The Holonet is a galactic communications grid that was developed and used by the Galactic Republic and, later, the Galactic Empire as well as the New Republic. The HoloNet is a near-instantaneous communications network commissioned by the Galactic Senate to provide a free flow of hologram and other communications among member worlds. It vastly sped up galactic communications, which had previously depended on subspace transmissions or relays.


SystemMessages were routed along millions of non-mass hyperwave transceivers buried in hyperspace and routed through massive computer sorters and decoders to reach their sometimes very distant destinations through s-threads. This technology enabled data to be sent and received at faster-than-light speeds, ensuring near-instantaneous communication from one end of the galaxy to the other.

It should also be noted that the information transmitted via the HoloNet was almost impossible to be captured by spies, thanks to s-thread's incredibly narrow dimensions. The only way to do so was to attach a listening device to the emitter/receiver itself.

The HoloNet system used to be an extremely costly expenditure, both for transceiver placement/maintenance (funded by the government) and for consumer HoloNet equipment. However, it was one of the major methods of communication in the galaxy and with nanoforge technology provided by Paxmillion Limited, a small extra investment made maintenence on the transceivers free and constant.

Use History

Created thanks to the Galactic Senate's efforts many years before the Clone Wars, the HoloNet quickly expanded throughout the galaxy, ending up with at least one emitter/receiver device located on virtually every planet of the Galactic Republic.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy created the CIS Shadowfeed, a network of hyperwave transceivers similar to the Republic's HoloNet News channel. During this time, both sides used the HoloNet to broadcast propaganda.

When Emperor Palpatine assumed power, large portions of the HoloNet were shut down to prevent news of the Empire's atrocities from spreading quickly. During the time of the Empire, the HoloNet was strictly controlled, used mostly for Imperial Military communications. This greatly inhibited the ability of groups like the Alliance to Restore the Republic to communicate, and arguably also had an isolating affect on the many planets over which the Empire held power. During this period, Ebenn Q3 Baobab created an alternative HoloNet since the official HoloNet disseminated only Imperial propaganda without the "complication" of unapproved free speech. After the Empire fell, HoloNet channels were reopened and security was lifted, restoring free speech.

Important Notes

Directly competes with the Kukai U.M.N. and receives customers on the basis its a familiar and trusted system.

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