Kivat Bathunter

Kivat Bathunter is an Ewok male who served with distinction in the Dread Conglomerate navy. Following the Conglomerate Civil War, he was given the rank of Grand Admiral of the Outer Rim Republic navy.

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Character History

Kivat Bathunter was born in 26 BBY in the Iron Bark Village on the forest moon of Endor. His childhood was unremarkable, although young Kivat showed a strong talent for construction. As an adolescent, he was a skilled hunter of small renown, and it was assumed that he would construct a family hut and take a mate soon.

Following the Battle of Endor, Kivat met a Rebel Lieutenant Commander named Ace Kaelton, and the two became good friends. Kaelton recognized that Kivat was highly intelligent, and fully capable of combat command. When Kaelton decided to secede from the New Republic, he offered Kivat the opportunity to come along as a ship's captain. Kivat jumped.

Now a Captain, Bathunter took the helm of the DCS Wyyvern, a heavily modified Corona-class frigate.The Wyyvern served as a border vessel in the initial months, then detailed to anti-pirate duties. Bathunter excelled in both fields. In recognition of his achievements, Kivat was given command of the first Praetor class battlecruiser, the DCS Praetor, and a promotion to SubCommander. During the Egg Wars, he was promoted again to Lieutenant Commander and placed in command of the DCS Hydra, a Javin class battleship.

As Commander of the Hydra, Kivat accquired a reputation as a skilled leader, but also for being reckless. The Hydra was eventually destroyed, along with almost two thirds of it's crew, in a conflict with the Desert Scorpion Empire, this leading to the famous "war that wasn't". Many among the DC's ranks felt that Bathunter's rash actions were directly responsible for the Hydra's destruction, however Kaelton decided to support Kivat, and had a new battleship commissioned, also named Hydra.

Kivat, despite his close friendship with Commander Kaelton, was one of the first to become concerned with the Commander's erratic behavior. He and Carol Yves of Larkin City soon met to plan the possibility of a coup to remove Kaelton from power. This led to the Conglomerate Civil War.

After the bloody conflict, Bathunter was declared by the new Senate to be Grand Admiral of the Fleet. This was an unpleasant surprise to Kivat, who wanted nothing more than to go back to commanding a ship of the line. Unfortunately for him, the Outer Rim Republic needed an icon to get behind, and Bathunter was it. He continues to serve to this day. His flagship is the carrier ORRC Nazareth.


Kivat is very skilled when in command of a ship and crew. His diminuative stature prevents him from being effective alone, although he is somewhat proficient with small arms.

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