counterattack against New Archer, Haweke volunteered his service as a Troubleshooter. Operating out of the recently refitted Explorer, Haweke would prove an invaluable fighter, piloting his VF-25S alongside Elvis ‘Mercury’ Sandlewood in the F-91 Gundam and a mysterious, unknown pilot in the Exia. Upon returning from the battle, Haweke would be recruited by Mary, a 100-series Kukai Realian, to help have Telana Daiko reborn in the body of an infant. Once again complacent in the rebirth of someone he cared about as someone completely different, Haweke was too stunned to leap into action and prevent the deaths of everyone on the Angel Eye Colony of Tatooine’s Third Moon. Shocked, he was forced to watch from the bridge of the Explorer, and swore that he’d never let anything like that happen again, if he could do a single thing about it. Finally, before leaving the ship, he took an Encephelon Dive into Alexia’s subconscious, where he managed to resolve the conflict between her remaining personality as Alexia, and the new, programmed personality of Taylor Karsten. Helping even his own daughter ‘die’ and a new, forcibly programmed personality arise in her place was too much for him to bare, and in his weakness “Zell Asher” reformed. Taunting Haweke that he too was nothing but a shadow too stubborn to die, and that the ‘real’ him, just like all of the others, was the new programmed personality, Haweke very nearly gave into despair before Alexia reminded him that he alone was the Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible. Finally resolving his restored memories as a choice he’d made to become Haweke Karbn, he restored his mind and finally eradicated the remains of Zell Asher from his consciousness forever. For now and true, he was Haweke Karbn, nothing more, nothing less.

Unfinished Business

Despite having regained his confidence and self-identity, there still remained the lingering issues of Juniper Asher, Tao Asher, and Anthony Silverwing. At the same time, Haweke began to get headaches of varying degrees, as well as an incredible boost in intelligence. When Anthony finally called upon Tao to visit his ‘Aunt’ and kidnapped a wounded Andre to force the issue, Haweke finally snapped, and swore vengeance on Tao’s father. When Tao, determined to save his boyfriend, decided to acqience to his Aunt’s request, Haweke decided to accompany him. However, it became increasingly obvious that when he restored his memories and finally vanquished Zell Asher during the Encephelon Dive, it reactivated the long-dormant Ancient Database left in his mind. As it began to unspool once again, Haweke’s Newtype abilities began to spiral out of control. After modifying the PalindromeEvolution to cross to Coruscant within minutes, and a heart to heart with Tao, they both confronted Anthony Silverwing at the Asher First Bank of Corsucant. Here Haweke and Anthony would have their final showdown, though Haweke's creative use of EMP devices left there little official record of his siege of the building.

After a brutal battle which ended, thanks to the teleporting talents of Anthony, at the Asher-owned Tibanna deprocessing plant, Haweke had a final mental communion with the two, imparting Tao to find the way between surrender and combat, and discovering that Anthony was being mentally controlled by Elina Vash. Finally, if only briefly, believing to understand what a true Newtype is capable of doing, Haweke attempted to confront ELina at Tao’s side, but his mental state proved far too unstable. He quickly modified the Carbonite Freezing Chamber and placed himself in stasis, bequeathing his coat and gun to whomever Tao would find ‘worthy and noble,’ and the future to Tao himself.

Strange New Worlds

Shortly thereafter, the Temporal Investigations department of Starfleet confronted Zon with a stunning discovery—a “Lieutenant Commander Haweke ‘Hit’ Karbn” who had served in Starfleet for over ten years! It seems that this Haweke had been discovered in 2372 in Federation space, remembering nothing but his name, this Haweke had joined Starfleet and had even fought in the Dominion War! Zon, as well as the rest of the Kukai Federation were shocked, but quickly pieced together that this must have been what had happened to the Ascended Haweke Karbn:

