Javin is an industrial world used by the former Dread Conglomerate as it's secondary shipyard facilities, now controlled by the Outer Rim Republic



Javin was originally a rocky world with scattered forests. Upon the arrival of the Conglomerate, Javin was heavily strip mined, until the entire world was a mass of quarries and underground mines. The construction of dozens of enormous shipyard facilities created mass pollution. This was made even worse during the Conglomerate Civil War, when nuclear weapons razed large areas of the surface. Javin is now habitable, albeit barely on the surface. Efforts to restore the planet are underway by the ORR.


Javin has a very small population. Under the Conglomerate, 90 percent of the inhabitants were miners or shipyard workers. Presently an effort to repopulate the planet is underway. Javin is known for a surprising amount of literature produced.


Javin is one of the five planets controlled by the Outer Rim Republic. Javin's Senate representatives tend to be moderate, with slight rightwing tendencies.

Important Notes

Javin was the site of several important battles during the Egg Wars, as well as the DC/CoN War.
The poem (later made into a song) entitled "The Battle of Javin" was written about an early battle of the Egg war, and the popular ORR pilot's chorus "Wings of Glory" was written by a pilot veteran of a decisive fighter battle in Javin's atmosphere during the CoN war.

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