Kukai Foundation

"Just because you can look to the future doesn't mean you can stop walking to get there."


The Serenity/Kukai Conglomerate.

Both the Kukai Foundation And Serenity Industries have a length history with Tatooine. Originally started as a means to provide Cheap but highly effective space and ground worth vehicles for the Outer Rim Serenity Industries has since bloomed into one of the Galactic Fortune 500 companies. It's products ranging from;

  • Mini Stargates
  • The Webway Transit System
  • The Encephalon Network
  • And UMN project research,

Just to state a few of many.

The Kukai Foundation has long since had a symbiotic relationship with Serenity Industries so it seemed only natural that after the Deltpher incident that The Kukai Foundation could find shelter from financial and Political ruin under the wing of Serenity Industries. While this meant the liquidation of much of the Foundation's resources. The Outcome was beneficial to both parties and looks to be for a long time to come. The reasons for this are spelled out quite well in history;

  • The first hit to the Kukai foundation came from The Peacekeeper wars.
  • The second hit came from personal enemies, the Vajra, Driven by an Organization known to them only as Ormus.
  • The disappearance and reappearance of Elusa Harkonnen from History has been like a knife in the back of their Financial support. The Foundation was born from the re-arrangement of the inherited Harkonnen Industries to make up for what happened to Tatooine.
  • Finally, the Rebirth of the Old One, Deltpher. Who used apparently a Forbidden curse to effectively kill everyone on the Kukai Foundation's home moon in one swift blow.

With the Formation of the United Systems Alliance of Tatooine, and the Eventual expected Ratification of the First Interstellar Alliance The Serenity/Kukai Conglomerate view the future as being very bright not only for the Outer Rim but for every placed touched by the Route of Ages.


The Serenity/Kukai Conglomerate is divided respectfully between sections.

  • CEO/Chief of States -> This role is divided between the CEO's of Serenity Industry and Kukai Foundation
  • Board of Governors -> This roll establishes Independent bodies within the Conglomerate body allowing for the Company to break down into state like bodies.
  • Sector Chiefs -> These individuals control specific sectors within their state.Their jobs, sometimes more than one per sector, is maintain fluid management.
  • Everyone else -> That pretty much sums it up.

For suitability of purpose Serenity Industries and Kukai Foundation maintain one general different. SI remains the primary Governmental body and Kukai Foundation has shifted become a Strategic Military Service.

  • Within the Kukai SMS A traditional Military Structure is Maintained. While the head is still refereed to as Director instead of Admiral or General the Rank clearance still applies.


While generally referred to as Ventures The Conglomerate Ownership Rights to Numerous Celestial Bodies;

  • First and Foremost their center of Government. The Massive Dammerűng (Details on this vessel are Classified)
  • Second, the HALO and the Kukai Moon it Orbits
  • Third, Two publicly known Mining worlds used purely for the mining and production of rare minerals and alloys not generally available on the galactic market.
  • The Conglomerate, as stated before, also bares territorial ownership of the UMN Space And Webway Space,
  • (There may be more in the future)

Armed Force


”Join the Foundation, meet new, exciting alien life forms, do drugs with them…” Krayt Squadron Motto…

The Kukai Foundation's Military structure has changed little since it's conception. Since their change to SMS status under Serenity Industries there has been no reason to change it. The Foundation is a constantly growing body. We have to be, apocalypses keep eating away at our population. Its purpose remains one of peace however.

The Recruitment of the Kukai SMS generally comes from the Lotus Garden and generally anybody willing to take up the Job from Tatooine. While there are restrictions and checks to ensure security standards are met general recruitment practice is not that different from other worlds. (Though in the future some of you might be turned into Spartans complete with survivable Super Soldier treatments).

Management, operations, command, and overall business of the Foundation is run directly from a OPS on board the Durandal, Command Tower of Foundation's Lunar body. The Station, fighters, and Alliance fleet constantly tinkers and adapts, to keep prepared for future intrusions of the Tatoo Sphere by hostile forces.

An example of their military includes;
Macross Quarter (Pictured Right)

  • Dimensions: approx length 400 meters
  • 40 Crew Members minimum
  • Overtech Hperspace FTL Reactor
  • Main Machinery: fold system cluster; 4 x main engine thrusters; gravity control system
  • Variable Mecha: many x VF-25F, VF-25G, VF-25S and RVF-25 variable fighters; 2 x VB-6 Konig Monster
  • 1 x Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon (mounted within forward starboard section in Carrier mode, right arm in Attack mode)
  • 10 x large double-cannon turrets (2 mounted amidships forward starboard (right shoulder); 2 mounted amidships forward port (left shoulder); 2 mounted amidships dorsal center (center torso); 1 mounted amidships rear starboard/1 port (upper legs); 1 mounted outboard starboard/1 port (lower legs). Non-Variable Mecha: many x Cheyenne II Destroids
  • 20 Advanced Quad Blaster Turrets
  • 8 Advanced Capital Class Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • Countermeasures: pin-point barrier system; full barrier system
  • Gravitic Tractor Beam
  • Numerous Shuttles


This is driven by tourism, trade, and Mostly Melange. The spice must flow. As an SMS body under Serenity Industries Funding is also generated by many contracts the Kukai Foundation is able to put out through testing of military hardware and…stuff. (We got you addicted to drugs bwahahah er..)


You are.

  • Culturally the Foundation exists both as a tourist trap and remnants of the Angel Eye Colony. Which is partially a lie. With Deltpher's attack the population was reduced by almost 89%…. 89% of the Foundation's population died in under a minute. Those who survived were in the sky or away at the time. Less than 10,000….all very sad(If I had to put a number to it). Over time rebuilding has occurred. …but all things take time.
  • The Kukai Foundation is also home to Realians.

Glossary of Terms and Stuff

Below is a Glossary of Terms and things that may be encountered during reading the above texts. Or in the chat room. Please enjoy.