After being kicked out of the Ascended Ancient’s dimension, Haweke had been saved from death and instead banished, and due to the temporal energies he had absorbed, had been banished through time as well. Discovered in 2372, laying nude in a field on the planet Bergamax Prime, the young 15 year old seemed amnesiac, and could only remember his name: Haweke Karbn. Young Haweke was taken in by two Berganic settlers, while the local authorities investigated the situation. Stumped, they called in Starfleet, with Captain Bewana Uchebe investigating onboard the Jubei. They soon learned several things about the boy. First, Haweke seemed to learn at an exponential rate, and a series of tests by Starfleet medical confirmed that his brain was still in a state of growth and flux, similar to that of the first three to four years of childhood; he was a teenager with all of the psysiological symptoms of having just been ‘born.’ Likewise, Haweke seemed to have a preternatural sense of third-dimensional awareness, as well as a nearly supernatural ‘feel’ for machinery and operation. Haweke also excelled in experiencing potent bursts of highly accurate intuition.

Having no official ‘age,’ and eager to learn about his mysterious past, Haweke joined Starfleet Academy after a letter of recommendation from Captain Uchebe later in the year. With the outbreak of the Dominion War in late 2373, Haweke was one of the many cadets who received field assignments, and later field promotions, graduating after only two years of the four year course. However, he still managed to take the dreaded Kobyashi Maru test, where he became one of the few Cadets to informally ‘beat’ the No-Win Scenario, through the use of his hightened intuition—he simply singled out the (simulated) cloaked starship out of a ‘wild guess’ and annihilated it. Seeing the cadet as an extraordinarily lucky individual, his instructor decided to let him continue with the simulation, and let him think he'd won, to the point of waiting for Haweke to lower the starship’s shields before having two simulated starships decloak and annihilate him. Still, like his original counterpart(s), this scenario left him with the nickname of "Hit," and "The Man Who Makes The Impossible Possible." Regardless, Haweke was field stationed on the Akira-class Jubei during the latter half of the war. Cadet-then-Ensign Haweke Karbn served with distinction during the war, joining with the Second Fleet and participating in a number of missions. Despite his young age, Haweke’s talent for flight was singled out, and he was assigned to the Peregrin wings for the duration of the Dominion War. One of the first missions he flew was the second attempt to liberate Betazed from the Cardassians.

After the war ended in 2375, Haweke returned to the Academy to complete an engineering field track, sensing an aptitude, but found himself more and more enamoured by command. After receiving a promotion to Lieutenant JG upon the resolution of the specialized courses in 2378, Haweke returned to the Jubei as a junior officer, eventually serving as the ship’s helmsman and Operations officer, before passing the command test and serving as the ship’s night-shift CO. As he was promoted to full Lieutenant in 2381, he received a posting as the ship’s Chief of Security, which he held until 2384, where he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and briefly transferred to Earth as part of the ongoing “SGR” StarGate Research facility. While at the SGR he lead a team to “Clark’s Planet,” an M-Class world which had recently lost contact with the Federation. It turned out that the government had fallen to civil war, and refused to let Karbn or his SG team to leave. In defiance of orders, which were to wait two months until a Starfleet cruiser could arrive for pickup, Haweke stormed the government forces in deliberate disreguard of the Prime Directive and retook the gate. While he managed to get his team home safely, this left a permenant black mark on his record, and even Captain Uchebe has declared it would be unlikely that he would ever get his own Command again. In 2385 he rotated back to the Jubei, and remained Chief of Security onboard the Akira-class starship until in September of 2386 where he requested to be transferred to the science division, citing unhappiness with his work.

Recognizing the opportunity as this new-but-familiar Haweke arrived onboard the Explorer, Zon quickly assigned Haweke as the Starfleet Liason officer between the Federation and the Kukai Foundation, where Haweke was quick to recognize that he had some shared past with the far-off galaxy, and Tatoo system in particular. After being told the previous, sordid history of the ‘legendary’ Haweke Karbn, Haweke was shocked, but remains optimistic that his memories will return to him, even if slowly. Finally having found his origins, and with the Kukai Foundation quickly adapting to him, this Haweke too decided to take upon the mantel of Haweke Karbn.

