Larkin City

Larkin City is one of two colony-cities put in place on Tatooine by the Dread Conglomerate, and is now under the control of the Outer Rim Republic.

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With the discovery of the Route of Ages, Commander Ace Kaelton was determined to maintain a toe hold in the system. To this end, he decided to create two colonies on Tatooine. The colonies were originally built as enormous space platforms, then fitted with custom made hyperspace engines and sent on a one way trip. Once in the Tatoo system, the hyperspace engines were abandoned, and the platforms themselves essentially crash landed into the Dune Sea. The cities have since been expanded far beyond the original platforms.

Important Notes

Both Larkin and Neumann Cities are considered Outer Rim Republic territory, though this has been disputed by other factions in the past. The combined cities are treated as a planet, and have ten Senate representatives on Nathan.

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