HellHound Missile

The HellHound Missile is an anti fighter missile developed by the Dread Conglomerate and currently used by the Outer Rim Republic

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The HellHound Missile was originally developed as a way to sow mines over large areas of space or ground. Soon it was realized that the new device was ideal for area-effect antifighter purposes.


Upon launch, the missile deploys six sensor booms, which tell the computer brain where to steer. When the missile has reached it's detonation point (this can be preprogrammed for distance from launch, proximity to target, or any of several options), the initial charge detonates, flinging out between 50 and 200 nuclear bomblets, each approximately 50 KT in yield. This yield can be modified if needed. In later models, the bomblets are very small matter/antimatter charges. Each bomblet in turn can be either set to impact or proximity detonation. The result is often devastating, especially to unshielded targets.

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