Kristin Araya

Character name is a Jedi Knight of the Old Jedi Order. She is a Battlemaster.


Character History

Kristin was born to the former Jedi Knight Talia Shan and the force-sensitive Victor von Flagge a skilled pilot in the Old Republic. She was an only child, born out of wedlock during her mother’s self-imposed exile. She took the name Araya after the clone wars to hide her identity

Kristin’s mother, Talia, was a skilled adept in the force and would have likely been elected to one of the Jedi Councils had she not fallen for the young handsome Flagg and decided hers was to be the life of a mother, not a Jedi. This act of personal need ironically gave birth to a future Jedi, and would also spare her during the Great Jedi Purge. Flagg would go on the be a Commodore in the Imperial Navy. After that, she has no knowledge of his history.

When she was of acceptable age she was accepted into the Jedi Academy housed in the Jedi Temple, much to the dismay of both her parents. As a youngling she showed true skill in the Force. Much to the worry of the Masters on hand she seemed to have trouble with using the Force to manipulate objects in a calm manner, but rather excelled at violently hurling them around. While some of her classmates could cause a block to hover above the ground for long periods she could not. However when it came to picking up an object and hurling it across the room to see what would happen… she was second to none. The Masters didn’t immediately try to stop her because in her they sensed no malice or anger, purely curiosity. They intended to find a use for this energy.

Throughout her formative years the Masters were able to channel this energy into more constructive aspects of the force. Specifically her training in Shii-Cho, the most basic lightsaber form. It was evident at this stage to them they had found her true gift, the ability to use a lightsaber. While all Jedi know how to use a lightsaber, very few can say they actually wield it. She began training in the Makashi style even before she formally became a Padawan.

Once she was ready she was taken under the wing of the Jedi Master Cin Drallig. She was not officially recorded as his Padawan because, at the time he had one. However as the battlemaster of the Jedi Temple it was deemed he was best to train the young Araya in the seven forms. Over the years while other Jedi trained both as peace-keepers and diplomats in addition to being ready for battle, she simply studied how to become one with her blade. She eventually became proficient enough to be considered an expert of the six main forms, yet not a Master in any of them. She vowed to continue training and eventually was allowed to train under Master Mace Windu, where she was eventually allowed to learn the seventh form Vaapad. She also learned and developed a preference for employing Jar’Kai, using two lightsabers except with a reverse grip. Under his tutlage she eventually became skilled enough to be ranked as a blademaster. This honor brought to her a realization that she had not yet seen, she was unlike the other Jedi. Whereas they seemed to be capable of fulfilling a multitude of roles… she had only one… she was a living weapon.

Though not technically a Jedi Knight, upon reaching her status as a blademaster she was accepted fully into the Jedi Order as a Knight and was sent to the Jedi Academy on Almas for a time to teach forms to the students there. Just before the beginning of the Clone Wars she was again reassigned, this time to visit the old sith homeworld of Korriban for signs of the return of the Sith. They sent her realizing that in the event of something going wrong while there she could likely handle it, where it would take more than one Knight under normal circumstances. She privately found herself upset, realizing she was likely going to miss the epic battles of what would be known as the Clone Wars… instead going to a dusty dead ball of Sith bones. What she found there was entirely unexpected.

When her Starfighter entered the system she managed to remain luckily undetected, which was probably a good thing because the Commerce Guild had a fleet there. At the time they were not hostile to the Republic… yet it would soon change.

When she landed on Korriban she chose the place farthest from the holdings of the Commerce Guild, the Valley of the Dark Lords. At this time the temples were in severe disrepair and virtually impossible to enter. She took this as a sign the Sith were, at least from all appearances, not based on Korriban as some thought. She reported her findings via the Holonet to the Jedi High Council who bade her stay, despite her protests, to monitor the commerce guild. While there she encountered the Dark Jedi Erin Storm, who attempted to engage her in combat after a long discussion about the finer points of the Force. If one does not count the five minutes he circled her, taunting her, their battle would have been recorded as one of the shortest in history. His initial lunge with his saber was the first attack of the battle, and with it Storm sealed his own doom. She stood before him as he circled her, not turning to face him but watching his actions through the force. She knew he would become over confident and attack from behind once he was certain she was not going to move to engage. His lunge too, was expected and she shut her blades off and twisted, catching his sword arm between hers and her body. This style known as Trakata allowed her access to her force ability and she snapped the bone in his arm as if it was caught in a heavy load lifter’s gears. His saber dropped to the ground stirring up a small cloud of dust but he had little time to think of his mistake, or that he had been disarmed as she flipped him over her back and because she used her blades in a reverse-style, was able to ignite them into his flipping form and severed his torso from his legs, both collapsing to the floor of the valley at different times. Since she was a weapon she felt no emotion over this, at this moment in time she was neither Sith nor Jedi in her philosophy. Her first kill was more like just another day at the office. When she would eventually come to realize the true extent of her cold nature it nearly killed her, but that would happen much much later.

She was still on Korriban, forgotten by the High Council, when the Clone Wars officially began. Feeling the pain through the force of those that died during it alerted her to what she was missing. She continued to try to contact the Council but her comms were blocked, and those doing the blocking would come to do battle with her. It was around the time that Order 66 would be carried out that her anger finally got the best of her, in her rage she began flinging stones around broke open one of the ancient Sith Lord tombs. The rush of energy that issued forth had a sickly sweet taste to her and this snapped her back away from the Dark Side. It would be the first of many temptations she would face. She also came to the upsetting knowledge that in her temper what she thought was a stone was actually her ship, she had destroyed her only means of getting off the planet… and more importantly her link to the Jedi and the Republic.

