Kristiea Sumont

Kristiea Sumont is for lack of a better word… a Wanderer.


Character History

Born of two beings from planes of existence on a higher level than the mortal plane. To be more specific Mother was of the 7th level, Father was of the 10th. Normally such an event is highly impossible as a general rule members of said planes rarely interact with the others. (Exceptions seem to be that pesky mortal plane and the first few levels…. and often times the other way around) The Seventh plane in particular was normally highly ignored by all others, as it tended to be a very black and white place, Inhabited by two races, both nameless by mortal means, simply put the Light and the Dark, with the usual connotations that go with that. (see also Light = Good/Dark = Evil). Some several million years ago however a being of the tenth plane met and fell in love with one of these "dark beings", odd as this may be.

Unfortunately not long after the conception of a child the "Light" beings took great affront to this birth, and destroyed said mother. The Tenth's response to this was to totally eradicate the entire tenth plane of existence, as only destroying the beings who caused the death of his beloved would have freed the Dark beings to do all sorts of nasty things to the rest of existance before they could be stopped. For this, the Tenth was stripped of almost all his power, and put into an immortal human shell on the mortal plane of existance, given only the power to Wander the multiverse for all eternity. Never growing old, merely existing, never being able to know love that won't grow old and die Eons before him.

The child meanwhile was also sealed of her powers, as the combination of the two left the infant uncontrollable. And so sealed and given humanoid form, the infant was left upon the steps of a church in Mos Eisley, where she was found and raised by a young Jedi by the name of Jonathan. Who was ironically the son of a friend of her father.

Not long after she was found, said universe was very nearly destroyed in one of the frequent Apocalypse's that happened on an almost weekly basis there. (It should be noted that this was the branch universe from a mainline universe that WAS destroyed, but restarted). Some 16 years later, the now teen aged child, named Kristiea Sumont by her "Dad" (the Jedi Jonathan) was dodging pirates with her sister Seraphim (just don't call her that, she prefers Seraph) a construct core of their ship the Seventh Wing . Very near death, two of the level 10's chose to save the child, mainly since they saw her as being "at least partly one of them". As such Kristiea and Seraph soon found themselves in orbit over Tattoine. A quick bit of near hard to detect (and since paid back plus interest) money laundering, the two purchased Docking bay 32 in Mos Eisley Spaceport, as that was the very docking bay her Dad and Grandpa worked from in the prior universe. A bit of scouting around revealed that this was a similar universe to the one her Dad was originally from, just many many years in the past.

A year (and many misadventures) later, the young Kristiea very nearly destroyed herself in an encounter with a copy of herself brought forth from an encounter with a parasite. Since the parasite was not born of a Higher level existance, they were near powerless to stop it, all they could do was release the seal on Kris's power before it was too late, the resulting power spike destroyed the copy, but very nearly destroyed Kris's body as well. Once the copy was destroyed, the seal was quickly replaced before the spike damaged the multiverse. Unfortunately, the new seal was not as strong as the prior seal, and the experience fundamentally changed her. Already practically immortal, the young Kristiea was forever stuck in the form of a 17 year old girl, however now with a bevy of new powers.

It was at this time that her "Father" the former level 10, cursed to live amongst the mortals as an immortal for all time, was given permission to train her in the uses of these new powers. As a part of this training, she uses one of the new powers she gained to "Wander the Multiverse" by way of interdemensional portals, as a way of "learning how other cultures live", spending anywhere from one to four years in these other dimensions learning languages, cultures, and slowly newer powers and control of said power.


Easily the most important person in her life is her Sister, Seraph. In her home "galaxy" where she was raised for the first 16 years of her life, Constructs, what we would incorrectly deem AI, are treated the same as any living being. The core consciousness of the Light freighter Seventh Wing, Seraph is, in this galaxy, one of the closest beings she has to a family.

Slightly less important, and often trying, is her "father" known as Raenod Johansen in his mortal form. More a guide along the path, than parental figure, she none the less has a great deal of respect for her "genetic parent".


Ever since her "power Spike" Kristiea has a innate understanding of Dimensional mechanics, quite literally able to "see" them if she taps into her power. One of her main uses for this is the formation of "Energy Swords" actually warp bubbles, one way portals to technically no where, each about 95 to 135 cm in length, and only a few Planck lengths wide. Producing a blood red glow, mainly because the "technically Nowhere" dimension that it opens too is not a very pleasant place, she applies a 'filter' that blocks out most of the nastier forms of radiation, and all but the red wavelengths of light. Which is really a fancy way of saying that she can form an energy blade that functions similar to a Lightsaber, without the need for the lightsaber hilt.

Also useful is a similar application of the portal, only instead of a portal to nowhere, a short range point to point portal, allowing her to move quickly in between two points of a local area, or with the use of more "power" longer ranges.

On the note of her "power":
Normally she lives in what she refers to as "Autistic Mode" in which she consciously and unconsciously suppresses her abilities to minimal levels. The main reason she does this is that usage of her power causes a psychic overpressure that most beings find uncomfortable, if not downright painful depending on how much she uses. Only in time of need does she lower the barriers and allow more and more of it to step up to the forefront.

However even if she was to use as much as she was able to, the seal that the other 10's have placed upon her, still limits her to a mere .04% of what she could truly be capable of. Were that seal suddenly be completely removed (rather than partially removed as happened during her power spike) it is likely that within moments the power surge would annihilate the mortal plane of existance…. across the multiverse.

Additionally she also carries upon her belt a "pocket universe control buckle" giving her an extreme amount of storage space for a variety of weaponry and tools, using an "indexing glove" that is connected to an elaborate rack system, she has a wide variety of weaponry, from Pistols, Assult Rifles, Sniper rifles, to an impressive collection of swords that have been collected upon her travels, often times when she finds a particularly powerful sword or weapon she stops by a branch universe and "borrows" said weapon. However not all of these are ones she particularly like using, as some are fairly unpleasant.

Additionally the Seventh Wing carries an impressive arsenal in one of the smaller substorage areas in her room. Sadly all those weapons do not include a Dimensional cannon, as she hasn't really been able to convince anyone to give her a weapon capable of destroying a small galaxy in a single shot. ;_;

Physical Description

Despite looking like a mere 17 year old girl, she is infact several hundred years old, however most of these years are ones spent in other universes on "training". Standing a mere 5'8" she has an athletic build, with shoulder length jet black hair, the Cornea's of her eyes are a deep blood red color, which is one of the main ways of telling that she is not human, the other being her oddly pointed ears.

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