With the other Haweke missing in action and frozen in carbonite, this new Haweke found himself admist a number of challenges, seeking two things: his past, and a way to find, revive and heal the shattered mind of his scarred doppelganger.

Giant Robots and Revelations

While Haweke had found his origins, he still lacked his memories. Skillsets begin to slowly return: Haweke found himself instantly capable of piloting mobile suits, among other things, but the actual tangible memories, experiences, eluded him. With the Kukai Foundation and Federation alliance growing in strength, Haweke found himself taking on more and more responsibility. When the Angels returned to threaten the planet the Kukai Foundation quickly deployed their Evangelion unit to combat these monsters, and ran up against Celsec's own Eva program, lead by Hannah Miriam. Miriam remembered Haweke, which helped him gain her trust and pool their resources, including young Elan Sandlewood who Haweke would begin to mentor. When a series of circumstances forced Haweke to attempt to pilot one of the Evangelions on his own, Haweke found himself in a crossroads. Absorbed by the bio-mecha after nearly defeating the Angel single handed, he was forced to relive his memories, falling slowly into dispair. It was only through the help of Elan and Hannah's protege, Abigale Adalia that Haweke was able to find the will to reconstitute himself. Following this, Haweke realized he had regained all of his memories from his previous life, save for two important distinctions. He could not recall any memories or knowledge from when he was Ascended (though he instinctively 'knew' he had done certain things), and his memories were tempered by the passing of time.

It wasn't long after this that Ace Kaelton returned in what would be known as The Battle of Kaelton's Revenge. Feeling a kinship with his twin, this Haweke swore to stop Kaelton at whatever the cost. With the help of a new mobile suit with a powerful psychoframe, and the Republic's Nebula-class HawekeKarbn Star Destroyer, Karbn was able to deflect a powerful superlaser shot in sheer force of will, then fight his way into Kaelton's mothership and shoot him in the face with the Cosmo Dragoon pistol. Though both the HawekeKarbn and the mobile suit were lost in the battle, Haweke survived—though he was forced to confront the untimely death of his daughter, Alexia.

Of Gods and (Wo)men

Shortly after regaining his memories, Haweke came across Saroya Asher once again. With her now an amneasiac from a parallel resurrection, he found her strange an off-putting, wishing the best for her new 'tabula rasa' life and hoping that she would persue a less painful destiny with her second chance. However, fate had other things in store for Miss Asher: a long forgotten vengeance spell would bring the Furies, and the Gods of Olympus down upon her. With Saroya having gone mad, Barclay Nicodemus Ramsey attempted to assist in discovering who or what had caused the sudden attack. When Haweke's Starfleet medical science could find no cause, he was forced to admit the malady was magical. With Barclay and Slider's help they traveled to Mount Olympus itself, and successfully convinced Ares, the God of War, to undo the Furies curse.

However, during the chaos of their visit, Anthony Silverwing stole Zeus lightning, the source of his power, as part of an elaborate revenge plot against Slider (who was oblivious, as usual). When Zeus arrived days later, blotting out the suns with a sandstorm and threatening to anihilate Tatooine with less thank a blink, it was Haweke who stood toe to toe with the God of Gods and, with the now-sane Saroya's help, arranged a deal to deliver the lost Lightning in exchange for the mortal safety. This merry chase then lead Haweke to Elena Vash's home on Coruscant, where she had arranged an elaborate death trap designed to test all of their psyche's; for Haweke, he was placed in a maze, given a puzzle, where the only answer—the only way out of the constantly shifting maze was to return the way he came, and give up. It was only through a wounded Saroya that Haweke was able to let go and retreat. Eventually, with the help of Slider, they were able to recover the lightning. However, his twin, the scarred Haweke Karbn still remained in carbonite, somewhere in Vash's clutches.