Having nothing better to do with her time she investigated the temple, looted long ago by pirates… wannabe sith lords… and even the Republic. Yet she felt something… strange behind what appeared to be a collapsed room. She cleared the debris and inside found the corpse of what appeared to have been a Jedi. Yet that was not what interested her the most. Still adorning the corpse was his robe, in the style of the Jedi Knights. It was white, almost crystalline in nature, and entirely untouched by the ravaging hand of time. She would eventually through much experimentation short out her lightsaber on the robes, leading to the conclusion that these robes employed Cortosis in some manner that allowed them to seem like cloth but be essentially Jedi/Sith-proof. She claimed these as her own and has worn them ever since. It was also here that she ran across a rather unremarkable holocron, by itself it wasn’t anything she didn’t know. It dealt with lightsaber construction. However, with some intense study… and being entirely unaware that her colleagues were being slaughtered… her connection to the force polluted by the surrounding tomb, she came to realize it also showed there was a cache of supplies to be used for saber construction. With these she built the sabers she wields today.

While the Great Purge was going on throughout the galaxy, she and her name were forgotten to the records of history. It was Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda who while at the Great Library purged the database… protecting her and the few jedi who would live through the events playing out. Within this place of evil she would face her demons, and still she walked the path of Light. It was here however that she began to question the nature of Dark and Light, and attempted to find ways to wield the Force in the way that the Dark Jedi would. Here in the resting place of a Sith Lord she would learn to harness the power of Force Lightning through the Light Side. While not the first of her Order to do so, she regarded this as a feat in and of itself since her control of her powers was not oriented towards these skills. She would train here in the heart of the Tomb until the Force in its humor decided to throw her back into the events in the galaxy.

Through events occurring outside of Korriban, A’Sharadd Hett chased his bounty to Korriban. Kristin stowed away on the ship he traveled in, sickened by how far her brother-in-arms had fallen since she last was part of the Great Story. How he did not pick up on her presence she never knew and she just attributed it to the “stench” her time in the Sith Tomb had left on her, masking her. He made for the Unknown Regions but she managed to debark before then and made her way back to Coruscant still unaware of the fall of the Republic.

When she arrived on Coruscant she learned of the events that had transpired and was overcome with grief believing her mother and father both dead in the combat. She eventually reasoned that even though he was both Sith and had risen to Emperor through his own machinations… Palpatine HAD in fact been elected by the Republic to rule. She, after years of having her soul tested, had developed an ambiguous sense of loyalty and morality. It was in this state she let the oath she swore to defend the Republic be passed on to the Empire. She eventually found herself working in the employ of Imperial Intelligence. Her skills with a vibroblade earned her the nickname Agent Raptor. She continued to uphold the Jedi Code even in this role. Thinking she had hidden from the Emperor right under her nose she felt safe. But her safety was an illusion, her skill at hiding her nature was no match for the Emperor or his Apprentice. Yet they chose not to kill her like her bretheren, but rather twist and corrupt her to their will. First they assigned her missions that made her rediscover emotion…and she regained her humanity. To her fellow Agents jokes circulated that the Raptor had lost its claws. Then they secretly fed assignments of dubious moral nature to Imperial Intelligence and kept assigning her to the tasks. She was put into positions where she had to kill innocent people, and with each murder she slipped towards both the Dark Side and Madness.

Luckily the Emperor was killed during the Battle of Endor before her will was broken and she Exiled herself for fear of what she had almost become. Eventually she decided to slip into a Jedi Trance that rivaled any that had ever been seen… esentially a forced coma to repair the damage done to her moral compass and her fragile mind. Aboard her black Lambada-class shuttle she slept through the events till now.

Her ship, damaged from years in space, crashed into Tatooine and it was here she awoke from her sleep. One of the last of the Old Jedi Order.


None, all that she cared for died in the Purge.


She primarily wields two lightsabers. Both were crafted during her exile on Korriban. They can be linked together to form a double-bladed lightsaber or can be connected via chain. Universal construction traits: Electrum used for the construction of the hilts and an attachable cortosis pommel. Both use Pontite crystals as their primary crystal. Both blades were resistant to the feedback from cortosis and could be used underwater. They do not have kill-switches so they will remain active when dropped.

Her primary lightsaber, an almost identical twin to its sister-saber. It was purpously made lighter than its twin so it could be used in fast paced combat forms requiring one hand.

Her secondary lightsaber, the heavier end. Identical to its sister to the untrained eye. It was the one used to hold when the lightsaber is used as a spear.


Her jedi robes are of unknown age and origin. They utilize a special cortosis weave that shorts out unprotected lightsaber blades and deflects those that are. It is silvery white and shines like chrome in bright light.

Her belt is also white but is just a fiber-based belt meaning it can be severed by a lightsaber. It contains misc. supplies but aside from her two lightsabers it bears no weaponry.

Her boots are leather, made to match the color scheme of the rest of the outfit. They are steel-toed and are soled to resist oil and other slippery fluids.

Important Notes

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