Lucas Wolenczak

Lucas Alin Wolenczak is a former human and current digital being originally from one of many Earths. He is a highly skilled computer programmer and former crewman on the SeaQuest.

Character History

Lucas was born with a Genius level IQ of 245; considered way off the charts. It’s matched with typical teenage emotions, high-energy, impulsiveness, curiosity, and a fun-loving nature. He is the only child to Lawrence Wolenczak and Cynthia Holt.

Lucas’ mother, Cynthia, was a lawyer. Lucas’ father, Lawrence, was a renowned scientist in the field of geothermal sciences. His main project throughout the major portion of the first 18 years of the 21st century was a power plant fueled by the energy resources of an undersea magma flow. The World Power Plant would have been enough to give power to the entire planet, had it succeeded.

His father’s work bounced Lucas around from school to school, but Lucas ultimately graduated from Elementary school at age 9, and from high school at age 13. He realized quickly the isolation of his own social standing, so was never part of the popular crowd. He enjoyed immersing himself in his work, or causing trouble.

Lucas’ need for acceptance and approval caused behavioral problems in school, which led to a singular focus on mastering computers. He’s had difficulties in life due to his parents' divorce, frequent changing of schools because of his father's business, and boredom created by a superior intelligence.

Lucas graduated magna-cum-laude at the age of 16 with a degree in Applied Principles of Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University. No one has broken his GPA record since.

Lawrence was in charge of one of the largest corporate endowments belonging to the UEO—the United Earths Oceans Organization. In 2018, Lucas was assigned aboard the most advanced ship in or under the waters at his father’s request. The ship created by Nathan Bridger was called the SeaQuest DSV. The "arrangement" by Admiral William Noyce was to provide a sense of discipline and guidance which Lawrence felt the boy lacked. Lucas wasn’t happy, but was unable to defer the decision. The SeaQuest became Lucas’ home after her 6 month refit from the Livingston Trench incident where her former captain, Marilyn Stark, was relieved of command for violation of UEO peace treaty laws.

It didn’t take long for Lucas to create a father/son relationship with Captain Nathan Bridger, and even shorter time for a close, mutual bond with ship's dolphin, Darwin. Lucas held a fascination with dolphins, and so spent the 6 months of the SeaQuest’s refit developing the Vo-Corder Communicator —a system used by Darwin and the hologram program for the main computer.

Lucas was a very valuable member of the SeaQuest, though at first, his cockiness made some others dislike him. He made a few close friends over the InterNEX, but was moved around so much that creating real life relationships became too hard to maintain, and so he stuck with the InterNEX. He was widely known among the hacker community as "Frankenstein." He chose this name partly because he felt like the monster creation of Dr. Frankenstein, and partly like the man himself.

During the first couple weeks of the SeaQuest’s second tour, Lucas developed a program that would take the watcher into the virtual world of any book or movie they inserted into the program. Lucas tested this via the Stinger on one of his Star Wars books, and created a "holosphere" since a sphere is numerically complete and easy to manipulate. It surrounds the individual in a sphere of holographic images, putting them in place of their favorite character. He activated it so he could fly the stinger through "space." But something went wrong, and instead of a virtual world, he was propelled through an Einstein-Rosen bridge. The Route of Ages opened up at this moment, snagging him while still immersed in the holographic world, and propelling him through it into the holographic matricies of Captain Zon Huntreas' ship, the Federation starship U.S.S. Explorer. He was awake, sentient within that computer, thinking that what he experienced was a dream. He explored as much of the computer as he was allowed, but was never aware that it was reality. When he thought he was "awake", he was in the holodeck, activated by two idiots - Ensigns Jay and Bob - because they wanted him to create the worlds most perfect bhong. Hence, they were messing around with his holographic matrix. He refused many times, and doesn't know if they ever managed to do it. Lucas was propelled out of the computer when the Explorer entered the Tatoo system, sending him into a solid state where he crash landed on Tatooine in the Stinger.

His ship was ripped apart by Tuskins. When Lucas stumbled into Mos Eisley, sunburned, thirsty, tired, he knew he had no place to go, he couldn't understand anyone - as the basic language in the universe was not English -, so he stole a translator and went to the only place remotely familiar; The Mos Eisley Cantina. There, he managed to convince the bar droid to hire him on. He worked in the cantina for a week or so, sleeping in the back storage room, trying to find a way back home to the SeaQuest, and continue to figure out how he got into the tangible Star Wars Universe.

A week later, he went back to ship, where he discovered that he was a sentient hologram. He built a portable emitter where he downloaded the ships SeaQuest program. He has to remain it in for an 8 hour sleep cycle once every 7 days to reenergize. If he doesn't, he starts to experience signs of psychosomatic illnesses such as stress, inability to stay awake, memory loss, higher aggression, ect until if left long enough, he will fall into a coma. From there, he assumes he will die, but no one knows for sure what will happen.