Resistance to Rebellion

When the Peacekeepers invaded Tatooine on the behalf of Skrellnik the Hutt, claiming prior claim, Haweke was on the ground floor, ready to help all of the local resistance fighters in their battle against the invaders. He soon found that things were far more complicated than he suspected, as his duties to Starfleet: in particular that of the Prime Directive, forced him to stay his hand. Starfleet was forced to recognize the prior claim the Hutts had on the planet, which turned the invasion into a civil war; if the due government of the Tatoo system did not want Starfleet interference, then they were bound by their own laws to uphold their neutrality. Further complicating things was the mysterious rebel leader The Ghost, who urged Haweke to action. Despite this, Haweke found himself acting in secret, even convincing the Captain of the Pathfinder/ Commander Dani Richards to help clear the skies of enemy ships during the Battle of the Sarlaac.

During the Battle of Mos Espa Haweke had a different plan: he disguised himself as his own twin, and lead the charge as one of The Ghost's Black Knights.

Our Last, Best Hope

When the Goa'uld System Lord S'Tan attempted to barter his way to a large amount of refined Dilithium by selling Thel's droid army to either the Kukai Foundation, the Federation, or the Outer Rim Republic, Haweke assisted Admiral Margaret Cartwright in the 'negotiations.' Soon things became apparant that S'Tan was only leading them on in order to gain access to the Olympus 4 space station which Captain Huntreas had brought back from four thousand years into the future. Finally gaining entry, Haweke was stunned to find that the station, despite being from the future, was built using Ancient Alteran technology. Haweke was able to successfully synch with the Ancient Control Chair and use a number of Drone Weapons to drive off S'Tan's Ha'tak mothership, along with the help of the ORR battlegroup lead by the Nazarath

With the existance of the Olympus 4 station now public knowledge and sitting unguarded at the edge of the Tatoo system, Starfleet had a choice to make.


