Javin-class Battleship is a heavy assault ship developed by the Dread Conglomerate to combat the species known as Eggs


Ship Class History

The spacefaring organisms known as Eggs were plaguing the Conglomerate's military and merchant traffic. By chance, it was discovered that the Eggs were highly susceptible to nuclear radiation. Top military scientists and engineers went to work developing a weapons system, and a ship to be built around it. The first two prototypes were launched, and proved extremely effective. They were first used decisively at the Battle of Javin. Even long after the Egg Wars were over, the Javin-class battleship remains in service today, both in the Outer Rim Republic and the Kaelton Loyalists.


The Javin-class is just over 700 meters long. The principle weaponry of the ship is four specially designed turbolaser turrets, each the size of a modern day apartment block, and each powered by it's own nuclear reactor of equal size. The turbolaser beams are injected with concentrated radiation just before discharge. While this does little to affect the kinetic damage, the thermal damage is greatly increased, as well as heavily irradiating the target area. This made it highly effective against the Eggs. Also included in the ship's arsenal are several automated quadlaser turrets as point defense, and eight torpedo tubes.


Standard crew complement is 1500 crew, and 300 Marines. In a pinch, the ship can be operated effectively by as few as 5 people, and temporarily by a single individual.

Important Notes

Until the advent of the Salvatore-class super carrier, the Javin-class battleship was the most easily recognizable ship in the Conglomerate navy.

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