Larkin City is the principal of two colony-cities placed on Tatooine by the Dread Conglomerate. Both Larkin and Neumann Cities became part of the Outer Rim Republic during the Conglomerate Civil War.

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Larkin City has a population of approximately 19 million. The principal economy of the city is in consumer goods, as well as various food products. Larkin Military Base holds a garrison of 2000 soldiers, 250 BattleMechs and 250 ArchAngel fighters.


In an effort to maintain a Conglomerate foothold in the Tatoo system, Commander Ace Kaelton devised an ingenious idea. Using two large space platforms intended as starship drydocks, he contructed two self contained cities and fitted them with temporary hyperspace nacelles. He then had them piloted and intentionally crash landed into the Dune Sea. The larger of the two, Larkin, became the principal colony, with the second, Neumann, following two weeks later. After an initial dispute with local factions over the right to colonization, the colony-cities were largely accepted into the planetary community.

The Conglomerate Civil War saw a huge battle centered over the two Colony-cities. Several thermonuclear warheads were fired at Larkin and Neumann Cities. By a combination of skill and luck, all of the 24 missiles were shot down by defending planetary forces.

Currently the colonies are in a state of decline. The combine colonies are considered by the Outer Rim Republic Senate to be a planet as far as representative rights are concerned, and they hold ten seats in the Senate chamber. They tend to vote conservatively.

Larkin City was struck by Kaelton loyalists using a low yield nuclear weapon. The weapon is believed to have been smuggled into the city center and detonated by a suicide bomber. The damage was extensive, with casualties estimated at around 8 million. Restoration efforts are still underway.

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