Saroya Asher-On again, off again romance. The effectiveness of this pairing is best left to the imagination. After she was restored to live without her memories, Haweke was firmly of the mindset that she should never again return to her previous self, and considered the woman he knew, for all intents and purposes, ‘dead.’ Haweke-Blue has since seen the return of the original Saroya, and their future remains in flux.
Garron Taiyou- originally a rival for Saroya's affections, they eventually reached an acceptable, if uneasy, understanding.
Slider-considered the second in command and best, if lunatic friend, Haweke had more of an effect on Slider than Slider did on Haweke. Haweke-Blue has regarded Slider as “curious annoyance”
Telana Daiko-Haweke takes his position as "Uncle Haweke" serious, and she is one of the few people that can stretch a smile out of his sometimes solumn demenour. Haweke was up front and helped Telana be reborn after her psychic gesalt following the death of her parents.
Zarr Karbn-Haweke eventually came to accept Zarr as something of a son, though their relationship remains estranged. After Zarr essentially ‘killed’ Alexia, Haweke has disowned his masked clone.
Alexia-In contrast, Alexia's violent and power-hungry nature made Haweke reject her. Now with her new personality, “Taylor Karsten,” Haweke seems to be accepting her, but regards her as his ‘third’ (clone) child, more as Alexia’s twin than Alexia herself. Taylor was killed during the Battle of Kaelton's Revenge.
Edge Koenig-Mortal enemy, Edge's final defeat was Haweke's finest moment, finally allowing him to move on with his life.
Edge Destiny-Edge Koenig’s self-proclaimed clone has a case of hero worship for Haweke, and Haweke occasionally tries to mentor the young boy, and temper his insanity.
Zon Huntreas-Haweke always regarded Captain Huntreas as an ally, and for a time, served as the Captain’s intelligence agent in the Outer Rim. After rescuing him from the Goa’uld, they grew into friends. As Haweke-Blue returned with Starfleet memories, however, he only recalls Zon as his commanding officer.
Samara Asher-Haweke has no tolerance for Saroya's twin, and had promised to kill her should she ever resurface.
Anthony Silverwing-Saroya's current love has no love for Haweke, but Haweke feels a kinship in the man's damaged mind. He let him live even after he protected Juniper Asher, but promised to kill him should he ever take up arms against Haweke again. When Anthony finally did, Haweke’s amicable façade faded, and he has sworn to kill Anthony Silverwing; he only relented due to the revelation that Anthony was being mind controlled. As Haweke-Blue, he hates Anthony.
Tao Asher-Saroya and Anthony’s son inspires a fierce sense of protection in Haweke.
Toxic Marsh-Friend and combatant, Toxic and Haweke have gone their separate ways.
Ace Kaelton-Haweke has sworn to kill Ace Kaelton should the two ever meet again. As far as he knows, Ace feels the same way. Given the genocidal nature of Kaelton, Haweke-Blue followed through on the promise.
Elusa Harkonnen-After taking his eye, Haweke felt he owes Elusa the same favor. His hand had only been stayed due to the woman's relationship to Telana Daiko. When Elusa finally went around the deep end and was killed by the Sith, Telana went ahead and surgically removed Elusa’s right blue-on-blue eye, and gave it to Haweke.
Lilly Pryce-He’s the only one who’s ever really stood up to her, and gotten away with it. She hates him. Saroya, however, either in person or memory, will often dissolve any real barriers between them.
Becca Daniels-Meeting the Robotech Defense Force pilot back when he was with the PAF, their fierce rivalry over their respective fighter planes would suggest them to become bitter enemies, but over time they have become respected friends and allies. Notable for introducing Haweke, a mobile suit pilot, to the concept of transformable machines.
Nicholas McKay-Ion Storm’s shuttle pilot ‘affectionately’ refers to Haweke as BJ, for “Bot-Jocky.” Despite that, the two have flown as wingmen on several joint missions, and became fast friends.
Elan Sandlewood-Haweke has taken the young genius and Evangelion pilot under his wing, and often includes him on a number of different missions. Haweke is oblivious to Elan's various secret identities.


In hand to hand combat, Haweke has gone from being an able fighter and an able fencer, to being one of the most capable and quick-thinking combatants in the Outer Rim. His marksmanship has improved, and for the longest time he was a fan of the hold-out blaster, and later the Peacekeeper pulse pistol. For the longest time he would use the prototype Cosmo Dragoon laser pistol, as well as the Gravity Saber sword/rifle given to him by Slider. As a Starfleet officer, Haweke now has a standard Type-II Phaser Pistol as his weapon of choice, though due to Starfleet training, his hand to hand combat skills are more rounded than he was as a PAF mobile suit pilot.
Haweke is widely regarded as one of the best mobile suit pilots in the Outer Rim. Haweke's Newtype abilities allow him superhuman reflexes, and his combat experience makes him one of the most dangerous tacticians in the Outer Rim territories. Likewise, his Newtype abilities can sometimes manifest as dangerous, unpredictable phenomena. As a Starfleet officer, Haweke has numerous hand to hand and firearms training, as well as training in starship combat and extensive scientific and engineering know-how.

Important Notes

Pre-Reset, Haweke was actually a minor, and misguided-but-amicable villain, who was known only for having enough innate piloting skill to keep up with the established characters. That Haweke later gave his life to allow the protagonists to escape during the ‘Reset Apocalypse’. He was also a lot younger(19-20 as opposed to 25 when first introduced).
Amnesia!Haweke's mobile suit data was more or less used in all of the Harkonnen Droid Brains, which explains how they were able to take over the system. Even without his memories, he’s a dangerous pilot.
Haweke has the most funerals/deaths in the 'tina, despite only actually dying half of one time(ascension).
Haweke started out as a supporting character for Sade Kabik, and is now the Chuck Norris of the chatroom. Go figure.
Yeah, he’s Starfleet now. Who says we need another reset to say “Suck it, causality!”

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