Foundation Information:
100-Series Observational Unit: Anti-Gnosis observational Realians equipped with the 100-Series system, which combines D.S.S.S. and the Hilbert Effect.

300-Series AppleSeed Units: Next generation all environmental Realian upgrade designed to afford all Realian within the Foundation and galactic sphere adaptability to all possible future hostile environments.

27 Series Asura: A next generation combat Realian, based on the data taken from Febronia, the transgenic type Realian archetype. Their ability to judge and adapt to situations is greater than previous combat Realians; they are designed to be able to handle any given situation using their own judgment. They are difficult to calibrate, however, and are still in the testing phase. During the Aitlim Conflict, they were placed on the front lines of battle with insufficient calibration; as a result, they went out of control. During their rampage, they killed and injured many without distinguishing friend from foe.

Abel: Abel is the material form of the higher-dimensional existence of U-DO (which exists without the concept of an individual, and is defined exclusively in subjective terms by the observer), whose discarnate (imaginary) form is the Ark.

Abel’s Ark: A perceptual phenomenon that is the lower-dimensional, tangible form of the (imaginary-space) consciousness of the higher-dimensional being U-DO (Abel). It is a perceptual phenomenon in the same way that the Gnosis are, but it is also a completely different form of existence. After Telana’s awakening, the Ark’s imaginary-space transformation accelerated, reflecting the consciousness of mankind.

Abraham: A boy that resembled Abel and was being contained in Labyrinthos as the pilot of Proto Omega, before Telana and Omega traveled to a ruined Aitlim and freed him from his prison. He acted in the capacity of the control device for Proto Omega which used the Zohar as its principal energy source.

Absolute Coordinates: Signifies that any given coordinates remain the same from any perspective. Absolute coordinates are used when transferring ships to describe the placement and location of things like planets in areas of the galaxy lacking definitive landmarks.

Abstract Cognitive Function: This function takes visually received data, processes it through thought circuits to “understand” it, then causes it to be reflected in its host’s consciousness. Humanoid Realians and androids are fitted with this function along with artificial personalities. This function is included because some recognition tasks cannot be performed without the capacity for feeling and thought; the function is necessary to ensure smooth communication with other entities.

Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility: The medical facility where Malani Dai was hospitalized in a vegetative state. It was also where Telana was sent for treatment. Instead of performing normal medical treatments, it used cutting-edge technology to administer Nan medicine, experimental treatments, and so forth. In truth, it was part of the Labyrinthos facility, headquarters of the Red Dragon Syndicate; it collected subjects who could contact U-DO in order to conduct link experiments with the Vessels of Anima and the Zohar. Malani Dai was amongst the test subjects, along with Telana; during their experiments, Febronia, a Realian that looked like Telana’s birth mother, was used as part of the system. During the Aitlim Conflict, and eight-year-old Telana saw Malani and her husband, Dr. Avin Dai killed before her eyes in one of the facility’s hospital rooms. The experience was so traumatic for her that the memory was repressed.

AG Series: A.G.W.S. manufactured by the Kukai Foundation. Its design permits modules to be swapped in order to adapt to various types of combat.

A.G.W.S.: Short for “Anti-Gnosis Weapon System.” Pronounced like “eggs.” A piloted vehicle, not necessarily limited to humanoid form. In order to combat the intangible Gnosis, A.G.W.S.s designed for many different combat situations are being developed. The main engine is a transfer generator; all energy is directly transferred from the mother ship or mother unit. For this reason, each unit can operate for an unlimited amount of time. The model currently being mass-produced for the Foundation is the AG Series; however, the specs of Serenity Industries’ VX Series not only exceed those of the AG Series, but the craft are also aimed toward the consumer market, and are currently being tested within Industries’ special forces and limited parts of Garden.

Aitlim: Where Telana’s nightmares started. Sent there as a child due to her ability to speak with U-DO and her mother’s fear for her only child. Site of the Aitlim Conflict and birthplace of many other incidents and tragedies, it was sealed away for many 20 years when its region of space was blocked off from the U.M.N.. It was unlocked and found by Omega and Telana. After landing, they faced a painful decision in front of Omega System. Telana tried to free the boy, Abraham from inside, but accidentally awoke Proto Omega in the process, thus destroying the planet. She did manage to free him after that. Thankfully the only things living on the planet were rogue combat Realians, Asuras and Gnosis. A year or so after that incident, Telana and Omega were faced with another difficult decision, facing off against another Revelation. They took Elvis Sandalwood and traveled back in time to before Aitlim was destroyed, right about the time of the third decent operation. There they all got to witness first hand how it was destroyed the first time.

Aitlim Conflict: The final conflict of the Zoar Incident, in which a fierce battle between the Omega Syndicate and the Red Dragon Syndicate unfolded upon the planet of Aitlim. The Omega Syndicate’s military initiated its third descent operation, this time including the URTV special forces. The first descent operation’s objective was to control the Red Dragon Syndicate. The attitude toward the Omega Syndicate by Aitlim citizens was warped due to the propaganda widely distributed by the Red Dragon Syndicate. Aitlim may have seemed like a democracy to its citizens, but to outside observers, it was completely controlled by the Red Dragon Syndicate. The second descent operation turned Aitlim into a war zone. The war was mostly started because of Joachim’s research, and the unwillingness of the Red Dragon Syndicate to release him to the Omega Syndicate.

Amplifier: A device used to amplify the Hilbert Effect generated by the anti-Gnosis scanning Realians known as the 100-Series Observational Units. The radius of maximum coverage is about 100 kilometers. Most Foundation military ships have them installed as part of their standard equipment. However, since the weight of the device runs anywhere from ten to several hundred tons, only large vessels are able to have them on board. Revelation is an exception, however; even without the use of an amplifier, she can cause Gnosis within several hundred astronomical units to take physical form.

