Kohl is a desert planet, formerly controlled by the Dread Conglomerate, now under the control of the Outer Rim Republic



Kohl is remarkably similar to Tatooine, with two suns and an equally harsh climate. Native lifeforms are scarce, and most are no bigger than half a meter in length. Notable exception is the Kohlian Hawk, a flying lizard type creature bearing passing resemblance to a Krayt Dragon.


The humanoid population of Kohl is almost exclusively limited to the northwestern hemisphere. Kohl is known for high quality metalworking, and most of the ships in current service in the ORR are made from Kohlian steel.


Kohl initially refused to go along with the secession from the Conglomerate, but agreed after the destruction of the Jolaran system. Kohl's Senate representatives are decidedly conservative.

Important Notes

Sand, sand, flying lizards, and more sand.

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