Kolya was an agricultural world formerly of the Dread Conglomerate, then controlled by the Outer Rim Republic. It was razed in 26 ABY by Kaelton loyalists using anti-planet nuclear weapons.



Kolya is a planet comprised almost entirely of open plains, with two major oceans, and a scattering of low mountain ranges. During the Conglomerate Civil War, two low-yield nuclear weapons were detonated over the secondary continent, irradiating several thousand square kilometers. in 26 ABY, Kaelton loyalists used a group of 14 torpedo boats to raze the planet's surface with an estimated thirty four dustbust anti-planet nuclear torpedoes. The planet's surface was devastated, and the entire planet is now teeming with radiation. Scientists predict that Kolya will be uninhabitable for the next several thousand years.


Kolya's inhabitants were mostly farmers and ranchers, and those who provide services for them. Kolya was known as a superb producer of meat products, as well as most grains. Kolya was also home to an emerging music culture, with heavy operatic influences.


Kolya was one of the two planets to originally enter into the military coup agreement. This is surprising considering the almost nonexistant military experience on the planet. Kolya's Senators in the ORR were noted for heavy liberal leanings.

Important Notes

Zak Hayden is from this planet.

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