Existing as a hologram has caused problems. Because of his uniqueness, he was kidnapped and sold to a man named Javi, who collected rare technology. Being sentient, he had to fight for the right to be considered alive by normal standards in a court of Jedi and New Republic representatives on Coruscant. Javi lost the case, and Lucas was allowed to return to Tatooine. The concern that there are others like Javi out there remains in the back of Lucas' mind. Buzz Arganon - the owner of the Cantina - technically owns him. He's filed the papers away for good so Lucas can live his life. However, it need be, he can show proof of ownership.

Lucas has adapted well to being of holographic nature. He emits a different sense to Force users and average scans. He is a race unto himself. He has become more accustomed to going into "datamode" as he calls it, and finds the whole thing to be "Absolutely amazing." He's living the ultimate hacker dream —being inside the computer. And he's used those skills in his new environment.

Lucas still finds himself homesick from time to time.

Lucas' lightsaber and Force skills are improving. He is a Padawan under the teachings of James Aries —owner of the Aries Ranch (a Jedi training/moisture farm in the middle of nowhere far outside Mos Eisley.)

1 year, two months, and 2 days into living in the Star Wars universe, Lucas was caught up in a battle between Jason Anpu, and an unknown man bent on causing destruction. Lucas - who had just learned how to Hover through the Force - drove a speeder into the body of the morphed being as a distraction while Jason powered up to lace into a final attack. At the last minute, Lucas jumped free of the speeder and hovered just above the top edge of the buildings flanking the alleyway. The mutated man was destroyed, sending out a powerful shock wave that send Lucas flying uncontrolled into a wall two buildings over. He hit his head on a rock and was buried under rubble.

A 10 year old girl named Caslyn Jasil found him unconscious when she and her brother, Ferin (9) were playing hide and seek in the newly made disaser area. Lucas was taken to the home of Ray and Imalan Jasil—both employed at the Aries Moisture Farm.

When Lucas awoke, he had no memory of the accident, or of his past. He had no idea who he was. Imalan took pity on him and allowed him to stay with her family. They called him "Alin," a word in their language meaning "Lost." It took Lucas (Alin) 10 days to discover he was a hologram when Jason forced him back into datamode to recharge. Even there, he had no memory. Sam, the A.I, took him through a file scan that enabled him to remember everything, but only while he was inside the emitter. In the material world, his memories took longer to resurface.

James is reteaching him lessons in the Force, this time without Lucas slipping to the Darkside. The memory loss came at a fortuitous time: Lucas was going dark due to being stalked by a Sith, and his own dark alter ego, Daniel. Daniel has since been suppressed, and Lucas and Alin merged into one consciousness again. Out of the respect for the Jasils, Lucas kept the name Alin as his middle. He lives with them at the Aries Moisture farm maintenencing the vaporators and other technology while he studies as a Jedi. He's more attuded to be a hacker than a Jedi Knight. Ray Jasil has taken to him like a son, and young Caslyn (Cas) formed a bond with him. They train in the force together, as Cas wouldn't have it any other way.

Recently, he was aboard the Explorer until a situation with time traveling Wraith sent him back planet-side with an infant Wraith. His emitter was destroyed in a fight with Aama Anjark, and Samantha sacrified herself to save him. He has to reteach the A.I of the new emitter to act Human, but his Sam is dead.

Because his soul occupies the emitter, it has compensated for his existence there-in by recreating the world into a physical environment. He's aware he's just information, but this adaptation has kept him from going insane. He enjoys the different digital "worlds" he encounters. Whenever he goes into "datamode," the change occurs in his RNA, morphing his DNA into complete digital data: 2 to 4. Sometimes, he's still amazed at the way he's been forced to survive.

For 3 years, this has been his reality.


Samantha —the emitter's A.I, Captain Zon Huntreas, Telana Daiko, Meryl, Omega, Buzz Arganon, the Cantina Ghost, (Seaquest: Captain Nathan Bridger, Ben Krieg, Katie Hitchcock, Tim O'Neill, Darwin the dolphin), Slider, Andrew Marsh, Alex Meika, Kristea Summont, (her ship, Seraph), James Aries, and the Jasil Family (his new family).


Have a computer issue? He's the one to call. No security measure is safe from his spectacular hacking abilities. Although he can fight with a lightsaber, and use the Force, his main skills lie with computers, seeing as he lives in one.

Important Notes

The only place that's ever truly felt like home since he was pulled away from the SeaQuest has been the Federation starship U.S.S. Explorer. Since he came from the computer of the origional, this ship rings the most familiar to him.
He sufferes from mild Transporter Psychosis.
update Lucas was recently bestoyed the title of "Jedi Knight" by James Aries.

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