A.M.W.S.: Short for “Assault Maneuver Weapon System.” Pronounced like “aims.” A term used for all humanoid assault weapons that work in conjunction with a mother ship or escort craft. Due to a lack of anti-Gnosis equipment, A.M.W.S.s are superior to A.G.W.S.s in both cost-effectiveness and general-purpose functionality, and are widely used by the Foundation, Garden and Serenity Industries.

Android: Androids refer to humanoid robots or artificial humans. The Revelations, developed by the Red Dragon Syndicate (as far as we all know), are anti-Gnosis weapons in the form of females and exemplifies androids. Although the technology to develop the Revelations are ancient, their specs far surpass those of Realians and both could be considered androids since they are both artificial.

Anti-U-DO Waveforms: The ability to generate waves opposite to the waves generated by U-DO. These waves could be described as canceling waves. URTVs are equipped with this ability.

Dr. Avin Dai: Supervisor for the Omega Syndicate Special Inspection Office of Advanced Technology Department of Energy. Husband of Malani Dai, temporary guardian of Telana. Supervisor for the Omega Syndicate who was sent to monitor the Red Dragon Syndicate. Though initially rigorous in his work, after Avin was contacted by Gazel Ministry (name to be changed later), he began to issue reports to the Omega Syndicate which served the interests of Gazel Ministry in return for medical treatment for his wife, Malani. The Red Dragon Syndicate’s budget was expanded at Avin’s recommendation, leading to increased armament for Aitlim’s former autonomous military—the principal force of the Red Dragon Syndicate. Increasingly stricken by feelings of guilt as a result of this arming of the Red Dragon Syndicate and Aitlim’s former government, which had long resented their incorporation into the Omega Syndicate, Avin made contact with Seiji Dai, then a member of the Omega Syndicate Special-Ops, and leaked secret information regarding the Red Dragon Syndicate. Seiji passed that information to the Omega Syndicate, and a troop drop operation onto Aitlim was planned.

Avin Dai’s PDA: Found on Aitlim by Telana as her, Omega and Elvis made their way to the fifth floor of Labyrinthos. *was left out of the actual RP, but found none the less* “Observations on Combat Realians. Combat Realians: they’re the same model of combat Realians used by the Omega Syndicate military, but they’ve been modified for Red Dragon Syndicate use, increasing their resistance to heat, electricity, and flammability, allowing them to fight under more extreme conditions. In addition, their increased endurance means they can carry more powerful armaments. Red Dragon equips its Realians with specialized Realian weapons, notably ones with high output and high electromagnetic force. To deal with them, we will likely need equipment with stronger heat and electricity resistance. 27-Series Asura: at the present time, there are no known weaknesses in the 27-Series Asura. Their capabilities far exceed those of other combat Realians in every respect. Their combat pattern is set so that they first render the target immobile and then confirm the target’s complete destruction. This set way of thinking can be called their only weakness, and if they can be immobilized first, it may be possible to destroy them. But their minds are not simple, and getting the better of them is not likely to be easy.

Archon Cathedral: A cathedral built by the Red Dragon Syndicate on Aitlim to worship the Zohar. Within a giant crack in the earth, they discovered underground ruins believed to be related to the Zohar; there, they built a facility to research both the ruins and the Zohar. The above-ground building is a place for the religious faith of the Aitlim populace, but underground lies a Zohar research facility staffed by Gazel researchers. In the heart of the underground ruins, there exists a room made of crystalline material that only Gazel Ministry are allowed to visit. This place was refered to by leaders at the time as the "Cathedral of Light."

Artificial Personality Layer: A human-like personality created to allow humanoid Realians and androids to communicate smoothly with humans. Since simulated personalities are based on the whole spectrum of emotions experienced by real humans, they are installed to match their host’s appearance and function—whether it be a young female Realian or a medical-use android. By using both artificial personalities and artificial intelligence, they can be given more human-like thoughts and emotions, but, normally, one or the other is suppressed, and the Realian or android is calibrated to be convenient to its user.

Auto-Tech: The generic term for an autonomous mobile combat weapon that does not require a pilot. Because it’s unmanned, it is not limited by G-force constraints, and its mobility and speed are greater than that of a manned unit. Its combat patterns are very simple, however, and its actions are easily predictable, making it no great threat to a manned unit under the control of a seasoned pilot.

Cage Partition: Various data are stored in the main database of cybernetic media in androids and artificial pseudo brains of Realians that define their existence. Cage partition refers to the storage space where such data reside.

Carnegie Structure Law: Basic theory that systemized the method to construct a virtual space within the U.M.N. Conceived by the mathematician Carnegie who was the head of Serenity Industries Administration and Operations. After its formulation, all virtual spaces were constructed based on this structure law except under special cases. Many believe that this theory advanced the research on virtual space by a century. The structure law was named after Carnegie to honor his achievement. However, details on how he reached this theory were never disclosed. There are rumors that the theory was completed with help from leaders of Serenity Industries, but the truth is shrouded in mysteries.

Central Computer Pieta: The name of the motherframe installed in the Durandal.

Connection Gear: A PDA that is also used for communications. It is a mobile unit given to Foundation employees, and sold to the populace. When activated, a holographic monitor and keyboard appear. Its capabilities can be further expanded via downloads of various plug-ins.

C.S.R.C.: The cerebral Sciences Research Center headed by Joachim Mizrahi. A specialized laboratory, established under Serenity Industries sponsorship, that integrated cerebral neurology and phenomena physics. It was the site of both the Original Zohar analysis and Gnosis research. The unique nature of its research caused it to be treated as a fringe element by many, but the center's accomplishments included environmental bugs, the D.S.S.S. and the Hilbert effect. In order to analyze the Original Zohar, Joachim reconstructed Lemegeton (which was being stored by Serenity Industries) and began design work on the Song of Nephilim and the U-DO System. He also produced specialized Realians known as transgenic types for use as body donors during the design process. Afterwards, a plan was unfurled to use the Zohar as a weapon and energy source. Jurisdiction was transferred from Serenity Industries to the Omega Syndicate. The Red Dragon Syndicate, a group under direct governmental control, took it over from there.

