Loom Beauvais is the name that the young Silenia Tar'sin goes by ever since becoming the wielder of the mythical loom. A gauntlet of great power, yet tempered by many weaknesses.


Character History


Baroness Loom Beauvais was born, Silenia Tar'sin, during the third cycle of the red moon in the year of the Goddess Allia, 2247. She is the middle of three daughters, and fifth in line to the throne. She was always considered flawed from birth, as she is smaller than her kin by at least a full head and is blessed with an unnatural beauty which - while a good trait - does not lend herself to love from her own people, who believe that there is no such thing as perfection. A brash and reckless child, Loom constantly sought to prove herself more worthy than any of her kin. She encountered the loom within the royal vaults beneath the Castle on the Green, her home. Her world is not unlike Earth - in fact this is the name they call it themselves. However it is stuck in a 1940s vision of the future with silver skyships, air battleships and destroyers, dirigibles. And a magic barrier that has existed since the dawn of our world would transmute any object from one reality to ours. SO if you take an X-wing into our atmosphere, you might emerge in a prop plane. Your imperial uniform, might become a suit and fedora. Magic sits heavily over all our lives, but nothing is so magical as the loom.

The loom is a mysterious artifact, with the ability to create anything the wielder wishes as long as they have an experts knowledge of the craft. One can not imagine a steam engine and the loom will figure it out, they need to know how it works first. Silenia became the first loom wielder in over 4000 years when she took it that day, as it will only bind with certain people - for reasons none alive can explain. The loom is fused to her, and can not be removed.

Loom fled through a gateway created by the loom, and found herself on Tatooine, a planet that despite its features and location is a core nexus of galactic events. There she heard of a people known as Tragolites, and was immediately attracted by the thought of a culture where her beauty isn't a curse. She asked around and became acquainted with Skolar Wilcox who put her in contact with the High General Charles Ace Kezie. Throughout the course of showing what she could do with the loom, she was brought before the Empress on Rylos. It was then she pledged herself to the Tragolite Federation. She was given a Barony, became the Baroness Loom Beauvais and began work on a better life for her people and to build ship hulls with the loom.

She would again encounter Ace Kezie at the benefit concert on Bestine, where the High General used the "strings" of her loom to play a song. A first for her. And probably where everything in her future began.


Later, Loom would return to Rylos to deliver her first capital class hull to the High General. During this time she would run into Empress Ticallia Lamarr, only the second time these two had met. Over the time she had spent among those of tragolite blood she developed a hypersensitivity to their pheromones, being driven almost wild by them. After a few dalliances, Loom decided to risk all in her quest to please the Empress. With the power of the loom she lept into an alternate reality and merged with a version of herself who was born Tragolite. In doing so she became one herself - casting all her humanity away in favor of the more dominant blood. The loom gauntlet grew from this interaction, becoming twin gauntlets. It has since also become made of obsidian with blue fluids running through its "veins" but can also retract into two wristbands no larger than 2 inches across.

Over time her relationship with Raya would flourish. From friend, to companion, to Lady in Waiting - Loom has professed her undying love and devotion to Raya. She has built Wynterhold - a massive citadel and palace for the brother and sister pair, and for all they choose to bring in it.



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