Lucifer bomber

The Lucifer-class bomber is a medium- to long-range bomber developed by the Dread Conglomerate and currently in use by the Outer Rim Republic.

Ship or Ship Class History

The Lucifer class was one of two designs submitted to Commander Kaelton by the young engineer Arbor Hunan, the other being the ArchAngel fighter. The Lucifer class was put into production several months after the ArchAngel, and was brought to the front line a year and a half after that. The Lucifer has seen action in several wars and smaller conflicts. It remains in use today.


Unlike it's cousin the ArchAngel, the Lucifer is an ugly looking craft, boxy and squat, with two stubby wings protruding from the lower fuselage. Just above these wings are the two missile launchers, which connect to weapons racks inside the fuselage. Aft of the weapons racks is the nuclear reactor providing power to the five ion engines. The crew cabin is located in the nose, and holds the three crew: pilot, bombardier, and engineer. The Lucifer is capable of carrying various loads of weapons. 50 antifighter rockets, 40 antiship conventional missiles, 20 nuclear antiship torpedoes, or 2 antiplanet nuclear torpedoes. In the Antiplanet variant, the bombardier position is replaced by a Commanding Officer, in accordance with Conglomerate (and later Republic) nuclear control laws. The Lucifer is capable of hyperspace travel, though it requires a carrier for refueling over extended journeys.

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