Cybernetic Engineering: A generic term for engineering technology that integrates the human body and mechanical engineering. Synonymous with cyborg technology.

Dämmerung: A free-orbiting colony that serves as Serenity Industries’ main headquarters. It is so large (1000 kilometers in length) hat it is almost like an artificial planet. The nerve center of the entire group and its affiliated businesses is gathered on this colony. It is categorized as a colony, but its mobility and firepower far outclasses even the military’s large battleships.

Dimension Shift: The act of transferring space itself to another space in a different location and phase, a phenomenon that deviates from all laws of physics. Things that supposedly exist are made to disappear as if there had never been anything there at all. Which is what happened with Aitlim that pulled it to Tatoo space, only instead of disappearing altogether, it was literally transferred.

DME Addiction: When a human consumes Realian tissue (especially that of the central nervous system), it enters the bloodstream and is conveyed to the brain, altering his or her neural structure. Outward signs of addiction include keratinization and hardening of the skin. This compromising of the central nervous structures alters the addict’s mental and physical states; in some cases, death can occur. After the changes have been made, the addict must continue to consume Realian tissue to stave off withdrawal symptoms, necessitating a pharmacological intervention. At present, there is no complete cure.

D.S.S.S.: Short for “Double-Slit Sensory System.” A sensory system developed by Serenity Industries that can detect the Gnosis; also known as an imaginary space detection system. Fundamentally, its workings are similar to the double-slit photon experiment, a common example found in quantum physics. For that reason, its structure is composed of two slit-shaped camera surfaces. This system is equipped on the AGWS, as well as the sensory parts of some weapons.

Durandal: A heavily-armed Kukai Foundation ship that extends over 4000 meters in length. Omega is normally in command of the ship; otherwise, it is run by Erebus and Mary. It’s front end plunges into the center of the Foundation colony to dock with it, turning the whole ship into a Metropolis. It has become a tourist attraction. This specialized design came about as the result of careful thought over the evacuation of the colony in an emergency. In such a case, citizens could evacuate directly into the Durandal, which would then take off, abandoning the colony.

Environmental Bug: Nanomachines that purify and maintain the quality of air in enclosed areas. They slowly float through the air and congregate in dark areas while emitting light, giving them the appearance of fireflies.

E.S.: The general term for humanoid mobile weapons loaded with an S2 engine. Their cockpits can be either single- or two-seat, depending on whether or not firing control needs to be divided between a pilot and co-pilot. Most units equipped with a large amount of weaponry are two-seat; due to their specialized functionality. The size of an E.S. is not greatly different from that of a standard A.M.W.S., but its fighting ability can be an order of magnitude greater. With the right combination of weaponry and pilot, an E.S. can hold enough combat power to be a match for a whole division of A.M.W.S units. The chief reason given for this is the complete difference in the quality of the energy it uses for its operation, as well as the method by which that energy is supplied. A.M.W.S.s, like A.G.W.S.s, operate via pulse energy transferred from their mother ship, making them highly reliant on their U.M.N. connection status and the condition of the mother ship. This leads to the amount of energy that can be supplied in a given amount of time to be necessarily limited. This holds especially true when the mother ship has been destroyed in battle; in such a case, basically the only recourse for a unit is to operate using its internal condenser and auxiliary co-generator. However, since the firearms and logical drive installed in each unit were designed under the assumption they would be receiving a large supply of pulse energy from a mother ship, it becomes impossible to operate everything at full spec. On the other hand, since the E.S. units operate on energy supplied by the S2 engine, their supply of energy is inherently limitless. They are not reliant on the status or location of a mother ship, which makes their operating radius and the weaponry they can use in battle practically unlimited. The only disadvantage is that an unqualified pilot is unable to link with the S2 engine and therefore cannot even start up the unit. There are only a very few qualified pilots in the entire galaxy; as a result, E.S. operation seems to be naturally limited to tactical-level operations.

E.S. Asher: A versatile unit capable of handling both ground and air combat, it is prepared with weaponry that can handle all aspects of battle. With missiles as backup, the Asher has a good blend of fire and physical damage. This allows it to attack with either damage type depending on any elemental weaknesses or strengths of the enemy. This can be pushed further with the use of various Anima attacks that have more attack types. The Asher is also one of the sturdiest of the E.S. units. Its frame tends to be able to sustain more damage. Many of the Asher’s weapons are long range. Anima awakenings include Shot Buster: Beam type, for single enemy attacks, Flare Buster: fire type for all enemies in the area, and Cerberus: lightning type for single enemy attacks.

E.S. Dinah: Telana’s E.S. The unit’s characteristics include its long travel range (on the level of a space cruiser) and its high speed and mobility in battle. It also has an ample array of firepower; the X-Buster is especially worth noting. Being a two-seater, Omega usually accompanies Telana on whatever missions the Dinah is needed for. The unit’s head contains a docking connector for a mobile Dinah interface. Uses a sword, and firearms, thus having both long and short range weapons, the Dinah can do damage from the safety of long range, or increase the damage by getting up close and personal. Anima awakenings are R-Fang, beam attack for single enemy combat, X-Buster beam attack for all surrounding enemies, and X-Cannon, another beam attack for single enemy encounters.

E.S. Reuben: Specially made for close-range combat, it is equipped with two real swords. Its design emphasizes higher-dimensional battle mobility; as a result, its armor is light and it has no shield equipment. However, this can be covered by a trained swordsman’s unique fighting style, which would combine offensive and defensive using the swords. While it holds none of the heavy weaponry seen on other E.S. craft, the Reuben can unleash a special attacka technique that launches a shock wave from the swordsthat serves as an effective move against far away enemies. Its Anima attacks are Iron Blade, a physical attack for single enemy combat, Garuda’s Wrath, a lightning based attack for all area enemies, and Lotus Blades, a beam attack for single enemy combat.

