Iron Star

The DCS Iron Star was the flagship of the Dread Conglomerate navy. It was destroyed during the Conglomerate Civil War.

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Ship History

Commander Ace Kaelton was fond of having large warships to carry his flag. After the destruction of this cobbled-together Super Star Destroyer, the Alderaan's Revenge, Kaelton had his ship designer and friend Stan Haliway begin work on a new ship, one that would utilize the Conglomerate's new fondness for raw nuclear power.

The ship was astounding. Measuring almost seven and a half kilometers in length, much of the ship did not have an atmosphere, simply being a frame that housed fully 545 nuclear reactors. The power generated was fantastic. It allowed the specific design of cannons that would channel the thermal output into an almost cohesive beam, capable of burning through all but the hardest metals. These were dubbed Beam Cannons, and were once reported to be used to carve a small planetoid into pieces. Another marvel was the Rift Generator, which used condensed Neutrons to rip holes or Rifts in the fabric of spacetime. While some warned that the technology was unstable and would eventually cause a catastrophe, it proved effective if dangerous, allowing the otherwise ponderously slow ship to jump distances almost instantly.

The forward 2.5 kilometers were pressurized with atmosphere, and provided living and working quarters for some 150,000 crewmen, officers, pilots, and Marines. Three hanger bays held a total of 1,000 fighters and bombers, as well as a multitude of non-combat craft.

The Iron Star was commissioned, and became an icon of Conglomerate military might. Fighting in several battles, the Iron Star amazingly came away nearly without a scratch everytime. It was discovered that if the engines and beam cannons were shut down, the reactors could shunt directly into the shields, rendering the ship nigh invincible for short periods of time.

During the Conglomerate Civil War, Kaelton made a desperate grab for the Tatoo system, and was soundly defeated. The Iron Star's invincibility myth was shattered as the ship was crippled, and then destroyed. The shockwave temporarily altered planetary orbits in the system, and was detected on the other side of the galaxy.

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