E.S. Zebulun: Specializes in long-range gun combat and has been installed with a great deal of firepower. Its mobility lags behind other E.S. units, but it covers for this drawback with its multi-directional Ether attacks. Even with its two-seat structure, the enormous amount of weaponry installed would be completely impossible for a normal co-pilot to handle. The Zebulun is the only E.S. with lightning attacks. At first that may not sound like much, but the Zebulun isn’t restricted to lightning attacks. Its Anima attacks consist of Aird Star, a beam attack for single enemy combat, Aird Rain, another beam attack for all enemies in the area, and Meteor Burst, a fire attack for all enemies in the area. Telana gave it to her sister for Angel’s trip to the Outer Rim. Both have since disappeared.

Febronia: Ironically shares the same name as Tel’s mother, even going so far as to look exactly like her. One of a special transgenic type of Realian designed by Joachim Mizrahi for the Zohar connection experiments, as part of the Red Dragon Syndicate’s Zohar control project. She met Telana as a child on Aitlim at the time of the Aitlim Conflict, and looked after her. Later, she met Lt. Peter, last name unknown, who had been wounded in battle, and transplanted a portion of her own body tissue in order to save his life. For a brief while after that, she and Peter rendezvoused frequently, nurturing the love between them. However, when the combat Realians went out of control upon the activation of the Song of Nephilim, she shielded Peter and Telana (who for some reason was being called Talanis while on Aitlim), and was brutally killed before their eyes. To Telana, it was like watching her mother being killed right in front of her, a sad irony, as barely a year later, Telana’s birth mother was killed by her stepfather during an insurrection against the Harkonnens on Arakis.

Gate Jump: Refers to the process of ships and other vehicles moving into hyperspace from normal space by using the U.M.N.. The process is usually possible only within the valid range of the U.M.N. Transfer Column. Gnosis and the E.S. Dinah are able to interact with the hyperspace outside the valid range of the column.

Gate Out: Refers to the process of ships and other vehicles moving out of hyperspace to normal space by using the U.M.N.. The process is usually possible only within the valid range of the U.M.N. Transfer Column.

Geodesic Structure: Geodesic construction was invented by American architect Buckminster Fuller. It is a method of building domes wherein regular icosahedrons approximating spheres are overlaid with a network of many equilateral triangles. To visually represent the basic makeup of the super-structure U.M.N., it is often referred to as a geodesic dome—hence the term.

Gnosis: Non-physical beings that exist in another dimension, perceived as aliens from the viewpoint of mankind. Ordinarily, they have not materialized, so physical attacks do not affect them. When they have materialized, their constituent matter seems to consist of things like water and sodium hydroxide; why such matter would hold hostility against the human race is unclear. They have many types of external appearances; for the sake of convenience, they have been named after mythological creatures. Since they exist in “imaginary space,” cut apart from normal phenomena, all attacks on them using current weaponry based on the laws of physics are ineffective. When a Gnosis attacks, however, it brings the part of it attacking into local normal space. The D.S.S.S. system was developed to take advantage of this and predict the area of normal space that would be created, but its performance has been below expectations. Later, the Hilbert Effect and 100-Series Observational Units were developed by Joachim Mizrahi, making it possible for people in normal space to interact with them. Space in this world is made up of normal space and imaginary space, placed on top of each other. If you picture normal space as matter, or the body, then imaginary space can be seen as consciousness, or the mind. The word “Gnosis” refers to all forms of existence in imaginary space. All things, not just humans, have an imaginary space component. In imaginary space, all consciousness is in a state of full awareness, allowing things like “another person’s animosity,” for example, to be directly experienced. If a human comes into contact with the fear held by imaginary space and chooses to escape or reject it, he or she is Gnosified. At first, it would appear that they act in groups, but each one moves with its own consciousness of rejection, dissipation, and proliferation; they could be seen as wandering in search of a kind of salvation. One could say that this consciousness of rejection and dissipation is putting all of space in peril.

Gnosis Phenomenon: The phenomenon of people, things, and planets suddenly Gnosifying. Not only the result of direct contact with the Gnosis, this can also occur in a chain-reaction fashion from a great distance. As a result, urgent research is underway in search of a link to the cause.

Gnosis Transformation: A term referring to the form of a person that has come into contact with the Gnosis. Most people that come into contact with the Gnosis suffer white crystallization and destruction, but cases of partial Gnosification have been reported.

Hilbert Effect: A limited perception field generation system developed as a method of reaching out from real space to interact with the Gnosis, which exist in imaginary space. It makes interaction by real-world humans possible by translating imaginary-space pulsations into a “common language” and intentionally expanding the accessible area of imaginary space (normally Planck scale-sized). This also allows the use of everyday weapons against Gnosis, who ignore the laws of physics. 100-Series Realians and Revelation, Omega and Erebus’ mother are equipped with the Hilbert Effect. The 100-Series Hilbert Effect field range can get up to 100 kilometers using a special large-scale amplifier; without this device, however, they are limited to only a few hundred meters.

Holographic Mail Terminal: A device that permit’s the sending and receiving of three-dimensional holograms over a network. The terminal’s role is to take in the subject’s information and voice from the sender’s side, then send it to a central computer. The central computer converts the terminal’s data into video and audio, then passes it on to the recipient’s computer. The terminal’s function is simply to send data and to pass along the fact that the central computer has received the data; data receipt and access occur at the central computer itself.

Holographic Network: The neural network that makes it possible to view the data recorded within Realians and androids as video in the real world. Holography is based on the same fundamental principle as the brain’s memory mechanism, hence the name.

Hyperspace: Spaceships pass through hyperspace, which resembles a glittering tube in shape and aspect, when performing a gate jump. If matter touches the boundaries of hyperspace (i.e. the tube’s inner walls), a gigantic quantity of heat will be released and the matter will disintegrate into subatomic particles. As radioactivity is also abundantly present, it is dangerous to perform research and analysis within hyperspace itself, and many mysteries are still left unsolved.

Imaginary Pocket: While not quite literally an “imaginary pocket,” this term is used here to refer to the space-time cleft between imaginary space and real space.

Imaginary Space: There is a theory that the space we live in is composed of two realities (and nothingness): normal space, which we are actually able to perceive, and imaginary space, which proceeds along an imaginary temporal axis we cannot perceive. The concept of imaginary time itself is a theory devised by Hawking to explain the birth of the universe without the use of singularities—without relying on the existence of God. With it, one can picture a universe without any “beginning” (the Big Bang singularity) or “end” (the Big Crunch singularity), but instead simply composed of a multi-dimensional hyper spherical surface. The Gnosis exist along this imaginary temporal axis and intervene in normal space.

Infected URTV: A standard URTV which has come into contact with U-DO and suffered a mental breakdown. Because its mind has been destroyed, it cannot make decisions normally and simply attacks repeatedly and reflexively.

Interconnection: Refers to the establishment of a non-local connection by mutual interaction. This method frees data transference from the limitations of physics, and allows instantaneous exchange of data across distances millions of light-years apart. Theoretically, the exchange will occur without any lag in time.

Joachim Mizrahi: Genius scientist who established the Hilbert theory. The results he left the Omega Syndicate and Serenity Industries are immeasurable, including D.S.S.S. and the 100-Series system, the development of high-efficiency Nanomachines, written works on Realian technology, and the fundamental research concerning the Gnosis phenomenon. He was engaged in the reconstruction of the Song of Nephilim, known as the invention of madness, and the development of Proto Merkabah and the 100-Series Observational Units. At the time of the Omega Syndicate’s third descent operation on Aitlim, Joachim forced the Song of Nephilim into overload. He cut the connection between Aitlim and its surroundings and the U.M.N. in order to contain the expansion of the sudden Gnosis phenomenon and the Zohar, the cause of the conflict, to Aitlim space. Though he was supposedly a madman, had Joachim not contained things in this way, the Gnosis phenomenon would have likely spread at an accelerated pace and have reached all regions of the galaxy much earlier.

Klein Point: the contact point between imaginary space and real space. Gnosis appearances and attacks take place from these points. Its estimated location can be confirmed using D.S.S.S.; before the development of the Hilbert Effect, this was the only part of Gnosis that could be attacked.

Kukai Foundation: A special foundation organized a few months ago, with Serenity Industries leading the effort. Based on a giant non-orbital colony, most of its membership is composed of victims of various Tatooine wars. Its Representative Trustees are Telana Daiko, Omega Kiyoshi, and Erebus Kiyoshi.
Its achievements in rescuing Tatooine victims and offering them livelihoods were recognized, and soon the Foundation had earned itself a positive reputation in society. Ever since a part of it was commercialized, its main business ahs been in the entertainment and travel industries. The U.M.N. main office is located on the Foundation Colony, along with the Trustees main offices.

Labyrinthos: The name of the tower that serves as the Red Dragon Syndicate’s central headquarters. The term is also generally used to refer to all the headquarters’ buildings. The Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility (the former C.S.R.C.) and the Song of Nephilim were a part of its facilities. Top secret research, including that on the Original Zohar and the Vessels of Anima, was conducted in an underground experimental facility. During the Aitlim Conflict, the tower was invaded by the Omega Syndicate URTV special forces. However, the Song of Nephilim was allowed to launch, escaping the planet with a one-third of the Organization’s staff.

Lemegeton: A Zohar control program that can create certain specified wavelengths, constructed by Serenity Industries programmer Grimoire Verum. These wavelengths affect not just Zohar operation, but also apparently the appearance of Gnosis. Grimoire used the wavelengths to control the Gnosis and set off Gnosis terrorism incidents. Lemegeton was fragmented into pieces during the Aitlim Conflict and was later scattered across the U.M.N.. Joachim created two Zohar control systems, the U-DO System and the Song of Nephilim, based on Lemegeton. In fact, Lemegeton is part of the ancient words that were left behind by a certain man—words that Grimoire analyzed and made into a program.

Logical Drive: A new type of spaceship propulsion that replaces the traditional system of reactionary propulsion by reconfiguring the spatial phase around the direction of travel. It takes substantial energy to operate, but since the device itself is relatively easy to miniaturize, the system is used by manned units equipped with transfer-type generators, such as AGWS.

Logical Drive Pod: The name of an expansion drive used mainly by small mobile weapons without independent flight capability or by small spaceships to perform a gate jump. There is no uniform standard; instead, there are various types suited for different uses and situations, such as the E.S. Dinah’s flight unit.

Lt. Peter: Former lieutenant in the Omega Syndicate Navy. He was badly injured during the Aitlim Conflict and taken in by Febronia, who transferred some of her organ tissue to help him heal faster. Afterward they shared a fondness for each other, and thus Peter was absolutely devastated when Feb was killed by combat Realians. He told young Telana, who at the time was being called Talanis, to run for Labyrinthos, and as soon as she did, Peter took on the Realians to avenge Feb’s murder. He later became the Blue Testament, and Telana and Omega had to do a dive into the past via the Cantina’s holodeck to free him and Feb. They are now both at peace.

Maiden of Eve: A past life of Telana’s. From the term’s nuances, it can be guessed that she played some kind of supporting role in the abilities of Eve. It is thought that Telana’s affinity with the Zohar doesn’t originate from the blood she inherited from her mother or father, so much as it is a peculiarity of Telana herself, from the emotional bond she shared with Eve during the days of Old Earth.

Maintenance Box: A containment device that carries out maintenance on androids, Realians, and cyborg, as well as performs operational checks when they fail to start up. Service modules with Nan therapy functions can be used by humans as well as cyborg, and are useful for treating all sorts of maladies and injuries.

Malani Dai: Dr. Avin Dai’s wife. As a result of her latent compatibility with U-DO, she became the subject of U-DO observation and ultimately slipped into a coma due to the resulting stress.

MWS: Short for “Multiple Weapons System.” A multifunctional portable weapons system designed and built Serenity Industries. Various types of weaponssuch as anti-Gnosis beam launchers, knuckles, taser rods, and moreare contained within. It also has a built-in shield that utilizes spatial phase shifting, and thus provides a high level of defensive capability in addition to its offensive capability. It also has a built-in provisional logical drive to cancel its own weight and increase the impact of its attacks; with this design, even female users can easily use the weapon.

Neural Monitoring: Before a connection can be made with certain areas accessed via the U.M.N., a user’s psyche must be synchronized with the area. An operator can make a connection if the monitored user’s mental wavelengths are synchronized with the desired area. If the wavelengths are not synchronized, then the operator can send sympathetic wavelengths to the user in an attempt to synchronize them.

Procurator: Describes an A.I. that serves to extract user-requested data from the immense information network known as the U.M.N.. Data is managed by various A.I.s within the U.M.N., and procurators access these A.I.s on the user’s behalf. This allows the user to efficiently retrieve the information he or she is seeking. Procurators primarily take voice commands; keyboard commands are required when more precise settings are called for. Compact procurators also run on connection gears and other mobile devices.

Program Canaan: The general term for a group of systems that searches for people with the special "factors" necessary to become an E.S. pilot, suitable for an S2 engine. Its basic outline was devised by Serenity Industries. During the dawn of Realian development, it was installed in a very small number of units and integrated into their basic brain-stem systems. Regardless of their own will, Realians who have been installed with this program have the role of judging suitable people and helping them awaken their abilities. Although these Realians are few in number, that is simply relative to the total number of Realians that have been produced, especially taking into consideration that they were meant to be deployed across the entire galaxy. Development was conducted under top secret conditions within Serenity Industries; only a limited number of top executives knew of its existence. Realians with Program Canaan implants are recovered by Serenity Industries after they have fulfilled their given role. The data collected by one Canaan is immediately uploaded to Serenity Industries’ database and automatically distributed to other Canaans. Certain types of data, however, have a barrier placed on them controlling their distribution.

Proto Merkabah: A giant research plant created by Joachim Mizrahi where research was conducted on 100-Series Observational Unit prototypes and the Hilbert Effect, as well as on specialized types of Realians. Originally, it was planned to serve as the mother ship of Proto Omega alongside the Song o f Nephilim; upon Telana’s appearance to Aitlim, however, Joachim used it as a plant to create Mary. After the Aitlim Conflict, it was taken over by the Omega Syndicate and was sealed away. It can take in Gnosis, convert them to energy, and use that energy as a weapon. If it were ever actually used, it has enough power to wipe out a combined fleet instantly.

Proto Omega: One of the relics of God, constructed and operated by the Red Dragon Syndicate during the Aitlim conflict. Afterwards, it was subjected to repeated linkage-operational tests with the Original Zohar, then deployed to intercept Omega Syndicate forces during the first and second Aitlim descent operations. It was set to be deployed in the third descent operation as well, but once the Gnosis appeared, it was left at the hangar in the confusion. It was later discovered by Omega and Telana, with a young Abraham trapped inside, and while trying to free him, accidentally awoke the system, destroying Aitlim in the process.

Realian: Realians are said to be the culmination of molecular bioengineering. Their body makeup ranges from carbon-based and very similar to that of humans to constructions based on silicon and even liquid metal. There is a type for every application. Legally they were considered equipment, but they possessed intelligence and emotionswhich had been suppressed for their role as servants. Their basic human rights were acknowledged after the Aitlim Conflict, however, andapart from some Realians used for special work or in extreme conditions—their emotions were no longer deactivated. On the other hand, their manufacturers had fitted them with “emergency control codes” for merchandise control and crisis management purposes. There was a time when Aitlim’s Red Dragon Syndicate performed a great deal of research and development into specialized Realians. It was during this time that the 100-Series Observational Unit and battle Realians underwent improvement. It appears that various other Realian research took place as well, but most of the associated data was lost during the Aitlim Conflict, and no further information is available today.

Revised MWS: This is the revised model of the multifunctional portable weapons system designed and built by Omega. He took the original MWS which Telana was using and further customized it. Its defensive capabilities have been especially enhanced; the output of its phase-space shield is triple that of the previous model. Instead of the bulky design of the previous MWS, it has been redesigned to be smart, slim, and compact, in order to fit Telana’s style of martial-arts combat.

Rhine Maiden: A Serenity Industries-developed specialized anti-Gnosis weapon installed on board the Dämmerung.

Serenity Industries: Involved with the production and distribution of nearly every item related to culture and civilization, from food and pharmaceuticals to software, hardware, and even weapons and communications. It is divided into many departments. Its base is the Dämmerung. It has total control over communications.

Song of Nephilim: One of the devices made by the late Joachim Mizrahi to control the Zohar. It is shaped like a giant, inverted pyramid. It was once stored within Labyrinthos, headquarters of the Red Dragon Syndicate. Telana saw its shape from her hospital room. As the name implies, the Song of Nephilim plays a song (a wavelength) which cannot be heard by normal human ears. The song is said to attract the Gnosis. The Song of Nephilim are the words of God that were recorded in the Y-Data—one of the relics. A man named Grimoire Verum analyzed these words to create the program known as Lemegeton. Joachim reconstructed a fragmented version of this program as part of the U-DO system. The wavelengths it emitted included the word “Nephilim” in its human-audible range, so he named the system the song of Nephilim. The Song of Nephilim was used in the Aitlim Conflict; however, as it had not been tuned by Joachim, its power was insufficient to bring the Zohar into operation. The Song itself does not have the power to summon the Gnosis. The Gnosis appear simply because a door has been opened onto imaginary space as the result of U-DO activating in response to people who have made fragmentary contact with it through the Song. In fact, the Gnosis that appeared around Aitlim were actually caused by a fearful and isolated young Telana linking with U-DO and bring the Zohar into operation.

Space-Time Anomaly: Phenomenon in which the border between real space and its opposite, imaginary space, blurs, and the composition of space itself warps. Brought about by events such as a Zohar going out of control.

Special Technology Advancement: Serenity Industries Special Technology Advancement Division. It researched the structure of a space-wide network and developed the foundations of the U.M.N..

Standard URTV: 001 through 665 are considered standard units. They all have the same hair color, face, and body type. They almost completely lack a sense of self and individuality. Also, they possess weak anti-U-DO waveforms and are easily affected by it.

Testament: Beings that have slipped the bonds of normal space—their bodies, after death. They can exert their abilities by accessing normal space from imaginary space (their consciousness) and controlling its physical phenomena at will. By controlling physical phenomena, they also act directly upon the perception of those in normal space; you could see them as if they were actually there, even though your retinas would not be receiving any photons. Since they act directly upon the perception of their target, they will not appear in photographs or videos that rely on the action of photons (though they can act on these devices to appear in them).

Trade Column: There are various types of columns (entrances and exits to hyperspace), depending on their usage. Trade columns are mostly used as a route by cargo and passenger vessels.

Transgenic Type: A next-generation Realian model researched and developed by Joachim Mizrahi, featuring an even more human-like structure. Febronia was a Transgenic Type. Research and development of battle models took place, as well. Joachim Mizrahi also used Feb’s data when working to create the 100-Series Observational Unit. Public records indicate that all experimental data was lost during the Aitlim Conflict.

U-DO: The Unus Mundus Drive Operation System. Said to be a control AI originally created as a U.M.N. navigational device, it was refitted by Joachim Mizrahi as a Zohar command device. Details on U-DO have not been revealed as yet, but it is thought to be a consciousness that exists in a different dimension from our own. The Red Dragon Syndicate, knowing that certain people are able to make contact with this wave existence, gathered test subjects with this contact ability and conducted Zohar operational experiments. They tried to use them to complete a so-called “U-DO system,” but in the end, it merely led to the Zohar going out of control.

U.M.N.: Stands for “Unus Mundus Network.” This is the wide-area information network connecting the entire galaxy; it is used in spatial hops and faster-than-light communications, taking advantage of its distinctive non-locality; it uses the EPR paradox to establish connections without being bound by time or space. The U.M.N. was developed by Serenity Industries and the Kukai Foundation. “Unus Mundus” refers to C.G. Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious; it can explain the inconsistencies of synchronicity and the EPR paradox from a physics standpoint, as well as the mutually complementary connection and relationship between two minds and between mind and matter.

U.M.N. Administration Bureau: An organization affiliated with Serenity Industries and the Kukai Foundation that administrates and manages the U.M.N.. Normally, it handles the control, administration, and customs duties for U.M.N. communications and gate jumps. It also investigates and handles any incidents or accidents that occur within the U.M.N..

U.M.N. Control Center: The facility that controls the U.M.N. transport gate. Located on the Kukai Foundation.

U.M.N. Pulse: Signals indicating transport routes to spaceships, constantly being transmitted by U.M.N. transfer columns. When a gate jump is performed, one must receive either the destination pulse each column emits, or the route pulse each column receives.

U.M.N. Transfer Column: One must use the U.M.N. to gate jump; U.M.N. transfer columns are areas that serve as gate jump portals. These columns exit as relay points in each designated area and connect pairs of transfer gates. Each column has its own range of influence, and it is not possible to gate jump outside a column’s effective range. Gate jumping also incurs a toll that is collected whenever a column is used. The toll, charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, varies according to the distance traveled through hyperspace and ship classification. An average sized ship like the Elsa, or Millennium Falcon would pay 24.6G (gold, credits, whatever) per unit of hyperspace traveled. A special oversized ship, such as the Durandal, would pay about 3.85 times the toll of an average ship.

UNP: UNP stands for “Unus Mundus Network Phone”, a general, personal-use telephonic terminal—in other words, a mobile phone. Connection gears also sport high-level communication features, but since they are prohibitively expensive, the UNP is in much more widespread use. Because connection gears use special military channels, UNP channels are more likely to get through during a military emergency. For this reason, most technicians with connection gears still tend to keep a UNP as a backup communication device.

URTV: An acronym for “U-DO Retro Virus.” Weapons equipped with anti-U-DO waveforms and designed to annihilate U-DO. They are organic weapons (designer children). In order to create an anti-U-DO waveform, multiple URTVs must link up with the link master. A total of 669 units were created, each holding a serial number from 001 to 669. During the third descent operation of the Aitlim Conflict, serial numbers in the 500s and 600s were sent in. According to records, both male and female URTVs exited; however, the female URTVs were more unstable than the male ones, and most were disposed of during training. Intended for deployment as weapons, URTVs were designed to be well-balanced, both emotionally and in their ability.

VX Series: A.G.W.S.s manufactured by Serenity Industries. Though a consumer-level product, its specs exceed those of the military-use AG Series.

Whitening: In most cases, people who come into contact with the Gnosis experience a phenomenon where their body turns white and shatters into pieces. Cases of people mutating into Gnosis after whitening, while rare, have been confirmed.

Y-Data: Said to be research data related to the Zohar, left behind by the late Joachim Mizrahi. Joachim sealed it into Mary’s subconscious domain during the Aitlim Conflict. In actuality, the data is a record of the words of God as inscribed by a person in ancient times; Joachim’s analysis of these words was what enabled him to produce a multitude of research findings.

Zohar Emulator: An emulator is something that simulates the operations of one computer system on a different set of hardware and software. In this instance it refers to the Original Zohar emulators created by the late Joachim Mizrahi. They were used by the Red Dragon Syndicate as auxiliary Originals for the link experiments; however, their original role was to act as an ignition “key” to operate the Original. A total of twelve were created by Joachim, each one inscribed with the name of one of the Twelve Apostles. They went missing after the Aitlim Conflict.

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